10 Best Bean Bag Chairs For Kids And Toddlers


As a parent, you want to always have your baby wrapped around your arms cuddling or playing with them. But inevitably, you’ll have to put the toddler down for some time and perform your daily activities or just give your arms a break. And when your toddler is too young to sit unsupported, you might want to consider getting them the best bean bag chairs for kids and toddlers.

Not only do the best bean bag chairs provide ample support for your kids and toddler’s vulnerable back and soft bones, but also make great places for your kid to get cozy and read a book, or watch Teletubies with their friends. Not to mention they are stylish and can transform your kid’s regular bedroom into the perfect chill spot.

So, Which One Should You Buy?

Well, choosing the best bean bag chairs for your kids and toddlers is no easy task. But, don’t fret as we’ve done the leg work for you. Here’s a narrowed list of the ten best bean bag chairs ideal for both your kid and toddler.

1. Best For Kids

Big Joe 615135 Bean Bag Chair, Basketball


Want a comfortable, durable, and versatile bean bag chair for your kid? Then, you may consider buying the Big Joe 615135 Bean Bag Chair. This bean bag features a strong, durable construction. It has a generous size and a roomy storage bag that accommodates all of your kid’s toys. It’s also incredibly stylish, comfortable, and safe for your kid to rest on.

2. Best For Toddlers


If you are looking for the best bean bag for your toddlers, the Leacho podster sling-style infant lounger might be the suitable option. The Podster is a sling-style infant seat lounger that provides a warm and cozy caress for infants. The deeply contoured sides help keep baby in place while the unique sling center expands with infant’s weight.

5 Best Bean Bag Chair For Kids

1. Big Joe Basketball Bean Bag Chair

Big Joe Basketball Bean Bag Chair


Big Joe is a reputable company in building top-of-the-line bean bags. And the Basketball bean bag chair is sure to thrill your kid. This stylish bean bag is made to offer the ultimate comfort and durability.

Measuring 20 x 24 x 25 inches, this bean bag is perfectly sized for the little ones. The ban bag is filled with quality Meghan beans, which easily mold to your kid’s shape providing exceptional comfort.

The outer cover is made of smart ax fabric that feels soft on skin and double stitched to last long. The fabric is also resistant to water and stains so you don’t have to worry about spills and dirt.

Good Side

Probably the best thing about this bean bag is that it’s made from earth-friendly recycled materials. It has a stylish design that any kid who loves sports will appreciate. The two locking zippers make it is super safe for your kid to use and a strong fabric that doesn’t easily tear despite how much your kid jumps on it. It’s also easy to clean.

Bad Side

This bag doesn’t come with an inner cover to hold the fillings in place in case the dual locking zippers open.

Our Verdict

This bean bag chair is available in three different colors and stylish designs that are sure to thrill your little sports enthusiast.  Your kid will love watching their favorite sports while comfortably relaxed on this bean bag.

2. Creative QT Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

Creative QT Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair


Kids love a spacious chair that can allow them to play with all of their toys. And Creative QT bean bag chair does just that.  This chair is designed to maintain your kid’s play area tidy as while providing a comfortable seating space for your kid while busy playing with their toys or enjoy some quiet time reading.

With a diameter of 38 inches, this bag serves as a stylish organizer for your child’s stuffed animals, books, pillows, shoes, or even clothes. With a child-friendly design, your kid can easily unzip this storage space whenever they need to play with their stuffed animals. Having this bean bag chair is sure to motivate your kid to always maintain their play area and bedroom always uncluttered.

The strong cotton fabric along with the long, high-quality zipper is designed durable enough to withstand your kid’s active play.  Want a color that nicely matches your kid’s bedroom style? Don’t worry as this bean bag comes in different colors and sizes so you’re sure to find one that suits you.

Good Side

The fabric is strong and durable so you can be sure it will last a lifetime. The zipper is made easy for your kid to open and access their toys and it’s well covered to ensure your kid’s skin doesn’t get nicked in it. It’s made to offer a comfy and safe space for your kid to rest on while reading or lounging and maintain their room always looking tidy. The strap makes it easy for your kid to move the bag around as they wish.

Bad Side

The zipper doesn’t hold up well when full and your kid rests on it.

Our Verdict

This bag is designed great for your kid’s bedroom and play area. If you’re looking for something durable, comfy, safe and dual functional for your little one, this bean bag is a perfect choice. This bag is sure to accommodate all of the soft toys cluttered in your little ones’ bedroom.

3. Sofa Sack – Plush, Ultra Soft Kids Bean Bag Chair

Sofa Sack - Plush, Ultra Soft Kids Bean Bag Chair


Sofa Sack promises a plush bean bag chair that’s incredibly comfy and highly functional for your kid’s bedroom at a reasonable price. Its sleek design can perfectly match most interior décors improving the overall look of your child’s room.

At 2 feet off the ground and a spacious 24” x 24” seat, your kid will love relaxing, napping, or lounging in this luxury bean chair.

It boasts a soft memory foam filling material that ensures your kid remains comfortable even after a long period without sagging. The outer microsuede cover is ultra-smooth for added comfort and has double stitched seams for maximum strength and support.

Good Side

On the good side, this bean bag is very comfortable, well-inflated, and generously sized for your kid to enjoy an afternoon nap in or relax while watching a movie. The bag is well built using quality materials to last long and comfortably support the weight of your kid. It’s also designed high enough to provide ample leg room while seated.

Bad Side

Since it arrives compressed, it may take a little longer to inflate.

Our Verdict

This is a perfect bean bag chair for kids seeking a comfortable spot to lounge and relax while watching TV or reading. It also makes a great addition to your kid’s bedroom.

4. Lukeight Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

Lukeight Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair


This cute bean bag is great for kids looking to invite their pals over to play, snuggle, or read together. It is lightweight and large enough to hold up lots of stuffed animals of various sizes.

This storage chair boasts a premium cotton material that’s very strong, soft and exceptionally comfortable for your kid to rest on.  Measuring 38 inches, this bean bag can fit almost 100 stuffed animals of different sizes.

It’s available in up to 8 different styles and colors, which makes it easy for your kid to choose one that suits their taste. Your kid will find it easy to get their toys, thanks to the 48 inches YKK zipper that’s amazingly easy to open and close. It also has a small handle that makes it easy for your child to carry wherever they desire.

Good Side

To start with, this bean bag chair has a child-friendly design, making it ideal for your kid to lounge in and move around as they desire. It is perfectly sized to accommodate many of your child’s toys. The outer covering is soft and comfy and on top of that can’t easily get holes or rips. You don’t have to worry about dirt since all you need to do is easily throw it in the washing machine and have it looking brand new.

Bad Side

Due to its huge size, you may want to use extra filling.

Our Verdict

The Lukeight Bean Bag Chair is the perfect option for you, if you’re looking for a quality and comfortable bean bag without spending a fortune.

5. WEKAPO Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

WEKAPO Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair


This bean bag not only makes a nice, cozy chair for your kid to relax, but also a functional storage for their plush stuffed animals. It has a super cute pattern and it’s available in many color options. This makes it easy to find a color that perfectly matches your kid’s room decoration.

With 38 inches in length, this bean bag is generously sized and can store nearly 100 different sized toys that your kid loves. Designed with the kid in mind, this cute storage bag has a 48 inches long YKK zipper that’s surprisingly easy for your kids to open and access their favorite toys.

It features a quality cotton fabric material with stitched reinforced seams that gives a give a more appealing finished look and added durability. Weighing only 1.6 pounds, your child will love how effortless it is to pull this bag around while holding the handle.

Good Side

What you’ll like most about this bag chair is its quality, strong construction. It’s made to stand any abuse your kid and furry friend may place upon it. It’s also super soft and comfortable.

It comes in different colors to allow you to pick one that matches your kid’s room and doesn’t need refilling once bought. It’s lightweight and has a handle for easy moving around. Also, it’s large enough to hold up almost all of your child’s plush toys.

Bad Side

This bean bag chair doesn’t come with beans for filling it so you’ll have to buy them separately.

Our Verdict

This bean bag is ideal for your child’s bedroom and play area. If you’re seeking a bean bag that’s large and strong enough to hold many stuffed animals and soft items, then this is the perfect choice.

5 Best Bean Bag Chair For Toddlers

1. Leachco Podster Sling-Style Infant Seat Lounger


Looking for a seat lounger that provides utmost comfort for your infant whether he or she is awake or asleep? Leachco Podster fits the bill.

This lounger has a unique sling style design, which expands at the center so you can adjust accordingly depending on the growth and weight of your baby. It has deeply contoured sides to keep your baby in place, and adjustment tabs designed to offer maximum support, more secure and cozy seat for your developing infant.

So if you are looking for an adjustable bean bag chair ideal for toddlers and infants, you can’t go wrong with Leachco Podsteris.

Good Side

Leachco Podster is very light allowing you to carry from one room to the other. It comes with a removable cover that’s machine washable and easy to clean and you can spot clean the inner part.

The Velcro strap helps you adjust the size to ensure it offers proper support and feels comfy to sit in. Better yet, it has contoured sides that prevent your toddler from slipping or even feeling insecure.

And if you want to take a clear shot of your baby, it can act as a perfect photo prop without a harness or seatbelt in the way.

Bad Side

Even with adjustment, the Podster has a deep middle so you may have to put a blanket beneath. Also, it is not ideal for nursing or for crib use and as per the manufacturer guidelines, you should not leave you toddler to sleep in the Podster.

Our Verdict

Leachco Podster comes with a heads up design making it perfect for reflux babies since it keeps your baby’s head elevated. This reduces breathing difficulties and reflux symptoms so you don’t have to worry after feeding and burping. You only have to put your baby on the Podster, since the elevated position will prevent spitting up.

2. BayB Filled Bean Bag For Babies, Pink


There are a lot of excellent bean bag chairs for toddlers, but this pink BabyB bean bag is second to none. It is pre-filled, which sets it apart from the rest since it’s ready to use as soon as you make a purchase. The bean bag is double stitched, which makes it more durable, stronger, and ensures no beans escapes.

Moreover, it has a safety belt to ensure your baby’s face is up and prevents your toddler from falling. So if you are looking for a bean bag that offers maximum safety and comfort as you engage in house chores, Bayb is your perfect match.

Good Side

BabyB bean bag comes prefilled with beans that are designed to move freely into any available space to offer optimum comfort.  Its light weight makes it highly portable for moving around the house or even trips. In addition, it is quite large to fully accommodate your little one with maximum comfort, and it is pretty easy to clean and the outer cover is machine washable. Its striking pink color will attract your kid’s attention.

Bad Side

It does not contain many beans, so you might have to refill it with over time for utmost comfort.

Our Verdict

BayB Brand Bean Bag is perfect for both newborns and toddlers as wells especially if they experience reflux. It is made to elevate your infant’s head, which can help reduce gas and acid reflux.

3. Boppy Original Newborn Lounger, Elephant Love Gray


If you are looking for a top-of-the-line bean bag for your newborn, look no further! Boppy Original Newborn Lounger is the real deal. It features a disturbingly incredible design to ensure your little is comfortable whether asleep or awake.

Also, a recessed interior can fully support your baby’s entire body and allows you to play with the baby hands-free.  It is machine washable and you can spot clean the interior soft fabric between full washes.

Good Side

Boppy Original Newborn Lounger is made of a soft wipe-able fabric that does not need a regular wash. It is lightweight, portable and comes with a handle making it convenient to move around with.

Bad Side

Sadly, it is specifically made for newborns thing, so the baby will outgrow it in a few months. And, it doesn’t come with a removable cover.

Our Verdict

Boppy Original Newborn Lounger is the perfect bean bag chair for your newborn with an ergonomic design that ensures your baby is comfortable at all times. It is also your go-to solution if your baby has acid reflux since it is designed to comfortably elevate your young one’s head.

4. Leachco Pillay Plush Sling-Style Lounger, Latte


If you are looking for a lounger that’s ideal for crawling, reading, watching TV, napping and crawling with a luxurious feel and look, Leachco Pillay Plush Sling-Style Lounger is your perfect match.  It is perfectly reclined to ensure your young one stays comfortable and has contoured sides to give the baby a warm caress for naps.

It comes with adjustment tabs as well as a stretch panel at the center so that you can adjust the lounger as the baby grows. So if you are looking for the best lounger that offers versatile comfort even for kids aged three years and above, this Pillay Plush is your perfect solution.

Good Side

Leachco Pillay Plush comes with a soft and washable cover that you can easily zip in and out. It has a huge Velcro strap underneath that you can easily undo to flatten or loosen the pillow. And at the bottom’s center comes with a stretchy fabric to ensure your kid do not lie down on durable material to ensure longevity.

Bad Side

Compared to other bean bags for toddler, it a bit expensive and it does not come with extra replacement covers. The white stretchy material at the center is quite thin making it uncomfortable and unsupportive. And the back cushioning is a bit low.

Our Verdict

Leachco Pillay Plush Sling-Style Lounger is an excellent bean bag for kids with special needs as well as those who frequently suffer from acid reflux, colds, ear aches, and allergies.

5. BayB Brand(tm) Bean Bag – Filled – (Blue)

BayB Brand Bean Bag is an outstandingly comfortable bean bag chair ideal for both newborns and toddlers with an inbuilt seatbelt. It comes prefilled and its unique design allows the bag to fill around your little one for optimal support and comfort.

Better yet, it’s double-stitched seams helps prevent the beans from spilling out and the outer cover is machine-washable. It is a perfect solution while at home and lightweight making it portable to take along on night outs and long trips.

Good Side

BayB Brand Bean Bag offers a convenient and soft for your toddler to sleep. The built-in seatbelt is over bolted to offer maximum security and to ensure you have a peace of mind as you little one lays down for a nap. It is light weight so you can easily move around with it from one room to another.

Bad Side

It is a bit costly compared to other bean bag chairs for toddlers.

Our Verdict

This blue BayB Brand Bean Bag is best suited for toddlers and newborns who experience acid reflux and gas since it is designed to lift up the head. And it can also help prevent your little one from developing a flat head.

Buying Guide To Choosing A Bean Bag Chair

Now that you’ve known some of the best bean bag chairs available in the market for your kids and toddlers alike. So, what should you be looking for when you’re out shopping? Well, here are some of the main things you need to consider to make sure you’re buying the best bean bag chairs for your toddlers and your kids:

1. Size And Design

Bean bags vary greatly in terms of sizes, styles, and designs. When it comes to choosing the right size, pick a size that suits the age of your kid or toddler. If your kid has lots of stuffed animals then you might consider a bag large enough to fit all of them. You may want to choose a bean bag that lightweight enough for your kid to easily move around. Be sure to also consider a bag chair that nicely fits in the space you’re looking to put it.

For the design, be sure to choose a style and color that nicely suits your home décor or the theme of your kid’s bedroom. From cartoons and sports to leopard prints and flowers, make sure you choose a design that your kid will love.

2. Outer Material

Probably the most important factor to consider in the best bean bag chairs for kids and toddlers, the type of shell material determines how durable and easy it is to maintain the bean bag. While there are many different types of materials used, some of the common ones include vinyl, micro-fiber, cotton, fun fur, leather, denim, and suede.

For the ultimate comfort and durability, consider selecting a bean bag made of a premium, soft fabric. You may also want to consider a bean bag with a material that’s resistant to water and stains, especially if you have pets in the house. You can also find one with a material that’s dryer friendly and machine washable.

Some of the best bean bag chairs have double stitched outer material for reinforced seams. The shell material should as nicely cover the bag’s zippers to prevent them from getting damaged by your kid.

3. Filler

Another important thing to consider is the type of content enclosed inside the bean bag. Some of the commonly used filling materials include Polystyrene beads, memory foam, vinyl, fur, cotton, shredded Styrofoam, and many more.

Despite the type of filler material used in the bean bag, be sure it can nicely support your kid’s weight and offers great comfort without losing its shape even when sat on for many hours.

4. Shape And Function

Bean bag chairs come in all types of shapes. Some of the common shapes include round, square, game chairs, sofa, lumbar, and bed-shaped. No matter the type you choose, be sure it meets your desired usage and provides extra, comfortable seating.

5. Warranty

Reputable bean bag sellers will always provide warranty for their products in case there are manufacturing faults such as broken zippers, seams and tears or even delivering the wrong specifications.

So, before making the purchase, make sure it comes with a warranty and seek to know what it covers to ensure you don’t incur unnecessary expenses in the future.

FAQs About Bean Bag Chairs For Kids And Toddlers

1. What Are Bean Bag Chairs Made Of?

The best bean bag chairs and loungers for kids and toddlers are made and filled with light polystyrene form beads or beans to provide utmost comfort for your kid.

2. How Durable Is A Bean Bag?

Bean bags are made to last for long, but you need to keep your kids from jumping on it to preventing the seams from getting ruined. Also, you need to ensure that it is regularly and fully filled to keep in shape and preserve its comfort level. If you purchase the best bean bag chairs for kids and toddlers, they can last for several years.

3. Are Bean Bags Good To Sleep On?

Bean bags are dangerous to sleep on especially for infants. Although they offer comfort, let you baby sleep on a firm surface as well as preventing suffocation. Only children over one year of age should nap on a bean bag.


The best bean bag chairs are a perfect gift for kids and toddlers. It is a unique chair that gives your baby a comfortable and relaxed way to enjoy playing, napping, and crawling. And with the above list of the best bean bag chair for kids and toddlers, it’s now easy to find the right chair.

But if you are unsure about shopping for a bean bag chair, check out our buying for pro tips on factors to consider before choosing the perfect one.

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