Kore Patented WOBBLE Chair Review – You May Trust The Review


Kore patented wobble chair is not only a chair but also life change furniture for the kids. The curvature of this chair is patented.

Kids are active when they sit on it. The chair also rolls with the natural movement of your child.

So the child feels more comfortable when they sit on the chair. The child may wiggle, sit and fidget on this ingenious stool.

Kore Patented WOBBLE Chair Review


You can use this chair for various purposes such as eating, drawing, homework and play video games. This chair is a super addition to a classroom.

It is safe enough. This chair is nothing but a piece of furniture. It works as a life changer for active kids.

You will get lots of colors of the Wobble chairs. Among them choose the best one to set accurately in your room.

The wobble chair is manufactured only in the USA. Additionally, the weight limit of the chair is 250 pounds.

The wobble chair increases the flow of the blood to the brain. So quiets the demand of the fidgety kids to move.

Kids are more productive and learn very quickly. The un-reachable kids learn something by sitting on the Wobble chairs.

You will get some necessary guidelines to choose a wobble chair for your child.

If your child uses a wobble chair, your kid will be able to think more. You can store the chair easily by 3 pieces. The chair is very nice to use in the house.

The price of this chair is lower and storage is very simple. We suggest this wobble chair for elementary age child who desires to move around.

Features Of Kore Patented WOBBLE Chair

Kore Patented WOBBLE Chair

  • Toddler(10in high): blue, purple, red, yellow
  • Pre-school(12in high): blue, red, green, dark blue, purple
  • Kids(14-in high): green, red, purple, blue, white, dark blue, yellow, black, soft gray
  • Teen(18in high): dark green, purple, dark blue, black, soft gray


  • Very relaxed and helps the child to remain focused on schoolwork.
  • Kids like this chair very much.


  • Nothing

Why Kore Patented WOBBLE Chair Is Best For Your Kids

1. Wobbly Bridge Pose

Allow the child to lie on the ground with his heel up on this back on the wobble chair.

Tell him to press into his heels and raise his bottom up off the ground to bridge pose. To get more motivation use a rolling ball beneath the bridge.

2. Tippy Tummy Time

Place your child on the top of the chair with her tummy. Notice if she is able to raise her arms before her like a super flying hero. At that time keep her knees on the ground.

Then notice if she is able to lift her legs and arms at the same time, harmonizing her stomach on the chair.

3. Strengthening Plank

Permit the kids to keep their hands on the chair, expanding his legs behind into a board pose.

This needs efforts to keep the body in stable position while maintaining on the unsteady chair.

4. Around The World

This is really a fun! Give your child more vestibular input by spinning them slowly on the chair since they like to take rest on it in sitting or on their tummies.

5. Sit And Stretch

Attempt few dynamic reaching activities for the child seated on the chair. Do they able to reach up top and side by side leave stickers on the wall?

Are they able to grasp toys or objects on the ground to shoot them toward a target or in a basket?

What Does User Say About Kore Patented WOBBLE Chair?

All the students in my special classroom sit on the Wobble chairs. They found much comfort and like it very much.

What Does User Say About Kore Patented WOBBLE Chair?

I have set them on the computers but the students like to set them where they like. Some very well rock forth and back through some spin around. This movement aids maintain focus.

Frequently Asked Questions On Kore Patented WOBBLE Chair

1. Dimension For Elementary

Normally 14 inches or the new sixteen inches.

2. My Son Is Only Eight Years Old. He Is Taller Than His Age. Is There Any Guide That Will Help To Choose Between Teen Or Kid?

Measure the sitting position of your kids on a chair. You can do it from the floor to the height of the seat. Select the place where your kids feel more comfortable. My granddaughter is only 8 who would like to sit on the chair. She is very tall. Perhaps 5th grader. So I have ordered teen chair for her. The height of the teen chair is only 18 inches, not twenty inches as posted.

3. How Can I Measure The Right Seat For My Child Or Toddler? I Don’t Know Which One Is Right For Him. My Kid Is Only Five.

I have purchased a 14 inches chair for my kindergarten students. It adjusts well for him. Even the adults can sit on it very well occasionally.

Final Verdict

Kids don’t like to sit on a chair if it is not comfortable. There should remain more space on the seat to be their energetic selves.

Kore’s ingenious wobble chair is made in such a way that it moves with the natural movement of your child.

When a child sits on a wobble he or she feels comfortable and secure. The reason is the child stays supported. Ordinary chairs are uncomfortable and don’t help more with the posture of the child.

Kids can wiggle, sit and fidget on this nifty chair though intuitively exercising their back muscles and work hard to get support and comfort.