Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Reviews


In this guide, you will get the detailed information about the Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Soft 3D Hand Massage EC01. The chair has all the features of the high-quality chair that you are looking for your friends, family, and relatives.

You could give it as a gift to someone who is suffering from back pain or who like to enjoy good sitting at home.

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Soft 3D Hand Massage EC01


It gives roller for rejuvenating the mind and body by relieving and relaxing stress from the muscles.

For different organizations, there are various settings of the massage chair. Only you need simple efforts. You may select the kneading program for the chair to work. The chair will work for EC01 leg’s flexibility or mobility or improve the overall posture.

The chair gives four dissimilar massage programs, like the present, extend, recovery, present relax, refresh. Each of them has adjusted to the certain areas of the body and would like to work on it.

It is whole body massager and does work from neck to the feet. It gives vibration to the buttocks and air pressure massage. There are bags with the massage and on the thighs and calves. The arms get massaged with eh air squeeze.

BestMassage BM-EC01 Features

To upgrade function, the massage chair uses 3D technology and features. There are four auto programs with the chair and simple to use. The chair has zero gravity function that makes you weightless and aid to relieve pressure on the joints or back.

The BM-EC01 has four intelligent rollers and 11 powerful motors that give relaxing or satisfactory full body massage. It has the wide extension, be sure you get full treatment neck to the vertebrae’s tailbone.

Massage padding is decorated to aim tsubo points for the next for a great massage. There are 20 airbags with the massage to back and thighs. The chair is entirely automatic and has features like reclining and raising for the ottoman and backrest.

1. Rolling

Wide rollers are powerful rollers give total relaxation from neck to the tailbone by a vertical movement which gives the very effective massage.

2. Shiatsu

Shiatsu is an eastern massage therapy and aid to reduce stress as well as rejuvenates the mind and body. The chair has handled well to capture this technique.

3. Chop Action Tapping

Chop action may be useful for targeting the stressed and stiff out muscles. This would remove discomfort or aches.

4. Percussion

There is the sensor for acupuncture points. In this way, you will get an invigorating body massage that aids to feel you completely relaxed.

5. Flapping

Flapping is a way of massage that highlights the deep tissue muscles. This method aid stimulates or strengthens the nerve which makes your body stronger or skin feel fresher.

6. Vibration

The massage chair works like stimulator to remove impurities and toxins from organs or tissues. The combo of vibration massage and the back roller give a total of full body massage.

  • The chair provides various intensity levels of therapeutic massage for adjusting the user’s choice while she or he relaxes out
  • The massage gives very direct in addressing muscle tension, stiff joints, cellulite storage, poor circulation, and decrease mobility
  • The preset programs and the functions move at a slow or fast pace and users all kinds of pressure that target acupuncture points and fatigue muscles
  • The chair is big and heavy; it requires two persons to bring and move the chair
  • Another thing the shortage of vibration in the arms and legs as this will do work for your feet and backside


Get The Zero Gravity Shiatsu BestMassage EC-01 Today

Besides there are different functions, it has four built-in programs like present extent, instant recovery, existing refresh programs and current extent that the users may customize own massage on the aspire level of intensity, strength, and speed.

Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

The chair is designed with an Air Pressure System having 20 airbags at the lower part of the chair to ensure the lower extremities for perfect blood circulation and massage therapy. It has many levels of intensity for you to select from.

The chair gives high power vibration motor and the air pressure massage for the buttocks. Two levels airbags in the thighs, air squeeze for the arms and modified airbag massage adding with the kneading function for the calves.

The addition of the chair set would be a breeze for the LED remote control got by the side of the chair. The automatic angle adjustment for the foot and the back ensure a relaxed seated position, does not matter how far back the recline.

The durable synthetic leather upholstery has felt, look and relax of the leather which is cool for touching and does not require consistent cleaning.

It has 11 motors, four roller systems for massaging your back, legs, and necks. The flexibility will shape and follow the contours of the back, working on the particular points and muscle to give the soothing and realistic massage. The chair has an extensive back range as rollers’ go down to the tailbone.

The adjustable massage strength/speed/width is possible to get at the controls, so you should not fidgeting in the middle of the massage chair. The assembly of the full Body EC01 user-friendly for giving an instruction sheet with the package for maintenance and easy installation.

Why Should You Pick A Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

Zero gravity method leads to an increase in price, so the unaware customers are amazed, this is best for the higher price point. This is the extra benefit of the fantastic.

Why Should You Pick A Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

The most useful is to take inversion at the time of your massage. Many of us who are suffering from back pain tried tables to some points or other, while the benefits are daunting. While the zero gravity does not give the same amount of advantages, it gives some hard to find merits.

Another advantage is the position scientifically best proven to relax. The additional relaxation is significant benefits as the adjustment of various actions take total experience from relaxing to complete life change.

This is the best place to keep the body inside the chair. You will fell just an astronaut traveling the starry abyss as this has great ways to remove the press of gravity from the weary frame.

The chair will make a different world in your home, the benefits and merits of the chair are amazing.

Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Reviews



Product Info-Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Reviews

  • Item weight: 400 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Item model number: BM-EC01
  • ASIN: B007X94B5Q

User Review Of Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

1. It Took Much Experimenting To Get It To Work Comfortably

The chair is difficult to keep together, both for poorly written, vague indications, the amount of pressure needed to obtain two pieces lined up, so the screw will go deep into the holes. The chair is very weighty.

I would not suggest it for the upper level of the location; I am not sure the floor would hold it or not. The chair will take more experiment to do its function well.

2. I Simply Love This Chair

My husband bought it for me as Christmas gift, and this is the best gift. I use the massage chair every day. I have got fibromyalgia, and it helps for relaxing the muscles and lessens some pain and stiffness.

Everyone likes it and a few made plan to get it. It does work for the whole body; the strength is real, and you will feel it. I suggest this for those who are suffering from back pain, or like to have good massage therapy at home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

1. Does Message Chair Create Heat?

No, this chair has no heat. I used one chair which has no heat.

2. Does The Chair Come With Rollers On The Bottom Of The Floor?

Yes, this one comes with rollers.

3. Does It Come With Neck Also?

Yes. It comes along with massage neck.

Final Verdict

We need to relax, remove stress and rejuvenate the body, the mind. Thanks for this massage chair. We do not like to go to spas or the massage parlors to do it. Best massage chairs are affordable and function well the massage chair.

The EC01 has a small flow; the high-quality product is worth buying. The price is low, has lots of features and functions create the EC01 a significant investment.