13 Best Massage Chair Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


In this review post, after a long researched, we agreed that it is not only difficult but also stuff to find the best massage chair nowadays. It is not possible for everyone to spend money or time for regular massage by the professionals. The electric massage chair is an alternative to cost furniture, but this is not the matter.

Manufacturers are trying to upgrade construct quality, reasonable massage chairs, enable people to set them up and obtain the rewards at home. Nothing can ensure comfort after day’s hard work and relax in a massage chair for full body massage as well as a little Netflix.

Massage chairs may work out all those kinks and knots keeping body healthy and limber. Moreover, massage chairs may save from injuries, reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

In our massage chair review article, we are giving more importance on the best massage chairs which are found in the market at present. Our viewers will be able to see the selection guide and elaboration of the types of massage chairs. You are looking for a massage chair and feeling back pain for the final relaxation chair; there remains something for everyone.

Do you like to have the best chair of this year? If your answer is yes, you may read this article. A massage chair is kind of chair which is designed or made for massage. We have accomplished to bring in best massage chair of this year for you so that you can pick the best one.

Overview Of Massage Chair

There are two types of a chair in the market one is Traditional Chair, and the other is Robotic massage chair. Traditional massage chair offers simple head, shoulder, and back. On the contrary, Robotic Chair provides electronic vibration and motors to ensure smooth massage.

A good massage chair will give you relief from the stress, back pain, muscles aches, pain, and tension. This will improve the blood pressure. This chair will also remove from the tight, stiff, and painful muscles.

It will improve the flow of blood pressure and give more oxygen to the blood of your body and aid to developing rapidly. This will also improve the balance and flexibility.

There are many types of massage chair having good features, style, and design. Therefore, if you would like to buy the best massage chair you need to know more about the feature of this chair, and you should buy the best there for your need, and this is the best for your need.

Who Is The Massage Chair Going To Be Used By?

Who Is The Massage Chair Going To Be Used By?

Massage chair is not okay for everyone. As massage cushions and massage pads, if you have the height of five to ten inches, you may get that you are doing struggle to get the best massage chair.

If your height is below five to three inches, you also have to struggle to get the massage chair. The massage chair is made for a special type of people, and you have to commit before you would like to buy the massage chair.

There is the chance to change the position of the massage chair, but this is up to the size of the person. Therefore, if you made the rollers are not in the best position and you can make the alternation.

As you like to alter the position of the chair, you can do it as you like to do so. Also, you can change the position of the chair. If you do not want to change the position of the massage chair, it is a good idea to spend money on the massage chair.

For more convenient, you can buy a more electric chair. Moreover, the Panasonic massages chairs may automatically add to the height of the roller rely on the dimension of the users.

Understanding The Two Main Types of Best Massage Chair

1. Ergonomic Chairs

There are two types of massage chairs. The first one is the ergonomic massage chair or table on which a person may lay, sit or kneel, and the massage practitioner works on them. Some adjustable chairs are having a variety of pads and cushions that made you relax and permit to the body to limp at the time of his or her magic.

Ergonomic Chairs

This kind of chair is made for physiotherapy, or medical equipment is sold in the shop specializing in the medical equipment.

Of course, you should have a massage therapist to obtain the benefit. So if you have any, you will get more benefit in your life.

The therapist visits your regular home basis meaning that you are a massage hobbyist. Someone of your family is a massage eagerness to be a licensed practitioner.

Surely, this kind of chair will require a massage therapist to obtain the benefit. So having one of your own has many benefits to your life as long as you visit the therapist now and then if you are a hobbyist.

In this section, we are not talking more about this kind of chairs. The chair you like most is called the Robotic Chair.

2. Robotic Chairs

Robotic Chairs

That sort of massage chair is referred to as the robotic massage chair as it needs not for anyone to perform the massage. Also, the appearance of the chair is like the reclining sofa and looks very much different from the regular chair.

They range from the simple recliners to the modern-looking devices and almost envelop you with the variation of grooves and cushions on which your neck, legs, and arms are adjusted to the control panels and displays.

Almost all the chairs are medical devices, unlike the mentioned tables and chair above. Also, they are brought from different stores like special stores or luxury furniture stores to a massage chair.

The benefit of the robotic chair is that it has the power to remove the cost of having an expert perform the massage. You may use the massage chair for your benefits, and you may use it for watching TV in your room or relaxing with the others.

Why Should I Purchase A Massage Chair?

You must be serious as to why you like to buy a massage chair. You will look around, and you are a bit serious that you would like to purchase the chair for your spouse and visit for a professional occasion. But there are some benefits to buying this chair for your home.

Why Should I Purchase A Massage Chair?

The first and foremost reason is that the massage will save your money. For the price of some massage, you can be paid off. As you are using the chair for many years, you can pay the chair off; you may use it on a daily basis to feel enjoyable.

The next benefit of the chair is you can use it very conveniently. You can use the chair if you have pain and aches in your body. If you have a chair in your home, you may deal with the aches and expect you are a professional. As you have it at your home, you are feeling the best, and it will have happened in the middle of the night.

Lastly, a massage chair is the best option for the excellent health. There are lots of massages that the chair is perfect for the health and remove blood pressure, sports injuries anxiety and depression. If you use the massage chair regularly, you will be greatly benefited from using this chair.

People have a good idea of the massage chair. They can enjoy the chair before going to eat the supper or before going to bed.

You will enjoy the chair if you have one at your home anytime. You may enjoy it without any issue in your home. If you are habituated to it, you would never go back to the other.

Best Massage Chair: Top Reviews

1. Panasonic EP-MA73 Ultra Massage Chair

Panasonic EP-MA73 Ultra Massage Chair


The Panasonic EP-MA73 is made with different directional rollers and the 3D technology that confirms you to have the expert full body massage experience. This model will incorporate with the massage and made for mimic heat therapy.

The other benefits are this chair focus on the certain areas like feet’s, hands and legs. The sensors can make the map of the user’s body, creating a virtual map of the contours of the body and use the massage procedure and programs for your need. The rollers are better to loosen knots as well as tense muscles.

Six preset and six manual programs will be found; they are Deep, Refresh, Hip, Shiatsu, Shoulder, Lower Back. All have an intensity to manage the measure of the massage you need.

The chair is decorated with the simulated reflexology method such as the professional will give at a spa. Moreover, this will develop circulation and give energy to the weak feet make the more refreshed.

The moving armrests are added automatically, at the time of lying down position to massage the hands and arms. The chair has 33 airbags, eight motors, 31-inch roller stroke.

The chair has set of five minutes increments, and 15 minutes uninterrupted massage. A useful remote control device is placed on the stand on the part of this chair.

Features of Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair

  • Roller Type: 3D
  • Roller Track Type: S-Track
  • Heat: Foot, Heated Rollers
  • Ensures a deep massage
  • Has a long time warranty for all the labor and parts of the massage chair.
  • Excellent control or variety of massage options.
  • You can buy the massage to meet up the demand of the family members.
  • Durable
  • The massage rollers are not retractable and may be uncomfortable if you like to have a foot massage.

2. Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair EC01

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Soft 3D Hand Massage EC01


The massage is designed to have full body Shiatsu massage without going to appeal to the spa to obtain one. There are four intelligent roller systems to offer a robust and excellent back massage with the massage heads that aim at some points of your neck.

It has fantastic massage feature such as rolling which moves up and down such as the fixed-point of revolving finger pressing to direct and the effective massage effect:

Kneading can reduce muscle pain and does function for knots, and the famous Shiatsu Massage keeps the body and mind at ease.

One of the best features of the Best Massage EC01 for your best investment is the vibration features that help for the dilation of the blood vessels and removes impurities and toxic of the tissues, blood, and organs.

You have the option to have various levels of intensity like obtaining a strong massage from the soothing weak signal with the help of the control panel.

There are four built-in programs with the EC 01 massage chair. Present Extend, Recovery, Present Relax, and Present Refresh has a one-year limited warranty that is included with the package.

Features of Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair EC01

  • Buttocks: air pressure massage and high power vibration motor
  • Arm: air squeeze
  • Thighs: double-layered air bags
  • Calves: air bags massage
  • 1-year limited warranty – the warranty is for all the parts for one year
  • The chair ensures various intensity levels of therapeutic massage to fit the user’s preference as she or he relaxes out.
  • The massage gives direct service in addressing stiff joints, poor circulation, muscle tension, a decrease in mobility and cellulite storage.
  • The pre-set programs and functions are moved at a slow or fast pace and apply all pressure that aims acupuncture points and fatigue muscles
  • The chair is big, heavy and it requires two person carriage and moves the chair.
  • Another thing is a shortage of vibration in the arms and legs as this feature works at your feet and backside.

3. Zero Gravity Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800

Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with Yoga & Heating Therapy


The Kahuna applies special Shiatsu therapy of tapping, kneading, rolling and kneading for more relaxing, restoring and revitalizing experience just you have with the hand of a therapist.

The Kahuna massage uses the ancient lomilomi total body massage, the reason you never felt it before. It gives the deep massage that may stimulate, renew, and reawaken the sore aching body. The chair has excellent black faux leather.

For a holistic process to balance and repair all aspects of your being, you must need this chair. As you are a therapist you should use Tai Chi and Hula technique to use with energies within you, they aware of the soft massage.

The Kahuna chair gives you the same knowledge. Turn on the soothing and calming music, shut off the shades, and take away the place of energizing, colorful healing, emotional.

You will be astonished to see the Chair’s computer total body scan technology having zero gravity position, for a whole body massage at one time. Also, it has four automatic programs to massage the way you desire, sit back and let it do function with the air pressured 36 Airbags process.

You can control the three levels and can adjust the pressure. The last part of the chair is heated and having twisting buttock feature with exceptional foot roller. Therefore, it will help to nap you and ensure relax and stimulate all body points. Also, the Yoga mode can stretch the total body.

Features of Zero Gravity Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800

  • For all the parts, you will get three years limited warranty, for labor and the framework. In the box, there is a guidance, hand note for the users.
  • The chair has USA standard; three-prongs are grounded 110 / 120-volt outlet and UL listed. If you are outside the USA, the converter will permit usage of 240 volts.
  • FDA registered as medical device
  • You will get the online massage from the chair company.
  • The chair has the roller on the calf or the feet.
  • Arms, shoulder Airbags, legs. There is heat, vibrating but pad and a twist as well as stretch options.
  • I carry it as you see on the picture that she is reclining back. I am not sure Why Kahuna confirms it was a good overview of the chair two more zero gravity and leaves one after another.
  • The product is not suggested for the frustration of attempting to assemble.

4. Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

INADA DreamWave Massage Chair, Black


It is true that you have not gone for the Inada Sogno Dreamwave. If you use it, you will see how comfortable the chair is that the other chairs in the market.

It has taken lots of research for many years, testing as well as uncompromising attention to make the design of the robotic chairs.

You will feel cradled or hugged by the uncommon massage chair of many years of experiments between Shiatsu and Dreamwave massage experts.

The chair has many features and gives relaxation and ensures a level of therapy.

If you like to use the massage chair, there are no alternatives to the Songo Dreamwave massage chair.

Features of Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

  • The more massage coverage user’s in more massage coverage compare to other massage chair recliner in the world and the massage chair cradle the total body in soothing shiatsu therapy and the relief.
  • Inada Dream wave has a gentle technology, eight motions, an undulating figure that mimics the way to massage therapists balances for the body at the time of shiatsu massage session.
  • Most capable, as well as complete stretch function, give extension and gentle rotational stretching and flexion of the shoulder, hips, and mid-back.
  • Excellent quality
  • It presses the lower back and the neck with good condition.
  • Like the OSIM Divine Inada’s leg is extendable. You may expand the legs.
  • The touching system is gentle with details. Some like to have touch with the human body.
  • It would not bite the muscle and the roller rolls up as well as down to the back. When Osaki presses my upper back, I feel pain.
  • There are lots of bags on foot. I choose Osaki’ rollers at the feet of the massage and like the Inada for having more bags
  • I do not like to have vibration. It does not offer me anything. Inada varies little vibration
  • Three years warranty. Adding more two years warranty
  • Bulky design
  • Pricey
  • Very heavy

5. Comfort Products 60-0582 Leisure Chair

Comfort Products Leisure Recliner Chair with 10-Motor Massage & Heat


From the year 1919, the product has a great comfort back history, since 100 years the product ensures the best service for the users with the affordable price.

The chair gives heat and relaxes, and Comfort Product provides and manufactures, it a chair to develop the superior lives for the people. There is the comfort on the back of the chair by the company.

For comfort and relaxation, the Comfort Products 10- motor massage leisure recliner and the ottoman gives you incredible knowledge. The Ottoman and heated recliner have a 3.25-inch coarse foam padded seat cushion which is wrapped with the Black Faux leather.

The chair gives heat to the lumbar area of the back. It has also storage pouch to the side of the immediate access. You have the option of three functions and three levels of intensity to satisfy you.

You feel relax as it has armrests and padded head. Besides, you will feel comfortable. The metal of the back is durable and stable. The chair may lock, recline and swivel. The chair will not glide or rock.

The seat is 20 inches deep and 22 inches wide. The back is 22 inches wide by 28.25 inches high. The plugs into a standard USA three prong grounded 110/120 Volt outlet and is 50/60 Hz.

The power is 19.2 watts. Simple to assemble in twenty to thirty minutes with the closed tools. They may accept instructions and has a user manual and one-year limited warranty. The product is free from defect material and quality.

Features of Comfort Products 60-0582 Leisure Chair

  • This is made with ten powerful motors.
  • For relaxation, it has the massage and reclines heat features.
  • Hand controller and ottoman or chair
  • Ensure relaxation and reduce stress and ensure your comfort for thighs and the back.
  • The cushion is 3.25 inches thick and covered with black leather.
  • The price is higher and a number chair in the market. The smell is like vinyl; the chair is much comfortable and overpriced leather chair.
  • The replacement parts are trouble free for some months.
  • Makes you feeling sic and does not massage only vibrates.

6. iJoy-2580″ Premium Robotic Massage Chair

iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair


Human Touch iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic is a right kind of invention of the massage chair industry. We like three auto programs that are added to the auto massage programs to select from. This aid to remove mental stress and physical pressure and emphasis on the stress points of the body.

The zero gravity recline feature is added with the simple push button located near to the place where you put your hands. You have the way to reclining from 113 to 165 degrees easily and ensure ideal angle which is a right kind of relaxing experience.

The iJoy has no remote control option. Instead, it has the control panel on which you may keep your hand and easily maintain the massaging programs.

We love the design as it has two colors like espresso or black. Like the other chair, iJoy 2580 has very light weight, and the size is compact and simple to move to one place from another and possible to keep in small place.

There is the absence of pre-programmed intensity levels. The users are happy as it has removable softening pads. You may control the chair manually.

Features of iJoy-2580″ Premium Robotic Massage Chair

  • Auto massage programs have Relieve Neck, Refresh entire Back, and Shoulder, Release Lower Back.
  • Made in control panel. Require stopping the massage to personalize it. The control panel is right at your hand, and you can control massage with the fingertips.
  • Built-in Power Outlet. Do you need to charge your mobile phone at the time of massage? The problem is no more.
  • Power recline. With the pressure of the button, you may personalize the massage chair. The more you go back, the more you will get massage intensity.
  • The softening pad is removable. You can control easily with this removable pad.
  • Cup Holder. Enjoy a drink at the time of getting a massage within your simple reach.
  • Possible to keep in small space. Perfect for the crowded place to keep as you need little square footage.
  • The price of the chair is great
  • The head cushion is added and remove backward and forward.
  • Draw the iJoy 2540 recline massage and simple the chair to close 180 degrees relax.
  • The massage, denying many features becomes monotonous.
  • The roller of the resting position is just behind the neck.

7. Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair, Red

INADA DreamWave Massage Chair, Black


Inada Sogno Dreamwave is the best picks. The massage is the best one that offers full body stress points for the users.

The shape of the massage is the cradle and covers up the body and makes a particular massage motion that mimics the shiatsu technique and confirms you soothing and relaxing experience.

I like the combination of thousand massaging methods that aid the users to tailor massage experience to their needs. You may select tapping, kneading, human hands, back vibration rolling, etc.

The thing that makes it exceptional is the eight pre-programmed healthcare massage sessions that are a great innovation. There are four well-being programs are Dreamwave, Stretch, Nighttime and morning programs.

The total space of the massage is 1200 square inch across the body and provides an impressive experience. There is more mechanism to give massage to the shoulders and whole arms along with the neck is uncommon and highly comforting.

One thing that you like most of the Sensor Scan is that measure curvature of the back and adjusts it on of the 106 pre-installed profiles in the methods. By this way, you will get the exact massage that is right for your body.

Features of Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

  • Proprietary youth session
  • The expanded massage system is found
  • Proprietary Canada Dreamwave technology
  • Proprietary and complete stretch and most capable function you’ll find
  • Healthcare programs
  • Manual massage of the chair are very excellent and has the power to combine various functions rapidly. I have got that I would not use the present programs much – I like to use the manual functions.
  • The remote is simple to use. It will need some time to figure out what acts can be combined, but once you do, you are excellent to go.
  • The chair is heavy. This is my experience. The previous massage padded foam; there were some powerful functions make the chair rock to some extent. This is not the case with the Inada; the chair feels very solid.
  • The roller is large. The rollers were very small of my previous and a bit painful sometimes. The rollers are large, and the width is adjustable.
  • The chair will ensure left the masseuse feeling. It is priceless to my view.
  • The building quality is very appreciating. There are no cheap parts of fitting with it. It has high-quality components that are used well.
  • The chair is soft, and I like it. Some customers found the chair is hard to push ahead.
  • This is very hard to keep the remote control in the pocket as you are on the chair.

8. Authentic Beauty health Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair

Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair with Jade Heat Therapy, Human Body Scan, Mp3 Synched Massage, 69 Air Bags + More


If you like to have bells and whistles with the chair, then you can choose this one for your need. We would like to present the  Authentic Beauty health Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair there are many features available on the massage chair, and it will take sometimes to investigate.

Our sites remain for long as we are ready to give the proper information to the customers as all the products have pros and cons. You need to emphasize on it before buying.

Massage chair provides the user’s relaxation and relief from everyday fatigue or stresses. The chair is very useful for those who have severe back pain for hair labor or an injury.

Massage chair is a luxury item, and sometimes they will help to lead better and fuller life. Now let us see the details of the Beauty health Shiatsu and what we are thinking about it.

The chair ensures a massage for the whole body from the head to toe. The chair gives you the vertical position of the massage to the point of your back. Moreover, the made in body scan indicates the width and length of the back to give you a personalized experience that is set to your size. The chair provides arm and hand massage with the calf or foot massage to obtain the total body experience.

Features of Authentic Beauty health Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair

  • Innovative, wonderful Shiatsu massage chair performance
  • Free delivery! Thirty minutes uninterrupted massage?
  • Ensure total luxury massage chair
  • There are many functions and features with the chair. We love the special touch of MP3 player as well as jade heat.
  • The arm massagers are removable and possible to adjust with the elbows.
  • Very durable and long lasting
  • We love the length of the massage programs. This is good to able to set the program to the 30 minutes uninterrupted massage.
  • The chair is massive and at the time of moving you need some assistance. So we hope many additional features.
  • The Jade heat feature is not made to the controls. Separate wand will operate it.

9. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Built-in Heat Therapy Air Massage System Stretch Vibrating for Home Office Living Room PS4,Black


If you have wished to get rid of all these pains and aches, you can take this massage chair for your need.

As you are a smaller person, you can take this chair for you. You will be swallowed up within the chair. Meaning that fewer people are fit for the chair. The frame of the chair is small.

Moreover working with the right spots, you may enjoy the shiatsu massage that is going to an expert. The healing option will aid the muscles to relax before the massage starts.

You pay attention to the neck areas, where there is lots of tensions build up, the massage chair has the power to do work just the whole body and the area.

When you think about the budget, this is not the lowest point of price. If you like to spend money to buy massage chair, this one is the lower compared to the other chairs in the market.

The chair has some more features than the other chair in the market. This aid you to enjoy relax, and you will be free from all kinds of stress that you are feeling, the chair work for everyone.

Features of Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

  • Shiatsu Results: Power rollers are applied to relax the muscle stress, lessens fatigue or rejuvenates the body and mind.
  • Compression and Percussion: mobility, Improves flexibility, and posture of the legs
  • Recovery Program Extend Program Relax Program Refresh program is more than thirty airbags build in heat Intelligent roller system. The shape is adjusted with the massage features and to the contour- the massage is made to remove the stress relieving Tsubo points of your neck.
  • Buyers should not return the items to the company to repair; we pay to the customers for the first time repair.
  • Shoulder, great back, leg, butt, foot massage
  • Relaxable to sit on and fantastic looking
  • Simple to install and utilize
  • Super for guests
  • The neck massage arm does not work as well.
  • The chair has small space consuming

10. Relaxzen 60-425111 Leisure Recliner Chair

Relaxzen Leisure Recliner Chair with 8-Motor Massage & Heat, Brown


Enjoy the massage chair at your home with the Comfort Products 8-Motor Massage Leisure Recliner applying heat. Sitting on it, enjoy watching the movie, the comfort simulated leather upholstery feels and looks high-quality leather and ensures comfort feel for the exceptional experience.

Suitable for home office, the sunroom, the chair has nine modes that vary between locations having massaged and schedule of the massage. Also, choose the five levels to get the levels of the massage perfect fitting for your home.

Eight vibration massage motor ensures mid back, upper back, calves, and thighs. In addition, the lumbar heat option would melt away the stress for a long day.

Fine for medium size person. The Relaxzen Massage Leisure Recliner has set of 21 x 22.5 inches with backrest which is 27.5 inches tall and wide is 22 inches.

The chair is made of rolled tubular steel frame to give stability, adjustable recline, a swivel function and may support up to 300 pounds.

The padded foam armrests and the soft faux leather ensure the only comfort and will support the chair. Also, foam cushion and the smooth simulated leather, you would not live to leave the chair.

Features of Relaxzen 60-425111 Leisure Recliner Chair

  • Comfortsoft upholstery seems like high-quality leather
  • Eight vibration massage motor ensures mid back, upper back, calves, and thighs.
  • Five intensity levels and nine pre-programmed random modes.
  • Recline features, swivel and recline tension adjustment
  • Soothing heat treatment in the lumbar region
  • Nice-looking chair and nice looking
  • Heat controls the massage and works well.
  • I have added more items and found to be the challenge, for angle required to tighten or seat the screws.

11. Luraco iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair


Enjoy the most 3D robotic massage chair having automatic body shape detection. The chair gives significant lower back, neck massage technique.

Gather knowledge about the calf and three layer massage, and full body heat, advance sole massages having double rollers with the removable foot pad and the body swivel with twist stretching do not found on other products.

The comforting acupuncture, fully functional seat swivel via perfect leather, touches all surfaces, ultra-fresh MP3 music system nine automatic, limitless customizable programs ensures zero gravity.

Features of Luraco iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair

  • The chair is developed, researched and assembled in the USA.
  • Has got UL and FDA approval in the market for its safety and use.
  • Smart touch remote control, and most technically up to date handheld touch.
  • Uncommon features up to five different users memory settings for the whole family.
  • Five stages of a multi-sectional intensity control 3D set for soft as you like
  • There are lots of sizes of the massage chair and fit for people who are from 5 to 7 feet height. This work from all types of individuals for your family.
  • The 3D will give more massage for your head to the toes of your body.
  • The zero gravity is a great option for those who are suffering from pains or aches in the back and joint for a long time.
  • Heavy so difficult to move from one place to another

12. iJoy Active 2.0 Perfect Fit Massage Chair

iJoy Active 2.0 Perfect Fit Massage Chair, Bone Color Option


The Human Touch Active Chair is just in the dentist’s chair; the sleek design gives you massage which removes aches, recharge and restores tired muscles.

The chair is very comfortable, and you can use as long as you can. It is good for the people who like to remove or reduce the muscle pain from the body.

The chair is designed with three automatic programs to emulate a therapeutic massage. The first set is a stretch that desires to the small of the back work to improve the blood circulation and lymph flow.

The next program is an orbit that the massage kneads the user’s pack in a side and side speed to tense and soreness are removed, and the muscles will stretch.

The last program is glide, and this has simple massage speed that the spine is rolling out and deeply massaged.

Features of iJoy Active 2.0 Perfect Fit Massage Chair

  • Select the auto program. Sensitive and soothing. Human Touch’s patent was hanging orbital massage system FlexGliceTM gives stress reducing knowledge like never before.
  • Excites the hand method of the therapists using orbit, Stretch, Glide motion and the massage pressure to give the remarkably good result.
  • Handle the iJoy active 2.0 massage chair to simple to approach 180-degree angle
  • Looks gorgeous
  • Relaxable for regular sitting
  • Great massage with multiprogramming
  • The back is greatly more to six inches above my shoulder, so it is tall enough for a man 6.2 inches height.
  • Compact to keep in the corner.
  • This is not perfect for the people who are taller than 6.2 inches.
  • Is not suitable for the individuals who have wide hips or behind

13. Zero Gravity Positioning with Deep Tissue Massage

ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair with Built in Heat Zero Gravity Positioning Deep Tissue Massage - Black


The Amazon is now offering you the best type of Shiatsu chair for you. If you like to have this one, you will get more thanks from Amazon features that the Shiatsu chair offers you.

There is built in therapy feature with the chair, and it helps muscle relaxation as well as blood circulation. The users can handle the chair smoothly with the human hands, and they are obtaining a proper hands on massage.

The chair gives the users five to thirty minutes massage, so no matter how long the users sure to receive the great massage, the chair is feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

The chair has four automatic massage programs that are simple to choose using the only touch control. Each program gives a various level of location, depth and so the users may maintain the massage they get.

Features of Zero Gravity Positioning with Deep Tissue Massage

  • Moves down and up and does work like fixed point of fingers pressed by an expert masseuse and for a direct or effective massage that stretches out the back.
  • Lessens the pain and aids work out knots
  • Seat moves along with chair back
  • Control is comfortable with manual mode
  • Intensity and strength is excellent
  • Heat does work well
  • Price is better than the other massage chair on the market available.
  • Nothing found

Tips On How To Choose The Best Massage Chair

Tips On How To Choose The Best Massage Chair

Do you like to buy the best massage chair? If you have taken the decision, you need to consider the following factors. This is easy to get the best brands in the model chair. You should not choose the wrong kind of massage chair for your need.

You need to consider the following tips before deciding to buy the best massage chair.

The robotic chair is a good investment. Finding the good one is a big challenge, but you need to consider some other factors.

Below we are offering some tips to buy the best massage chair buying guide. They will help you to buy the best massage chair for your need having all the necessary features.

1. Get To Know Yourself

After all, you have understood and evaluated your needs and the benefits that you get from the massage chair. Are you suffering from lower back neck or back pain?

Do you hold the bad circulation? What massage technique is the best? Is it Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, Shiatsu or Swaying? Is your hoping foot massage?

Would you like to have a fuller body massage? What are your height and weight? These are significant questions; you need to ask beforehand to choose the best massage chair.

2. Which Features Are You Looking For?

Which Features Are You Looking For?

Massage chair is made for different kinds of features. This is the most important features before you like to buy the massage chair. Some massage chairs have only back massage features.

Several chairs have only lower body features though some have both of these functions and some more other features. Some have space for keeping music player that would give you the chance to listen to music at the time of sitting on it.

Chair having more features are more expensive than the ordinary chairs. Before you like to buy a chair consider all the features than be sure which one will give you more benefit that is essential for you. You would not buy one that has features that are not necessary for your need.

3. Are Massage Chairs Safe During Pregnancy?

More than 80% women in the world who feel fatigue and get themselves under the frequent attack of back pain, shoulder, and neck.

As you are one of them, going forward to the massage chair for getting free. Do not you know it must be used during pregnancy? Here is the information you need to know.

There is no scientific proof that this chair is the best chair and is very useful for the pregnant women or not. It is better to be cautious.

The practice of massage chair at the time of pregnancy is controversial as it may normally trigger a situation known as hyperthermia. The situation may be triggered by the hot tub bath or if the body temperature goes up to 38.9 C- source: mayo clinic.

The reason is that the massage chair has lumbar as well as calve heating modules, it is fearful that they may raise the body’s temperature great enough for hyperthermia attack. Under there are some steps, you can follow them to remain safe and sound.

4. Warranty And Maintenance

The warranty time of different bands is different. Some company will give you only one year warranty whereas some will give you five years warranty. This is also important to know what kind of service the manufacturer or company will give for you.

If you face a technical problem, you will not return it to the manufacturer; rather you would give it to the authorized servicing centers.

Keep in mind that the massage chair is heavy and the shipment cost is comparatively higher. You will get some massage chair that will give you home repairing service.

5. Brand

The famous bands of the chair are Inada, Panasonic, Human Touch iJoy, Osaki, Japanese brands. These are the famous brands, but there are some other bands in the market also.

You need to consider the highest brand in the market as they will give you high-quality product than the other obscure companies. The reputed companies will give more customer service, and customers are satisfied with the service.

6. Cost

This is the most important matter of selecting the massage chair. The massage chairs are of various types, and the price is different. You have a budget, and you would like to choose the best chair according to your budget.

This is the place that you would like to buy the best massage chair according to the functions you are looking for in your mind. The above points are massage chair comes with various capabilities and more features.

The costs are more than the simple features.  Therefore select which features you would like to set for the massage chair which gives many features.

Finally, before you like to buy the product, you need to know the details of the product. If you do so, you can purchase the best product for your need.

You are looking for the best product. So one should read the reviews again and again. The chair you want will give you more comfort, and you are happy with the product.

7. Do Prior Research

Try to find the best features that you are looking for your need. Keep in your mind choose the following features:

8. Construction And Design

Would you like to use the chair for a long time? The chair is made of sturdy materials. All chairs have weight capacity. You need to buy the chair that would be suitable in color for your home or office decoration.

You need to consider the space of the chair. The massage chair is not small; you should use your free space to keep the chair.

9. Massage Coverage

You will get different models of the massage chair in the market. Some do functions for the whole body whereas some work for the certain areas.

So think which type of chair you would like to have the upper back or the lower back. Or would you like to have a chair for thighs or shoulders?

Would you like to keep the whole body into the massage? The chair will work for all points of the body from neck to feet.

10. Massage Styles And Programs

Consider the different models of the massage chair. This may be rolling, shiatsu, or kneading. Some have combinations. The budget options give vibration. Some expensive chairs have the different pre-programs setting and are sure the treatments are enjoyable and relaxing.

11. Customization

Choose the chair that you like to get your massage chair. This is a full body massage chair. Therfore, you will get the particular massage chair you like to choose. Also, the characteristics are allowed adjusting for the intensity levels.

If you consider the above things, this would not be trying to get the best massage chair for your need. Also, you should be objective and sometimes spend to think what is important for you.

We have listed the top features of the chair, and we think the chair will be very useful for your home and office. This will also be within reach of your budget.

The chair will also be beneficial for your health. This will last for a long time, and every day you will get the soothing massage for your body.

Best Massage Chair Can Help Eliminate Health Problems

The benefits of the chair are that it improves or eliminates the health problems. The most important use is to remove the back pain. Sometimes painkillers do not work well.

A study shows that massage works better than spinal modification or acupuncture – reduce the need for painkiller up to 36%.

Best Massage Chair Can Help Eliminate Health Problems

Moreover, more studies have shown that headaches respond to massage therapy. Some other studies found that the chair improves sleep and migraines of the sufferers.

The massage chair is great for developing the symptom of osteoarthritis. Swedish massage is great for knee osteoarthritis.

The first clinical trial of testing the effectiveness of the Swedish massage, the users receive one hour massage or two times a week and improves stiffness, pain, and function.

Best Massage Chair Reduces Lactic Acid Build Up

There is a common belief among the athletes and trainers that the massage chair increases blood flow, and for this decreasing lactic acid build up.

Repeated relaxation and compression of the muscles creates blood vessels to be filled or emptied, that increases the removal of the waste product such as lactic acid. So the regular massage can lessen muscle fatigue brought on by the physical exertion.

Best Massage Chair Helps Cancer Patients

The massage chair is now being used for the people who are suffering from cancer. It reduces the symptoms of cancer and promotes relaxation, the side effects of treatment such as fatigue, nausea, swelling, pain, depression.

A massage chair is good for immune system and makes ideal complement for the people with having cancer.

Massage chair reduced physical pain from the body and proven to lessen the symptoms of depression and anxiety. This has got from more than 12 studies.

The study shows that the massage lowered levels of cortisol by up to fifty percent and develops the levels of neurotransmitters to aid reducing depression.

Effects Of Massage On Heart Rate And Stress: A Scientific Approach

Now, heart rate and high levels of stress are very common to the people. People from all walks of life feel the experience of stress, though they are at home or trying to maintain the family. Or CEO is fighting to create a deadline.

To make your server calm by taking time is significantly important. In reality, according to the view of articles Stress and massage: understand the research, written by Cynthia Pilch Ph.D., Martha Brown Menard, CMT, Ph.D., CMT, the link between muscle tension and stress a wide range of other illness and conditions are thought to stem from or be exacerbated by the stress. The stress may cause tissue repair, like wound healing, slow down or cause high blood pressure.

1. Instant Relieve From Pain

The massage chair will give rapid relief from the pain. If you have a massage, it aids to improve the range of motion and expands the blood vessels. This speeds up the flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles, particularly to the stress points and remove pains from your body.

The cramping and spasm are greatly reduced and increases the flexibility of your joints. It circulates the flow of blood and ensures fresh oxygen and overused muscles also relax.

A therapeutic effect is used on the whole body and relieve you from physical and mental pain. The massage chair is great for the people who suffer from low back pain.

2. Increased Blood Circulation In Body

At present high level of stress is very common among people. This is the cause of pressure. If the body is in stress, the blood circulation reduces dramatically in the body to the certain percentage.

This effects on the productivity and exhausts the body. The massage equipment makes calm your blood vessels and nerves. The result is the circulation of blood to the whole body and removes illness that is exacerbated by the stress.

Experts explain that the high blood pressure reduces the possibility of blood pressure and faster tissue repair and increased wound healing.

3. Improves Body Posture

The chair comes with stretch programs gives a range of back flexion, rotational movements, and extension of the lower back and hips. These aids are loosening the stiff back and develop the body posture.

By getting a daily massage, you may see the incredible change in the body posture. The pre-programmed massage sessions are made that they work well for every part of the body.

You look a wonderful body posture, but it loosens the stiff to the fatty areas of the body and aids to lose weight.

4. Strengthen Immune System

You will be surprised to know that the best chair aid to strengthen the immune system. It develops the natural defense against toxic invaders. Also, the chair stimulates the lymph system of our body, increases the number of cells to fight against cancer in the patient of breast cancers.

The chair releases endorphins in the body like the natural painkillers. So the chair does function well to relieve chronic illness, fast recovery from surgeries or injury.

When the immune system develops by the natural effects, the recovery time reduces greatly and also reduces the risk of muscle strain or sprains.

Features That Make The Chair Even Better

There are lots of features of the massage chair, and among them, you can choose the best features for your need. You are going to get all the features in one chair without spending much money and time for this.

So you need to choose the best features at the time of buying a chair. The important features that you like to consider before you want to buy are:

1. Massage Styles

Before choosing the massage chair, be sure about the style of the chair. Most of the chairs are giving shiatsu massage. But if you do not choose the type of massage, would like to choose some other kinds of massage, select one that has some other options. Some have one option but some give more options like rolling, Swedish and some other more.

2. Massage Areas

Each chair gives different areas that you will get from the massage chair. Some will be an emphasis on the whole body whereas some will focus only the back of the body, will start from the neck and will go down to the feet. Be sure you will select the options and full body massage and will be free from tension.

3. Rollers

The roller is very deep and nice. Therefore, this will make a big difference in where you are going to get the best massage. Attempt to get the time ahead to obtain and the area you are likely to cover.

You would not like to be a taller person and get the roller stop right middle of the back and lost your neck and other problem areas.

4. Heat

There is an option with the massage chair. The heat will plunge into your muscles and aid to release a bit of tension from your head. When the massage starts, you will get the deep tissues, and there will be no tension.

5. Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is the best feature if you have sore joints and has more back pain and require more assistance.

With the feature, you will be enabled to lay on the way back and almost on the airbags. This will give a break as you are the great back rub, make it more efficient.

6. Recline

The recline is the best position for your massage chair. This will give you the perfect place to feel great and relax.

When you get a chair, see and check how far goes recline. Some are going to have feel go up, and the other will give you to recline all the way back as they are laying down.

How Does A Massage Chair Work?

Every company aims to make the uncommon or unique chair for the customers in the market. Indeed, most of them have the same features, and some have a copycat version for you, many companies give various techniques and give different options for you and uncommon massage. However, there are some similarities you will get from them regarding how they the function.

The design of the massage chair is the unique one and like the other company you get in the market. There are some same features with the chair, it has a lot of copycat versions for you to select, some companies use the various techniques. Also, some give you a wonderful massage.

This does not matter what type of massage chair you like. The all hold a design that offers sensation which is soothing for the person to get the massage. However, the working procedure depends on the area of the body.

Some chairs may seem more complex and give soothing massage for all the parts of the body that are just similar to the massage therapist. The others are simple and give some vibrations for soothing the back. This kind of massage chair can help soothe the person in the chair.

Old kind of chair will apply a mechanical approach to aid them to handle. Also, some other chairs on the market use the same option. As the competitors are increasing day by day, there is no technique to use water with the massage chair.

In some great type of massage chair, you will get a combination of techniques which is very amazing.

Almost all the massage will use the combination of methods like gears, motors, rollers, and vibrating mechanisms to provide the massage. To obtain some great vibrations, the massage will use a device that will hold weighted wheels or the gear.

The motor is turned on; the wheels are going rotate, make the vibration motion that you apply to obtain the massage. Also, there are some other chairs that give the vibrations except making the chair get off balance.

At the time of massage, there are also rollers that will go up and down to the chair; the area is up to the chair that will like take care of. Also, the roller will work like the human hands and move the whole body in a soothing way.

The intensity of the massage will depend on the kind of chair and what option will you get available in the chair.

History Of Massage Chairs

History Of Massage Chairs

1. 1954 – The First Ever Wooden Massage Chair

The history of the massage chair began in the year 1954. The inventor of the chair is Nobuo Fujimoto, who made different versions of the chair.

He made the chair from the scrap materials before he was really happy with the chair. This is made of highly durable, and even today the chair is doing its function better than the other chairs since 1954.

2. 1975 – Multiple Massage Functions

The special clutch enables the users to choose from various angels, like the chopping and kneading massage motions. In 1975, the chair was offering good style and comfort for the users.

3. 1987 – Rolling Massage Chairs

In 1987 customers can buy the massage chair for the first time. From this point, the chairs are lighter, comfortable and smaller. In the early models, there are eight spurred rollers and remote control features. Therefore, the chair was the best choice to the users in the 80s.

4. 1995 – Massaging Airbags

In the mid-90s, the airbag massaging chair came to the market. Now it has recline features, and the chair is ready to give more features for all areas of the body. Some chair gives lower massage particularly for the buttocks and for the legs.

5. 2000 – Air Bags And Massage Balls Combine

With the change of millennium, the get up of the massage chair is going to be more complex, and now the chair comes with airbag options along with the massage balls. So it is becoming favorite among the users. In the first month, the first models were introduced in 2000 and-and established the trend of technology for the 21 century.

6. 2001 – 3D Point Navigation

In 2001, the massage chair gave 3D point navigation technology. This will offer the users to get fully customized experience as this adapts itself to the fit the users.

7. 2002 – Leg Stretch Features

In 2002, the chair came with the leg stretching features and reclining options. Meaning that the users can remove tension from the muscles by using this massage chair but can stretch out the leg muscles, a new method of relaxation was introduced to the people.

8. 2004 – Shoulders And Feet

In 2004, the model of massage chair gave the users all body massage. The foot massaging or the shoulder massaging will add to the shoulder to the toe massage. We have gathered the best foot massagers.

9. 2010 – Sofa Style Massage Chairs

To ensure better service some chair gives the uses of the furniture, by 2010, the massage chair gives the stylish sofa style. This kind of massage chair is less bulky and ensures more features.

10. Present

At present, you will get all the possible features that you like to get from the massage chair. Also, you will hear soothing music and remote control features from the massage chair.

You will get luxurious massage experience from the chair. It has now arms and leg support, and you may get the head massage from the massage chairs. If you like to get the head massage, you will search it from online.

Best Massage Chair Brands

1. Panasonic

The most attractive features are added to the massage chair by the Panasonic companies. They are trying to develop the features of the chairs since the 1960s. They are trying to add the experience as lifelike as they can.

The technology added here are taken from the various types of massage styles. Panasonic is famous for having all high qualities, and they are trying to add the new one. The top rated massage chair is EP-30007 and MA-70. Therefore, they are the bestselling chairs and have got various positive feedback.

2. Inada

Another leading company of the massage chair is Inada company. They are doing their work since the early day of the invention of the massage chair. They are trying to upgrade the technologies of the chair.

The chair is made and designed in Japan. The best model of Inada is Sogno Dreamwave. It gives simple usability, wonderful design, and the most important feature is the airbag massage system.

3. Omega

Omega is the popular type of high-quality chair and for its functions. They give much emphasis on developing chairs that are featured with good to use. The massage chair gives smooth, firm, realistic massage experience.

They will keep the users in mind when they design the product. They have produced some of the best programs and features. The most appreciating model of Omega is the Montage Pro. The design is sleek, solid construction, multiple useful features.

4. Sanyo

Sanyo massage chair is great for high quality and in industry massage methods. In 2012 Sanyo decided to make the chair continuously including HEC 7700, and HEC 7800. Also, they are just thinking only about the relaxation chair.

The most well-known chair is HEC RX1. The features are zero gravity, one button, and eight airbags massage system. However, it is not sure is Sanyo going to make the full feature massage chair in future. Read details about the Sanyo Massage Chair.

5. Fujita

Fujita Massage Chairs are giving focus on intense therapy methods to a massage chair. Also, the rollers are made to ensure a deep tissue massage with high intensity.

The most popular massage chair is SMK9100. This offers a wide adjustment on the music sync, arms, and the stretching. Read details about the Fujita Massage Chair.

6. Inner Balance Wellness

Inner Balance Wellness is best for its high quality of having zero gravity recliners. They are the division of Johnson Health Tech Network North American and would take the first approach.

They focus on the experts to give the best result and at the same time, they realize the different facets relaxation and therapy. Therefore, everyone will get the benefit of zero gravity recliner and the ability to relax for the stressed people.

They have made affordable and high-quality recliner. Also, the chair is good for those who do not like to get fully featured massage chair, the MC660 Deluxe Massage Chair, the ZG571 Zero Gravity Chair. Try to understand more about the inner Balance massage chairs.

7. Cozzia Massage Chairs

Cozzia Massage Chairs has high quality and therapy focused product. The chairs are very easy to use, give more therapy and can buy the affordable customers. Also, there are lots of features and prices of the massage chair.

The most favorite model is the Cozzia 16027 is zero gravity massage chair that offers rigid and massage features and aesthetic appeal. In 2012 the company brought EC618 massage chair and became the best-selling brand.

The price of the chair is affordable and has given best customer service. Learn more about the Cozzia 16028, Cozzia 16027 and the Cozzia EC618,

Simple Things To Consider When Buying A Massage Chair

1. Massage Chair Motors Are Critical

Know where the motors are made. The best ones are made in Japan. They have many years experience of making this type of chair. Therefore, they are transforming this massage to make great chairs. Also, the motor of the chair functions much of this chair.

You need a motor that will handle the height and weight of the body and see if there are more motors. Also, inferior motors are substandard, and the cost is low where the chair will live in a long time to the repair shops that the home.

2. Where To Place The Chair?

A reclining chair ensures more space as the back goes down totally. This is a significant factor so receive measurements for the perfect fit you like to keep it if you are in a small house. You do not like to live in a crowded place.

Measure the door you like to keep the chair. If you have more space, you may add cushion to do the work.

3. Massage Chair Intensity

Be sure that chair you are using will aid you to remove the pain that you are feeling in your heart. Choose the right chair to ease muscle tension. The amount of pressure put on your muscles.

A good quality chair will give you deep tissue massage similar to the massage therapist whereas the low-intensity massage chair will give more Swedish type massage. Chair having airbags are great for legs, shoulders, calves, and feet.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Of Best Massage Chair

1. What Are The Common Things To Think About A Massage Chair?

If you have no space to keep the chair, the most important aspect you need to consider is the relaxation or comfort you will obtain. This is the first factor if you like to buy the best product that you have to need.

2. Who Would Utilize The Massage Chair?

Most massage chairs are made for people who are about 5.10 inch tall. If you are smaller or taller than that, it would be essential to offer the product a test drive before buying.

3. Where Will I Keep The Massage Chair?

The massage chair will hold some space in your home. Indeed, they are in different sizes and shapes. So, if you have the small apartment or there is no space to keep the bigger chair, buy the compact design that you may keep without holding more space. On the other hand, those who have more space to keep the big size of massage chair would not have the issue.

4. How Is The Price?

The price of the massage chair is different prices. Some are very expensive, and some are affordable price and give more features. The difference depends on the features of the chairs. So you need to consider the features of the chair you desire to have.

5. What Are The Best Features Of The Chair?

The issue will depend on the kind of features you would like to get. So, you need to select whether you like to use it for the specific or general purpose. There are lots of features with the massage chair, but you need to choose the features only. Try to find the best features of the massage chair like big airbags, the level of intensity, and smoothly operating system.

6. What Is The Warranty?

Do not buy the product that has any guarantee. Be sure the duration of the chair, and it has both cover parts and labor.

7. Is The Massage User-Friendly?

Most of the high-quality massage chair has a user-friendly interface, and anyone can operate it. Some have the remote control system to operate smoothly and use its features.

8. Is The Massage Chair Durable?

Most of the high-quality chairs are made durable and very reliable. The cover of the seats is made with endurable materials to save from rough handling or stand the test of time.

9. Will The Chair Give The Therapeutic Massage As In Professional Spas?

The answer is YES, you can buy the same kind of therapeutic massage from the massage chairs in the market. Indeed, this is the fundamental question about massage chair in the market. Also, people like to have this good kind of massage chair from the expert therapists in the high-end spa. The Human Touch Massage chair is the best kind of such type of chair in the market.

10. From Where You Buy The Best Massage Chair?

Lastly, choosing the best platform to buy the massage chair is significantly important. You can pay the price for the massage chair on online, hope doorstep delivery without going out from home. Also, you can buy the most high-quality chair from Wal-Mart or Amazon and expect excellent customer service from it.

11. Who Are The Massage Therapists?

Infinite Massage is the only independent massage gives more convenient for the experienced and trained users. We sincerely interview, screen and check the reference for all the massage therapists. We give background notice upon request.

12. How Long Will The Massage Sessions Be?

For an event, trade shows and conventions we suggest with 10-minute chair sessions and add with the traffic. For corporate 20 to 30 minutes are preferable.

13. How Much Space Is Needed To Keep It?

The Small place is required- normally a 5×6 foot area is enough for the massage therapist to maintain the chair and have enough room to move the chair easily.

14. How Much In Advance Should We Fix With You?

This relies on the location and size of the event. For smaller events with 1 or 2 therapists in the major cities, a booking is essential. For significant events or the event in remote areas or big cities, we need two-week notice.

Final Thoughts On Best Massage Chair

Massage chairs are great and offer you the same quality of massage that you will get in a spa but before buying the chair consider the following points which are going to be discussed more.

You should set your budget first to purchase the massage chair. This is not the machine or equipment that you may buy with some dollars. The cost is more, and it varies from chair to chair.

If you have the tight budget, you can check the basic features of the massage. As you have more budget, you can go for high-quality massage chair with many features.

You need to consider the brand as the brand is the factor to buy the massage. A brand is a sign by which one may recognize the product, and it implies high quality, excellent customer support, and credibility.

Before buying the product read the best massage chair 2018 again and again to know more about the product. You will find out more about the product if you read the review again and again. You will be able to know if the product is worth for you or not. Everyone does so before buying the product learn more about the product. Research is a good thing to know about the product about the company or the business.