The Best Panasonic EP MA73 Massage Chair Review


If you have got the experience to sit on a massage chair, you will feel how comfortable they are. This chairs repairs both your mind and body simultaneously.

It will lead you to a deeply relaxed state that everyone expects most. Good massage chairs are greatly used for many purposes. You can use it for injuries, chronic pain like sciatica and other pain-related overused muscles.

Moreover, there are some other purposes of the massage chair. In this reviews, the massage chair will help you to know what we think of exploring them thoroughly.

There are many types of massage chairs on the market. All are the best in the sense that they are selling the best products for the customers.

One advice is that you shouldn’t spend your money and efforts for undesired products.

Therefore now let us begin with the Panasonic EP-MA73 review.

Overview Of The Panasonic EP MA73 Massage Chair

We have really categorized one of the best models found in the market in this Panasonic EP MA73 review. Now we would like to explain why we are going to tell it.

Think about a hot stone massage that will give comfort and luxury for all the time in your everyday life though it is when you wake up or after the whole days it is under your feet. By keeping this idea in mind, the EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra massage chair is made for you.

Panasonic cordially accepts all complaints, shortcomings and concerns of the EP-MA70 massage chair and redesigned, reimagined and improved what the chair can give you. The EP-MA 73 will give all the facilities rather than other chairs in the market you have found in your life. Notice the improved and new features to see for yourself.

Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro Ultra Prestige 3D Luxury Heated Massage Chair


If you sit on the chair, you will feel very comfortable. The will repair your body and mind as well. They will keep you in a deeply relaxed state and some new experience. The chair is being used as physical therapy for the injuries, for the chronic pain like sciatica and some other pains related to overused muscles.

There are some other useful purposes of the massage chair. The review will help you to understand what we would like to investigate thoroughly. Though there are many massage chairs, all give the best result; the company is trying to sell the product.

I would like to speak honestly that you should not waste money to buy the less desirable thing. So remain with the Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair Review. We are making a category of the top models found, and now we are speaking to you why.

Features Of Panasonic EP MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair

  • Auto Recline: Recline is maintained electronically to 170 degrees, permit you to prefer the best position where we are most comfortable though receiving your massage.
  • Auto Ottoman: Lift up and raise down the ottoman with the press of the button.
  • Flexible Ottoman: The ottoman may be used for opening and closing, so what is the height does not matter, the EP- MA 73 can get the correct fit for the type of the body.
  • LCD Remote: It is possible to control all the functions and features of Panasonic EP- Ma73 by using remote control.
  • Manual Ottoman Leg Extention: Toss the handle and then press your legs to adjust the optimal length according to your height.
  • Self Adjusting Arm Rests: The EP-MA73 has improved armrests which can add if the chair reclines. It ensures a more thorough massage for the deeper recline


  • Gives a deep massage
  • Various options for massage and controls
  • You may customize the personal massage to fulfill the family member’s desire.
  • For parts and labor has more warranty
  • Durable


  • For the feet, the massage rollers are not retractable and may be uncomfortable when you would not desire a foot massage.
  • The timer is fifteen minutes after shuts off. To start again is difficult if you desire to have a longer uninterrupted massage.

How To Use The Massage Chair

  • Firstly, turn over the back cushion.
  • Measure the legs of the massage chair
  • Take off the shoes and take your seat comfortably
  • Align the lower end of the headrest along with your ears
  • Press the button at last

Now you have the options to use an automatic course of manually function the chair.

You have got Shiatsu, Deep, Swedish, Stretch, Lower Back or neck and shoulder for the automatic options.

The most advantage of this chair is that it may memorize the place of your shoulders. When users of various heights use it, it can do this. It may normally happen when you and your spouse like the same chair.

Panasonic EP MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair Reviews

1. Advanced 3D Quad Style Roller Technology

The Panasonic EP-MA73 is decorated with the most human-like massage roller in the market. The proprietary method applies four massage heads which close and open like human hands and a 3D mechanism to massage and scan each contour of your back. Adjust this with heat therapy, and you have your personal masseur in your home.

2. Advanced Body Scan Technology

The EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra applies advanced sensor technology to make a virtual map of the back. The chair will scan your body and gives a massage which is contoured to the curve of your body and spine. The massage glides up and downs the back at the time of using the consistent pressure of your whole spine.

3. Acupoints

In the human body, there is about 350 acupoints in the whole body and 100 in your neck and back alone. The Swedish massage, the deep tissue kneading to the Real Pro EP-MA73, shiatsu massage has lots of technologies to the aim acupoints resulting in more energy.

4. Air Compression System

The Panasonic EP-MA73 applies 33 airbag compression process to offer full body massage. Airbags are kept in the shoulders, arms, and hands, thighs, hips, buttocks, feet, and calves.

Air Compression System

5. Shoulder Massage

The airbags keep the shoulders in place as the massage heads knead the back, from chest to the shoulders, give soothe pressure and aid relax the shoulder, softly stimulates the lymphatic system to aid to cleanse your body.

6. Hand & Arm Massage

The armrests are kept below the arm. They inflate using a compression massage which helps relax hands and arm. The armrest is adjusted, and you can keep your arm while you are lying down.

7. Hip Massage

The chair has airbags adjusted with all the sides of the hips and around your waist. They inflate your hips and thighs to relax the core and the lower back.

7. Calf Massage

Different airbags inflate round the calves uses an air kneading massage that is round the back and sides of the calves. This aids rejuvenates or circulates tired legs.

8. Foot Massage

There is 3D air cushions on the feet give realistic foot massage and is great for removing pains and aches. Acupuncture nodes are inserted or removed for lighter or stronger massage.

You can change the setting according to your need. This gives you more control; it would not take very long to figure out how it functions for you. If you face any problem to handle the massage, you can take help from online tutorials.


9. Variable Massage Programming

There are many functions like Swedish rolling styles and shiatsu. The chairs are also adapted to many customizable programs. Be sure the programs are fit for your need. There are fewer functions compared to the other chairs, but all the features are very much beneficial for your need.

You can simply use all the controlling features. If you face difficulties, you will get help from online tutorials offered by Panasonic Ep-MA73 Real Pro Ultra users to aid you with the programs.

10. New Palm And Arm Massage

The EPMA-73 has armrests and airbags that are kept below and above the arm. These inflate using a compression massage that aids to release your hands and arms. The armrest comes with the recline, gives massage for arms even in lying down.

11. 5 Massage Programs

The Panasonic EP-MA73 hold five excellent massage programs like Rolling, Shiatsu, and Swedish styles. You can customize these programs. You can use the style as you need.

5 Massage Programs

The customized options are not many when you compare with the other chairs in the same class. The main massage is designed well and pretty and has everything for relaxation no matter what type of massage do you like to have.

You can modify the setting according to your need. This gives you more control; it would not take very long to figure out how it functions for you. If you face any problem to handle the massage, you can take help from online tutorials.

Why Choose Panasonic EP MA73 Real Pro-Ultra Massage Chair?

If you like to choose a massage chair, you must consider the following factors. Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra massage chair holds all the necessary features. It has five years guarantee, and intensify the bond between the company and the customers. So before being sure to invest in a massage chair, look for the product in details.

Who Is This Panasonic Massage Chair For?

This is the best thing for the people who like to invest money in the massage chair. This is best full body massage chair. It will give comfort to the users at home. This is suitable for those who are suffering from shoulder or neck pain.

What Does This Massage Chair Help With?

The Panasonic massage chair gives a comprehensive massage which relaxes and soothes the neck muscles and shoulders

Render professional style of foot massage. This aims reflex points in the feet that aid in developing energy and circulates blood to the whole body. Relieves tensions between arms and palms.

Use soft pressure on the calves that relieves boosts circulation and tightness. Give a good massage for the middle to the lower back which is perfect for the last of the day’s work.

User Review On Panasonic EP MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair

My Best Massage Chair Ever!

Before purchasing this one, I have tried other brands, most of the brand I have heard about, but I have more or less doubts. The chairs have poor quality in most cases. The MA 73 is superior in all cases.

The ability to customize a deep tissue massage heated rollers, save my settings. My primary desire of the foot pods was solved by applying a gel foot for the first two weeks. I like the intensity; this is the best features.

My poor family owned the Panasonic product for 40 years, and my doctor has Panasonic product in his office. I am a great fan Kudos to Panasonic. This is the best massage chair anywhere.


This is a great chair I have ever used and tried. The only complaint is that the neck or head is not much comfortable. It seems like our head is tilted back to an uncomfortable position. I used pillow or chair, but this does not support well.

The user manual hasn’t read yet. I hope there is fix or suggestion I am not aware of. I found some minor complaints. The features of the chair are fantastic, and the complete knowledge is amazing.



Product Info On Panasonic EP MA73 Real Pro-Ultra Massage Chair

  • Product Dimensions: 48 x 37.4 x 45.3 inches ; 191 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 187 pounds
  • ASIN: B00LEYJ76Y
  • UPC: 885170199019

Final Verdict

The Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra massage chair review, we confirm that there are lots of features with this chair. You may enjoy all thoroughly. They are gorgeous to look at, and they are more durable.

This is an appreciating option for office and home. The chair looks very sexy no doubt. The chair is comparable to some other models like the Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 Recliner along with Heating Therapy.

The functions and the features of both chairs are the same. They come down to style and taste. We have told before that there are many models and brands in the market of these chairs. It is impossible to mention all the features at the same time.

So, for this, we are here now. We gather all the information and put them to the reviews to read for the readers easily. Who has more time to read the reviews before sitting by the side of a computer? We can do as we are an expert.

A massage chair is a good option for your well-being and your health. They will enhance the quality of life and health by removing pains and stiffness for hair work and injuries. They will make your mentality fresh and sound by alleviating stress.

We wrote this Panasonic EP MA73 review to provide you with the necessary information what the type of chair may do for you.