How Effective Are Massage Chairs?


Now people are more conscious of the advantages of health by massaging. In a survey conducted by the American Massage Therapy Association in 2017, almost a quarter of adult American, had at best one massage chair in the past years.

They understand that the massage chair is not for relaxation or rest, they are being used for gaining relief from heal injuries, symptoms, to aid for some health conditions. But how effective are massage chairs actually? Read on this article to find out the answer.

How Many Types Of Massage Chairs Are There?

There are many models of massage chairs you get generally. Going over the lists of a massage chair is a very difficult task for a normal consumer. However, there are several key differences which help a user to choose the best chair.

You have to ask your value to have most value and comfort out of the massage chair. If answer fails to boil down to price alone, you have lots of alternatives from them.

You can choose your desired one. Here you will get most popular types of massage chairs in the industry. Every of the chair comes with individual sets of merits and demerits.

1. Reclining

A person who generally visits a furniture store and a contemporary day mall may introduce with this term. It is an indolent boy recliner with upgraded massage features.

Most reclines are made of the best material such as leather. It normally blends with other furniture of the house. Therefore, if you desire to get a recliner, spend some more dollars for a reclining massage chair.

It would be a nice investment for your future. Also, this is a super step to add massage pad with a recliner. It takes more steps by blending the most of both worlds into one.

2. Zero Gravity

It looks very wonderful when astronauts like to go to the outer room. The usefulness of zero gravity chairs is to relieve bone and joint pain. It also makes free from pressure which is collected for a long time. This is a nice way to remove inflammation and stress in the back.

Usual zero gravity chair comes with a premium. When you are in the market to buy a zero gravity chair, you need to keep some extra money for this.

The price of the chair is very nice. If you deal with lots of body soreness, you may spend more dollars for the massage chair.

3. Full Body

Full body chair is a very wonderful massage chair. It is same as having a Mercedes with other features. There are some special features with the chairs which are incredible in their right.

You can keep this chair for the decoration of a theatre room. The price of this chair is very high. That is not a matter. With this price, you get the finest massage chair probably from your head to toes.

If you see the massage chair in the shopping mall, consider the features which you like most. But if it is surrounded by your budget, this is the nice option for your room.

4. Ottoman

Think your budget more and more than think about ottoman types which go a big way. This is a great choice for any type of home setup. It gives you a wonderful return on your investment when you use it in a room.

Ottoman chair gives more comfort than the real massage chairs. These chairs tend to get weaker mechanics.

Adding ottoman with a low-end massage chair is not a good idea. Consumers are not interested to buy the massage chair. Ottoman works as a precious entry for your room with a modern chair.

5. Heated

A massage chair with the heating system is a super touch though you don’t use it a lot. It may be a good way for your ‘futureproof’ chair. However, there are more pros related to it if someone makes a pair with usual massage utility.

Muscle relaxation therapy heals muscle very quickly to relax them. Add it to the main elements of a massage chair. Then see the significant result in your recreation.

Both high and low-end chair has the heating characteristics. Give more priority to it for searching a product.

6. Chair Add-Ons

From the lowest to the low end by massage chairs are the add-ons that are miss and hit up to the company you go with. Also, advanced technology is applied to make these add-on chairs pads.

So now it is better than before, though they pale in comparison to a high-end massage chair. The top rated massage chair adds on will be comfortable since the chair you use it on.

The pads are the less likely primary choice of access level massage buyers with the Ottoman type gaining a lot of recognition.

Massage Chairs Can Help Eliminate Health Problems

Massage normally improves or remove the health problems. Some main ailments that massage is applied to back pain.

People sometimes use painkiller to remove pain. A study in 2003 presented that massage is better than spinal modification or acupuncture, lessen the knee for painkillers by thirty-six percent.

Sometimes headaches respond to the massage therapy. For some people, massage aid to reduce the number of migraines suffered or develop sleeping.

The massage chair is great for improving the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Indeed, the Swedish Massage chair is proved that it is the best option for knee osteoarthritis.

The first clinical test of Swedish Massage Chair indicated that those who used massage chair one or two times a week get relief from stiffness, pain, and function.

Massage Decreases Lactic Acid Build Up

Massage Decreases Lactic Acid Build Up

There is a general belief among the athletes and trainers is that massage chair increases the flow of blood, decreasing lactic acid build up.

Relaxation and repeated compression of the muscle filled and emptied blood vessels as well as increased the removal of a waste product such as lactic acid.

So regular massage may lessen muscle fatigue brought by physical exertion.

Massage Chairs Help Cancer Patients

People with cancer are now benefiting from massage as a supplement to medicine.

It reduces the symptoms of cancer and enhances relaxation, and side effects of treatment like fatigue, nausea, and depression with swelling and pain.

A massage may be helpful for developing an immune system, makes it a great complement to some treatments for people with suffering from cancer.

Massage chair reduces the physical pain from the body, and aids to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

This comes true by a review of 12 studies. The study also indicates that the massage lowered levels of cortisol up to fifty percent and increasing the levels of neurotransmitters which aid reducing depression.

The Effects Of Massage On Heart Rate And Stress: A Scientific Approach

Now in our society, high level or heart rate and stress are not very uncommon.

People think the stress from all walks of life if you remain at home mom to try run a family or CEO of big corporation struggling to make a deadline.

Take time to make your nerves calm as it is very significant than peoples’ understanding. From the view of the article Massage and Stress:

Understand the Research, written by Martha Brown Menard PhH, Cynthia Pilch, Ph.D., CMT that there is a link between stress and muscle tension but a wide range of other situations and illness are considered to stem or be exacerbated by stress.

The pressure may cause tissue repair like wound healing, make slow down, can raise high blood pressure.

Blood Pressure And Massage Therapy

Massage therapy reduces heart rate when the therapist applies the accurate amount of pressure. Also, it proves to reduce, and aid regulates and blood pressure.

Blood pressure is the source of blood pressure against blood vessels walls. The heart pumps blood to the arteries that distribute the blood all through the body.

Blood Pressure And Massage Therapy

Another name for high blood pressure is hypertension. It is very dangerous as it makes the heart work very difficult to pump blood in the body.

It aids in hardening of arteries and leads to the heart failure. A recent study indicates that hypertensive adults who take regular bi-weekly massage session may face less depression and showed a decrease in stress hormone levels and hostility.

A study is done by Touch Research Institue, the University of Miami School of Medicine and Nova in Florida entitled, High Blood Pressure and add symptoms are reduced by the massage therapy, was done in 1999.

It included 30 adults with controlled hypertension which is fixed at random may be the part of massage therapy group or a progressive relaxation group.

Massage group received twice weekly for thirty-minute massage session in the evening and afternoon for five weeks. The users receive many therapists rely on a rotation system.

The subject remains on the back facing upwards while the therapist may massage the neck, head, torso, legs, and arms.

This may be combined with squeezing, pressing, pulling and stroking motions.

The issue would remain to the stomach with the head facing downward as the therapist would massage the person’s thighs and calves and will massage the back.

The aim of the progressive muscle relaxation group got instruction on the way to complete self-administered exercise which they may do for thirty minutes twice a week for five weeks.

To confirm, their schedule is compatible with the massage groups; researchers tell that participants may conduct the session only early evening or afternoon on the assigned days.

The objective is instructed to breathe well for few minutes at the time of lying on their back with the hands beside the body.

High blood pressure

They were relaxed or tighten various muscles, going ahead from the feet to the head.

The experiment shows the results that both of them have lower anxiety levels (STAI) and has low depression (CES-D).

Only the massage therapy ground presents decreases to sit diastolic and systolic blood pressure, decrease urinary cortisol and salivary stress hormone levels, has a lower possibility of depression hostility and anxiety.

The experiment came quite successful. However, researchers suggest that more studies would go in future for a long time and the result of massage may be examined with high-stress levels.

Examination for the longer time may ensure accuracy if the result is shorter-term effects, the effect may remain to continue with every groups’ treatment.

Remove Stress

Stress has both physiological and mental effect on health as well. It may create a poor appetite, sleeplessness or high blood pressure. Removing stress lessen the level of cortisol inside the bloodstream that aid to resist blood pressure.

Develop Circulation

Well, improved circulation leads healing. Blood brings nutrients or oxygen to the organs and cells and eliminates toxins. Tense muscles, constructed, may constrict the flow of blood. For relaxing muscles, blood flows to organs and the tissues. The Mayo Clinic reports state that massage can develop the immune system.

Excite The Secretion Of Endorphins

The function of endorphins is neurotransmitter which aids to lessen the thinking of the pain and does not increase the effect of stress. In other words, endorphins make a feeling of good feeling and increase immune response. Several studies have shown that massage triggers secretion of the endorphins.

How Often Should You Use A Massage Chair?

For the first time, most of the guys like to spend all the day relaxing on this type of chair, having a wonderful, amazing massage. But they would not be safe or practical in reality. For using longer time of massage, there is no special benefit. The benefits of massage chair are best gotten in shorter increases for some reasons.

The recommended time for a massage chair to spend is 15 minutes. It is tempting to move for more periods of time, especially you are experiencing great pain. The proverb goes if something is good, it will be better, do not use it here.

More time spending for massage may cause bruising of the muscles particularly you have started. It may cause inflammation and damage to the body tissues. Too much everything is very bad no doubt.

Most models come with an automatic timer with them to ensure that you have not chance to go over this time limit. Though some come with preprogrammed messages, they will turn off after a scheduled period. If not, a normal alarm or timer may do. It is very important to alarm or timer as reclining in a massage chair is very relaxing that people may fall into sleep.

When you have done it for 15 minutes, it is advisable to get up and then move around. Then take a walk and then accomplish some mild physical activities. This movement will help to remove toxins released while doing the massage. So, it is better to drink more water after completing massage to more facilitate poison removal.

A massage chair is beneficial if you use it 3 to 4 times in a week to get maximum benefit from shoulder pain, neck or back pain. While you use the chair for relaxation or stress relief, 1 to 3 times per week is enough. If you understand your stress level is rising to the point, this may affect your behavior.

Massage Chair Vs. Real Massage

After considering the advantages as well as disadvantages of the massage chair with the human massage, you should better to move your situation. You must consider what you are going to get the regular massage. You may show logic that the massage chairs are very expensive. It may be cheaper if you use it regularly as a physical and mental therapy device.

There is no way to deny the importance of the massage chair in the family. All members enjoy the chair very much that is not possible both logistically and financially for confirming a visit to the massage parlor. Do not try to buy the chair by the force decision of someone, financing factors are found for them, like some other expensive athletic instrument.

Are Massage Chairs Bad For You?

Many people have subscribed that the massage chairs have the great impact on health. However, the reality is completely different.

Many doctors and scientists have told that a personal massage chair gives lots of health benefits. Indeed, it provides many benefits from the emotional to the cardiovascular.

Many studies have undergone for a long time. And they have shown that these chairs give lots of health benefits.

Are Massage Chairs Good For You While Pregnant?

Massage is a good alternative to relax tense muscles which pregnancy may occur. At first, check your ob-gyn prior to use a massage chair. When she understands there is high risk, she would suggest you avoid massage chair.

Moreover, she could tell so if you have some other medical issues regarding pregnancy. Once the situation is favorable, the vibrating chair will help to remove back pain as well as cramps by flowing blood to the upper body. You will be happy to know that the good vibrations would not be felt by the baby. Instead, the sensation of the chair produces less movement for the body and are not much stronger than going out for a casual walk.

Remember your doctor advises you to remain out of massage for the first trimester as this is the vulnerable point of pregnancy when there is a high risk of miscarriage. Be remaining with the massage chair from 15 to 20 minutes at a stretch.

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