How To Choose The Best Types Of Living Room Chairs


The owner of the house normally likes to make it more beautiful. The reason is that home is the only place to spend time all through life. You must make a good atmosphere for your home. Sometimes people visit your house. You want to make it enjoyable for them. In such situation, it is your duty to make the home great for your use.

One of the very important factors of the house is the improvement of your living room. The reason is that you have to spend more time there. Besides this is the place to enjoy an intimate atmosphere with all the members. Most of the time we like to spend in our living room, and we do some joyful activities inside the room.

An important but essential feature of the living room is chair. Choosing a great chair for the living room is sometimes very difficult as you are getting lots of products from different shops with various prices.

The chair must be comfortable as well as suitable for both your family and for yourself. If you have a poor chair in your room and it is not very attractive, you have to replace it as quick as possible.

There are lots of models in the market. It is very essential to know what types of living room chairs are the best fitting for you. Besides, you have to know the best brand for yourself. Here is the list of some of the best chairs for your relaxing time which will be the best reference.

Types Of Living Room Chairs

How To Choose The Best Types Of Living Room Chairs

1. Chair And A Half

A chair and a half is an essential part of the furniture. It is somewhat larger and smaller than a loveseat. The width of the chair and the half is also a good type of furniture for lounging.

The style of the chairs has upgraded, and you may get any one in any style. It has a tight seat, a tight back and loose cushions for the seat and the back. It has a tight back along with a loose seat.

The chair is very versatile and may get many settings like a bedroom or a small dwelling room.

2. Wing Chair

Though the wing chair is a conventional type of chair, it has been reinterpreted and offered a contemporary flavor by lots of modern designers.

Wing Chair

Wing back chairs are uncommon in the sense that it has side panels or wings to the back. It works as a shielding from the drafts in a room or more heat from the fireplace. If you need to save the drafts, the wings give a very comfortable surface to keep the head from taking naps.

Candice Olson makes wing chair for Norwalk Furniture, and the chair is very appealing chair, saves for reading or lounging.

3. Chaise Longue

A chaise is a big long chair on which you may stretch your legs except using an ottoman. The back of it is usually at a semi-reclining angle, and you use the chair for relaxing.

Chaise longue becomes chaise lounge in English usage. It is called so when we allude to a narrow, long lounging chair. Since the chair is all for relaxation, you will get the shape in outdoor furniture.

The Sine Chaise by Thayer Coggin shows elegantly fluid lines which invite you to lounge or well.

4. Club Chair

A club chair is an upholstered and cushy chair having arms. It has low back and arms as well as frequently upholstered in leather.

Club Chair

The word takes from 19 to century England Gentlemen’s Clubs which possess this type of chair to have relaxed.

Like most other chairs of the modern time, it has been updated too. As the leather is normally covering of choice, now club chairs appear with fabrics also.

5. Occasional Chair

An occasional chair is a kind of chair which is normally used on various occasions. The chair is an extra chair. It becomes very useful when the house is full with guests.

Occasional chairs end up being an old piece in a room. It is used only for decorative value more than the other things. Paula Deen’s The Cameo Back Wood Chair is a type of chair having eye-catching fabrics as well as good wood finishing.

6. Slipper Chair

Upholstered, the armless chair has a petite silhouette along with a seat which is very closer to the earth than we are habituated. As space is a scarce resource round your house, then a spider is a very good option.

Slipper Chair

An additional seat on a coffee table especially in a little apartment or prettying up the boudoir.

The low seat height makes the tall people awkward. It was common for Victorian era and 18 the century ladies for an easy chair to get out and in a while slipping on shoes which landed the ascent chairs its identity.

7. The Wingback Chair

We like to offer thank to an easy to spot accent chair for having signature winged sides as well as the tall back. The good size of the wingback makes it a great counterpart to a big sofa as it gives more room a sense of balance in scale.

Wingback Chair

The aim of the chair is to save the people from heat and roaring fire, winter, etc. There is something undeniably throne such as stately shaped wingback chairs.

The dining chair gives meals added gravitas. Remain in the designated spot. Most of the wingback chairs are very difficult to move for the heft and size of them. It is very useful when there is a stream of guests in the house.

8. The Bergère

The majestic lines of burgers are simple to spot thanks to its opened wooden structure around an upholstered back and seat. The comfortable seat cushion is that preserves it from feeling overly formal.

The Bergère

Keep the chair opposite to the tucked or sofa to the corner of the bedroom with adjusting ottoman.

Add an air of stylishness to particularly contemporary rooms. The power to fit any place speaks to the timelessness of the infection chairs.

Berger has got much popularity among French nobility in 17 the century. They are also the part of stateside palace life, a significant number also used in White House.

How To Choose The Best Types Of Living Room Chairs

1. Get The Right Size

A. Determine the size of your living room

You have to consider the space before figuring out the best types of living room chairs. Also, keep in mind to measure the size of the room especially the spot where you like to place the chair. You have to choose the fit of the spot along with walking room around the chairs.

You need to be sure that the chair would not feel very small near to your sofa.

There is a sofa in your room, measure the height of the seat from the ground. Then measure the arms and seat’s width of them. Now buy chairs that are close measurements to be sure of the right proportions of the chair.

B. Accent chairs fit small spaces

There is occasional chair also. Accent chairs are smaller compared with fully upholstered living room chairs. This chair has visible frame either an upholstered seat back or an upholstered seat.

They give you chance to add it to your small area of the room. You can decorate your living room with a pair of accent chairs or with a loveseat.

Some can be pulled into the dining room to ensure more seats there. Use an accent chair to increase the beauty of your living room when no one desires to sit there.

2. Find Your Style

A. Coordinate with a sofa and sofa chair set

For some people ‘sofa chair’ refers the sofa itself whereas some people refer it as a chair meant to max with the sofa. Same materials are being used to make a sofa chair like the sofa.

There remains only one seat cushion in lieu of two or more. If you desire to buy a sofa and a set, you need to match these two pieces perfectly.

There are other chances. You can buy them separately to coordinate with some other furniture pieces.

B. Complement your sofa

You may desire to get a chair which has a sofa with it. But you don’t get the exact matching. Coordinating the style and color between the chair and the sofa may make the room beautiful.

Attaching furniture pieces are affected by same time period may aid pull your dwelling room together?

C. Think about the ambiance of the room.

If you live in a more formal room that is used for special occasions, you can use upright back chairs. The upholstered wingback chair is another alternative for you. The specialty of this chair is armrests, winged sides, tall backs.

All these chairs are made to save from drafts but lend an old world and dramatic look of your dwelling room.

If you live in a huge gathering place, you can use pieces that are meant for lounging like chaise lounge and recliners chairs.

3. Choose A Material

A. Leather chairs

There are many varieties of leather chairs which come in different styles. You will find the living room a gorgeous feel as they have clean lines and smooth finish.

All match well with the modern furniture of your room. One most popular choice is the club chairs. This chair comes with armrests and conventional designs.

The low backs of the chairs are almost parallel with the armrests. The taller armchairs reclined from plusher and softer leather for giving wonderful seating all sides of the TV. Leather chairs wear and scuff usually that enhances beauty.

B. Fabric chairs

Since you have a desire to get colorful or casual, you may choose the materials. You will get fabric chairs which are found in many hues and patterns. They may provide a lively splatter of color in the room.

C. Microfiber chair

Do you possess pets or children? You may desire furniture made of easy to clean materials such as microfiber chairs. You have options to choose various styles and color patterns.


This guide provides many useful tips and information to help everyone choose the best types of living room chairs. Hope you enjoyed this article. If so, please share it on social media.