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What type of furniture is fit for your family? You need to know it well. The Adirondack is such type of chair for what you are going to get. The wide wood slats, arched back size, and the deep sloping seat are comfortable to sit on.

The flat arms can hold a cool drink easily. All these things will help you to enjoy the summer’s days happily. You need not be a Vanderbilt, a Huntington or wealthy person to have such type of chair.

You should not live a century ago to pass days in the New York’s Adirondack Mountains. The chair is fit for everyone. Anyone can buy this chair with the desired budget. The chair is affordable for all persons.

The buying guide is very helpful for you to buy the best chair. A good type of chair would be comfortable, durable and indulgent.

This is the chair which you like to buy. There are lots of chairs on the market. They are of various sizes and types and shapes. No matter which chair are you going to buy.

But you like to buy the best shapes and sizes. Buy the exact type of chair to decorate your home or office.

You have bought the Adirondack chair. The atmosphere you get here is more hospitable than before.

Adirondack Chairs: What Type Of Wood Is The Best?

Adirondack Chairs

You need to give more importance to choosing the outdoor furniture. You will get the merits and demerits of using different types of woods that are used to make the Adirondack chair. Read this article and try to choose the best type wood for your dear Adirondack chairs.

1. Teak

Teak is hardwood and is famous for more than 70 years if the elements are left out. Indeed, it is one of the most popular wood options for Adirondack chairs. Inside the teak, there is special oil for which the elements last for longer time.

Teak would not split or crack thought the climate is rough. It also can resist insect. To keep it wonder looking used a teak sealant once in a year.


Teak Adirondack chairs are the best chair as it is more durable and has maintenance-free beauty. It has only one drawback that is the price of the chair.

The reason is that the Teak is available only some parts of the world. So it has a high demand all over the world. The price of this type of chair is more than the other brands in the market.

You like the wonderful color of the chair, but you do not like to take care of it, choose it. Moreover, you like to keep the chair outside for a longer time; this is fit for you.

Teak is a good choice for the people who are much worried about the extended contact with the earth. Teak would not rot though it has direct contact with the soil.

2. Pine

The price of the pine chair is affordable. You can have the best type of pine Adirondack chair by spending only 150 dollars. Some people like to get bright and unfinished pine that fades over time to a silvery gray.


The reason is that pine is soft. The wood is liable to be dinged or scratched by using. Pine becomes infested with insects and easily rot if keeps outside for a long time. To avoid this, users must restrain, refinish and resell the chair every 1 or 2 years.

Choose a pine Adirondack chair if:

  • You would like to use the best type of chair for doing your daily activities.
  • You must have to go for reasonable Adirondack chair.

3. Cedar

Cedar is the best one between pine and teak. The wood is very fine. The cedar is rot and insect resistant. A type of special oil is found in heartwood that resists or prevent the tree from insects.

Cedar Adirondack chair is a most favorite chair of the people who live in wet climates. The tree adjusts to the surrounding moistures conditions.


Moreover, the wood is fit for the drizzly places such as Pacific Northwest. You may keep cedar outdoor for being faded to gray if you like to keep the original red glow cedar timber.

Moreover, you can use a stain containing sealant or mildewcide. The price is same of the cedar Adirondack in comparison with the pine counterparts.

Choose a cedar Adirondack chair if:

  • You have enough time to take care of chair
  • Regular maintenance is not a problem for you
  • You can buy the red tone of cedar

4. Oak

Oak is the best hardwood on the planet to make different furniture. It is durable, heavy and beautiful. But oak is less resistant to rain destruction than cedar. Therefore, you have to refinish or reset every year to make it appear newer.


You need to clean the chair right away as you spill something on the oak Adirondack chair. Do not keep for a long time as it may cause a permanent stain.

The direct exposure of sun may darken or streak the oak timber. Therefore, keep the chair in a shady spot or use sun resistant stain. The price of oak Adirondack furniture is similar to the price of cedar and pine.

Choose an oak Adirondack chair if You like heavy feel, solid oak. You would like to use small elbow grease to get a wonderful finish.

5. Plywood

Plywood is not true wood. Many sitters have no idea whether they are sitting on the real thing or the plywood. However, it is still a good wood option for Adirondack chairs.

It is a friendly material comes from recycled plastic. HDPE plastic. It looks like laundry detergent or milk jugs are sanitized or used pressure to tough board stock.


There are lots of benefits of using plywood. It cuts carbon dioxide levels and decreases forestation.

The wood is maintenance free and has a fraction of the value of the teak. Plywood never rots, spilled or infested with insects. Stain cannot live on plywood.

The color of plywood chair would not be faded with the sunlight. The cost of the chair is a bit higher. You have to pay more than hundred dollars to get plywood chair over pine, oak and cedar chair.

Choose a Polywood Adirondack chair if you have no time to maintain the furniture or if you like to keep it outside for a long time. The cause is that it would not be affected by the outside weather or sunlight.

6. Ipe Lumber Profile

Ipe (ee-pay) Brazilian Walnut or Ironwood is well known to each Latin American without the people of Chile. The trees have twenty different species and grow on river banks, ridge tops, and marsh forests.

The height of the tree is from 100-150 feet; the trunk diameter is 2-6 feet. Ipe has got popularity as it is durable, fit for any wet condition and has no insect infestation.

Ipe Lumber Profile

The wood is greatly used in Atlantic City Boardwalk. The force of Hurricane Sandy is a must to destroy the wood.

Ipe has got the name Ironwood as it got A1 fire rating that is the same rating of concrete and steel. It has 25 plus rating to resist decay, rot, and termites. Ipe is very dense, hard and heavy.

It is two or three times harder than White Oak and eight times harder than Redwood and Cedar. The wood is very heavy, so it does not float on water. Ipe resists the movement of wood like shrinking, warping, checking and splintering and mold.

The medium dark brown wood needs no treatment as it may turn to a silver-gray color if you use a gray color.

It looks beautiful if you use a coat of Messmer’s UV Plus finish. You can say that the wood is the best to make Clark Original Adirondack chairs.

7. Mahogany Lumber Profile

Mahogany is a type of evergreen tree of tropical Africa and America and West Indies. The top height of the tree is 135 feet, and the trunk is six to eight feet.

This is the view of the US forestry wood handbook that the wood comes from the American West Indies. In the early 1600s, the wood is famous to the people of Europe to make ship or furniture.

Mahogany Lumber Profile

The reputation depends on the wood named Mahogany. Sometimes American mahogany is considered the true Mahogany.

A similar type of mahogany is used in Africa for a long time in the 1600s for the same purpose as the wood has the same type of appearance and overall properties.

We like to use African Mahogany, Khaya forensics that is greatly distributed as well as many available species of African Mahogany.

Below you will get few characteristics of African Mahogany. The texture is medium, and the gain is interlocked. The heartwood differentiates from pale pink to dark reddish brown.

The heavy exposure to sun may turn the wood to deeper rich looking. The wood is also photosensitive.

The main characteristic of the wood is that it does not shrink or warp easily. It has good screwing and nailing properties. Additionally, its finishing is very well.

High-Quality Wood Adirondack Chairs

1. Highwood Foldable Adirondack Chair

This year we have produced many wonderful Adirondack chairs which are Highwood Foldable Chair. They have two different sizes and 12 different colors. We have tested the King model in Weathered Acorn color.

These chairs are made in the USA, and they have 12 years guaranty. The color of the chair remains for a long time and may ensure power wash somewhat new look.

We started to test the chair two years ago, and original recycled plastic chairs endured all four seasons and might not fade. This type of chair has little-curved back that makes them most comfortable chairs we have ever tested.

2. Lifetime Adirondack Chair

The Adirondack chair is iconic, the most contented way to collapse on the patio by the pond or in the backyard. If you ask for an Adirondack chair, you need to assemble it, but the system is very easy. The seats are collected, the back is wholly assembled.

You have to supply Allen key to set up various screws which must be assembled. The instruction manual is handy as it comes to show you the way. By great superiority construction and ordinary finish, the Adirondack is comfortable to be seated and classic in style.

The quality is top graded, having pre-drilled holes and super stainless steel hardware. One suggestion is that one should not over constrict the screws at the time of setting up since this may direct to cracking the slight boards.

3. POLYWOOD Classic Folding Adirondack, White

The folding Adirondack chair made from Polywood, makes you believe that summer at last comes. For having a contoured seat, classic design, comfortable you like to spend the best time on the patio, on the lawn, by the pool on this comfortable chair.

The excellent construction of the chair is reclined lumber. The chair is made of solid elements, and the element would withstand for a longer time. The design of the chair is very wonderful for transport and storage.

You have the chance to choose the best quality and colors which ensure perfect illusion of painted wood. You have no problem to maintain the real wood. There would be no staining, waterproofing, and staining for these chairs. Besides you should not think more about rotting, peeling, splintering and cracking.

4. Plastic Lumber Adirondack Chairs

Plastic Lumber outdoor furniture is the most growing sector of the outdoor furniture industry in the world. There are name and fame of this furniture all over the world.

There are lots of features with this chair. It can withstand even low maintenance care, being environmentally friendly and in the extreme outdoor climates.

Manufacturers are using recycled plastic waster to make this furniture. Also, they are making attractive and colorful HDPE outdoor furniture.

HDPE or Plastic Lumber furniture started to produce in 90’s. It is now competing with famous wrong iron or aluminum furniture.

5. At The End Adirondack Chair Designs

The model of Adirondack chair is very good in stone. Indeed, it has some variations which you may get to add more support and comfort.

The entire Addriondack chairs have many good features the iconic silhouette which you may hope. The variations are oversized seats and curved comfort backs.

At The End Adirondack Chair Designs

You like to get easy portability; there are lots of Adirondack chairs that are much convenient.

People who like sunbathing or sitting around a fire pit, they should use a reclining chair that is suitable. Also, some Adirondack chairs come with a slide out ottoman feature to keep your feet up.

Do you have any idea that there is Adirondack rocking chair? The chair is made of yellow birch. The yellow birch gives you leather type texture and strength.

Wood is a common type of material to make an Adirondack rocking chair. However, the material is not easy to get in Mahogany, cedar, teak, and cypress.

Since the early twentieth century, yellow birch has been popular. Indeed, the chair is very popular still today for it has great durability, comfort, and tranquility.

You may also enjoy some other opportunities like gliders, porch swings, coordinating side tables and benches.

Children can choose the favorite size as well. Along with style, make sure to consider the relaxation and comfort the chair can bring.

Overall, you have the option to choose some other types of chairs for even more coziness and comfort for your life.

If you are a DIY person, don’t forget to check out these guides about: fixing wooden chair joints, chair back, chair seat, and painting wooden chairs.

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