How To Fold A Polywood Adirondack Chair?


Most of the Adirondack chairs sold today are made from polywood, a plastic imitation of real wood. They are strong, durable and weatherproof.

Many of these polywood chairs are also foldable, making storage and transport easier. Here’s a quick guide on how to fold (and unfold) a polywood adirondack chair.

Are All Polywood Adirondack Chairs Foldable?

Are All Polywood Adirondack Chairs Foldable

Many polywood Adirondack chairs are foldable, but not all of them.

It’s easy to check if an Adirondack chair is foldable or not. Look for a pivoting bar at the rear bottom of the chair where the back meets the seat.

This part allows the chair to fold and unfold.

A folding Adirondack chair will also have a removable locking nut or pin at the front of the chair where the seat is connected to the front legs.

You remove this pin before folding the chair and put it back in after unfolding the chair to lock it into place.

In some polywood chairs, the locking pin is attached to a chain so that it does not get lost when you remove it.

If an Adirondack chair lacks the pivoting bar at the rear and the removable pin at the front, then it’s not foldable.

How To Fold And Unfold A Polywood Adirondack Chair?

Foldable Adirondack chairs have a simple and easy to operate folding mechanism. You can fold and unfold the chair on your own.

Let’s start with the folding process. Note that your Adirondack chair may have a slightly different mechanism, so check the instructions that came with the chair.

But most folding polywood Adirondack chairs work the same way.

  • Confirm that you have a folding Adirondack chair. See the previous section on how to check if your Adirondack chair is foldable.
  • Start by removing the locking nut or pin at the front of the chair.
  • Get behind the chair and hold both the top and bottom of the back. Simultaneously push the top while pulling the bottom towards you.
  • The chair will collapse into a flat shape that’s easy to put away.

If you are having trouble folding the chair, you may need to loosen the screws that hold the pivoting bar into place.

Remember to store the pins you’ve removed safely. You’ll need them when unfolding the chair.

Unfolding a polywood Adirondack is simply following the above steps in reverse.

With the chair flat, hold the top and bottom of the back. Pull the top up and back towards you while pushing the bottom forwards. This will pull the chair upright.

Put the locking pins back into place and the chair is ready to use.

For additional help folding and unfolding your polywood Adirondack chair, here’s a great video.

How To Fold And Unfold A Wooden Adirondack Chair?

Adirondack chairs made from real wood typically have the same folding/unfolding mechanism as polywood chairs.

A pivoting bar at the rear acts as the fulcrum point around which the chair folds and unfolds. So if you see a wooden Adirondack chair with pivoting bars on both rear sides of the chair, you know it’s foldable.

There’ll also be a removable locking pin at the front.

To fold the chair, remove the locking pin and collapse the chair flat.

How To Properly Store A Polywood Adirondack Chair?

Polywood Adirondack chairs are highly weather resistant, and can even be left outside during winter. They are not affected by elements and extreme temperatures as much as wooden chairs.

That said, storing Adirondack chairs inside during winter will certainly extend their lifespan. It’ll also prevent discoloration, mold and other problems.

If you have a wooden Adirondack chair, it’s even more important that you bring it inside during winter. While the chair may have a weatherproof finish, prolonged exposure to elements will reduce its lifespan and affect how it looks.

You have several storage options for your Adirondack chairs. Here are the best.

  • You can leave the chairs outside under the patio or porch. This is much better than leaving them completely outdoors. Fold the chairs and lean them against the wall or place them on the floor.
  • If you don’t have any storage space, you can leave the chairs outside (folded or unfolded) but cover them with a tarp or any waterproof cover. You can order Adirondack chair covers online like this heavy duty set of two.
  • The best place to store polywood or wooden Adirondack chairs is inside. This can be in the garage, a storage shed, a waterproof storage box, or somewhere in the house. Foldable Adirondack chairs take up minimal space so you can store them under the bed or leaning against the wall.

When you store Adirondack chairs inside, remember to keep them away from areas with moisture and extreme heat or cold.

Note: Any accessories on the Adirondack chair like seat cushions or a backrest pillow may not be as weather resistant as the chair itself. Make sure you store these safely inside.

Can You Stack Plastic Adirondack Chairs?

Most Adirondack chairs, whether plastic or wooden, are not stackable. If you want stackable Adirondack chairs, look for those that are designed to be stacked like this kids Adirondack chair.

Stackable Adirondack chairs are, however, not that common and you may have trouble finding a good one for your home.

But most plastic or polywood Adirondack chairs are foldable, which is another great way to save space when storing or transporting these chairs.