Office Chair Vs Stability Ball


The normal office chair is infamous for having a negative impact your posture, principally if you sit on it improperly.

Slouching on a chair may lead to a decrease in your core strength. The solution? It can be replacing the office chair with a solidity ball.

The Idea Behind Using An Exercise Ball Instead Of An Office Chair

Idea Behind Using An Exercise Ball Instead Of An Office Chair

There are many benefits of sitting on a ball instead of sitting on a traditional chair as it increases the trunk muscle activation, improves posture, increases core strength and decreases discomfort.

The other benefits of using ball chair are that it increases calories burned. If the core is engaged, the person who uses it burns more calories than sitting on a traditional chair.

So, these are the real benefits of using the ball chair. Do you think it smart to use an exercise ball?

Let’s take a look at the scientific evidence.

All the research of balls cause problem instead of solving the problem. Most of the researchers said sticking to a conventional office chair.

One research found that long time sitting in a position is not a good manner instead it increases the level of discomfort.

Other examination found that there is no difference for muscle activation profiles of every of the 14 muscle between taking place on the ball and the stool.

Compression value and calculated stability show, sitting on a ball do not make any difference to response values. The area of the user’s seat interface was great on an exercise ball.

This is the view of the Centre of Research Expertise for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders that sitting on a stability ball increases the possibility of low back discomfort and increases the possibility of an injury for unstable nature of ball.

Reasons To Do An Exercise Ball As Your Chair

Reasons To Do An Exercise Ball As Your Chair

  1. Forces accurate spine alignment. The reason is the ball is not stable, so there needs an accurate balance of your body on it. The exact spinal posture is coincidently the simplest to maintain balance. Therefore, the body attempts to align with the proper posture. It decreases back pain and develops the spinal health.
  2. Change your position now and then. An exercise ball aid to alter your place to keep balance. If you move 45 degrees from your phone, you will get a new position. It may recover the damage for sitting in the same position for a long time.
  3. Fitness is up to your fingertips. The other great thing about using this alternative chair is that you may mini workout or stretch if you like except getting up. If you stuck one or two minutes, you may use the productive use of this time with a rapid stretch or workout. It is more useful so you can do it more, the result is the better health.
  4. Upgrade your balance. It must be understood. Sitting on an unhinged position for all day may improve reaction of your muscles or sense of balance. What is the result? A good type of balance that is seen in the office.
  5. If you like to use a 6 pack. You body applies your core muscles to aid compensate for changes in balance. So you are getting a low key abdominal workout. It may not seem sound a lot but think about the time you spend on the computer or in your office or your home.
  6. Develop your circulation. If you use a ball that will flow blood all parts of your body as the day. After prolonged use of a desk chair may reduce circulation for some parts of your body.
  7. You may feel heavy energetic. It is proved that keeping one position for a longer period may feel you tired. If you move around, you may feel more energetic though you finish your work.
  8. Burn 350 calories every day. If you more move, more calories will burn. When you burn 350 calories per day, it may help to lose one pound of weight every ten days. Whenever you, do not burn that amount it will aid to stay fit.

Proper Sitting Techniques

On a place for a long time may lead bad posture or damage spinal structure or may cause neck pain or recurring back.

Proper Sitting Techniques

The UCLA Comprehensive Spine Center explicates that if you keep your hand on the desk, your upper arms must be parallel to the spine.

When you see the computer, your gaze must be to the middle of the screen.

Your thigh must be parallel to the floor and legs must be firmly planted on the ground. Remember you can easily slouch on a stability ball when you are on the chair.

Additional Thoughts

You are a new user of a stability ball, you may start it with small increments because your muscles and body may not be habituated to remain sitting in this manner for the longest time.

You may feel tired. As muscles ensure strength and know about seating position, it may seem easier and then you may be able to use the ball for a longer time.

Maybe, your work environment or employer may not permit you to use the stability ball in the office or workplace. It is better to take permission prior to bring it to the office.

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