How To Clean Vinyl Chairs? A Guide On Best Ways To Clean


Vinyl chairs call for regular cleaning. Regular clean up does not only maintain their longevity but is also essential in maintaining the cool appearance of these chairs. Whether you have indoor chairs covered with flexible vinyl or outdoor ones made from rigid vinyl, the procedure for cleaning them is the same. Their nonporous PVC material is quite vulnerable to strong solvents, therefore, it’s advisable to only use gentle cleaning supplies and procedures.

For regular cleaning, using mild soap and warm water to rub down your vinyl chairs will go a long way in ensuring their ‘life’ gives you value for your money. When it comes to stubborn stains, cleaners such as bleach and hydrogen peroxide will come in handy. Truth be told, you expected more that from this read, right? Worry not, we got you. To assist you have sparkling clean vinyl chairs, below is a guide on the best ways to clean them. Thank us later.

How To Clean Vinyl Chairs: Simple Way

How To Clean Vinyl Chairs

Step 1 – Routine Cleaning

a) Mix warm water with soap: Harsh chemical cleaners are not necessary for routine cleaning, as such, use a mild soap to clean the vinyl chairs. The exact amount of soap and warm water you need depends on how much vinyl you intend to clean. Needless to say, smaller pieces of vinyl chairs will require less soap and vice versa.

b) Use a soft bristle brush to scrub down your vinyl chairs: Scrub on all sides for optimal results. A plastic bristle brush will perfectly do the job. Considering that vinyl chairs are fairly strong, an appropriate amount of pressure will come in handy in removing that eyesore dirt.

c) Rinse your vinyl chairs with clean water: Now, this will depend on the type of your chairs. If they’re indoor vinyl chairs, simply dip a towel or a clean rag in water and do the necessary. For outdoor ones, use a hose to rinse any soap residue. Just be keen to wipe down the chairs until all water runs clear.

d) Dry your vinyl chairs: Caution! Vinyl chairs shouldn’t be left to air dry, which can quickly damage them. Instead, slowly pat them dry with a clean towel. Be keen to remove all moisture from your furniture. Hopefully, that’s not a very daunting task, right!

Step 2 – Removing The Stains

Well, as you might be guessing, this one calls for a higher notch measure. However, fret not. Simply:

a) Use bleach and water on mild stains. Proceed on this by mixing approximately six percent bleach in water. The bleach also helps destroy germs while lightening the fabric of your chairs, however, never use concentrated bleach onto vinyl chairs. Also, you need to be cautious while handling bleach, always wear gloves to avoid any potential injury on your skin.

Ultimately, use the mixture to dab onto the affected spots and then rinse the chair completely with sufficient water. Dry them as directed above. The bleach helps to destroy germs and lightens fabric to conceal the remaining stain. Avoid sitting on the affected area for at least one day, and re-check it to ensure the stain is completely removed.

b) Treat any mildew with hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. In case your vinyl chairs have accumulated mildews, we still got you sorted. Simply get a tablespoon of ammonium and hydrogen peroxide and mix them with three cups of water. Use the resultant mixture to scrub your chairs until the mildew lifts. Once you get satisfied with the work, rinse the vinyl chairs and dap them dry using a clean towel. Important to note, ammonium and bleach must never be used on the same product as they’re highly reactive and can create a toxic gas.

Check out this clip to learn more about how to clean vinyl office furniture:

How To Clean Vinyl Chairs With Baking Soda?

You Will Need

  • A cloth
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Water
  • Dish liquid
  • Murphy Oil Soap

Steps To Clean The Vinyl

Intersperse baking soda on a moist cleaning cloth or a sponge assign to clean only. Rinse the cloth on the furniture’s surface and add additional baking water or baking soda as required. Rinse with the moist cloth when finish washing.

Mix a half cup of white vinegar with a half cup of warm water. After that, shake it with 2 teaspoons of Murphy Oil Soap.

Apply the solution to wipe the surface of the damp cleaning clothes or sponge designated for cleaning. At last wipe the surface with the damp cloth.

If you see there is still stains on the furniture, mix baking soda with water to prepare a paste at a 3:1 ration. After that, mix few drops of dish liquid.

Keep the paste on a damp cleaning cloth and rub the stain with a solution. When there is no stain, wipe the whole area with the damp cloth to douse.

Additional Tips And Advice

You may get toxic chemicals in vinyl furniture. Some of them may be absorbed through the skin.

Wrap the furniture with a chair cover; blanket or table cloth may not aid to lessen the amount of bodily exposure to the chemicals. It prevents stains and lessens the amount of cleaning you desire to get.


Getting into crevices and cracks in vinyl chair proves difficult. You can remove it by using cleaning erasers or soft bristled toothbrush. Do not use the sharp or rough item as it can leave damage or tear the vinyl. If you desire to clean the vinyl chair, place it in outside or bathtub.

Since the chair is featured with removable cushions, take them off prior to clean it. It will help you more to clean the vinyl chair more, smoothly.

Besides, it gives you the chance to clean under and back of the cushions where stains and grime sometimes lurk. Know it well if the vinyl cushions are machine washable or not.


Keep your vinyl furniture with a damp rag or with cloth a daily or weekly basis to resist dirt build-up that makes sometimes cleaning such a chore.

Use mild dish detergent or warm water to clean it on a regular basis to keep the furniture good looking. Read the care and maintenance instruction which comes with the chair to get the best result.

How To Clean Vinyl Fabric?

There are lots of items in the world which are made of vinyl fabric. Car interior furnishings, furniture, clothing and boat seats are few of them.

Vinyl is mainly plastic and made from petroleum. It is becoming popular more and more for having long durability. It can resist soil, dirt, and water.

When you take proper care of vinyl fabric, it will last for years to years. If you don’t take proper care of it, it may deteriorate and wear with the passage of time.

The following procedures will help you to take proper care of your vinyl fabric especially the upholstery of your vehicle.

Step 1 – Vacuum

You may start to remove debris and dust by vacuuming system. You need to do it with vinyl fabric. You can use it on the seat cover of your boat and vehicles or for the interior furnishing of your home.

Step 2 – Clean Your Fabric

Mixing of water with mild dish detergent is the best cleaning agent for taking care of the vinyl product. Enter a piece of clean cloth or a sponge and soapy water, then wipe off the vinyl to remove surface stains, food and dirt.

Do it very carefully so that the grime and dirt can’t damage or accumulate the fabric.

Step 3 – Avoid Using Harsh Cleaners

You must not use harsh cleansers or solvent on your vinyl fabric especially one that is abrasive. There are some commercial products which are exceptional. Read the instruction closely and then use the product.

If you are not sure of the safety of the solution, use a small amount on the concealed area to test it. In such way, you can know about the chemical effect of the solution on fabric. It will decrease the possibilities of discoloring.

Step 4 – Remove Difficult Stains

If you like to remove marker stains or ballpoint ink marks on your upholstery or car seat, you can use inexpensive hairspray or rubbing alcohol.

To remove hard-to-remove blemish or blood stains, use a solution of 90% water and 10% bleach. It is wise to test the cleaner of your fabric prior to use it to the more visible places.

Step 5 – Store Your Boat That Has Vinyl Seats

Since the seat of your boat is made of vinyl fabric, you should not repeater exposure to moisture and water. This can damage the seat. Don’t keep your boat in a damp or warm place such as boathouse.

After cleaning boat seats, wipe out vinyl fabric completely to remove moisture. It may promote the growth of mildew and mold.

How To Clean Vinyl Chair Cushions?

You may take the cushion outside to clean it if you can. This is the easiest way to clean the vinyl chair cushions. If you fail to clean these things outside, you may take them in your bathtub.

As the cushions are affixed with the chair, you may save the floor under it from the mess by laying down garbage bags or plastic sheet.

Mix the same amount of warm water with chlorine bleach in a dish if the cushion can mildew or mold on them.

Use a scrub brush to rinse the cushions and bleach mixture as long as the mold is gone. After that, rinse it with soapy water and warm water.

Clean it and dry the cushions well. If you see there is no mildew or mold is found, go to the step 3.

Take a gallon of hot water in a bucket. Then add a cup of soft dishwasher detergent and blend it completely well.

Rinse every cushion with a scrub brush and with the cleaning mixture. Do it in a circular fashion at the time of scrubbing.

Rinse out the brush in a bucket of cleaning solution. Do this process as long as the whole cushion is cleaned.

Bathe the soap with water from the cushions or wash it under the shower or the spout in the bathtub.

Clean the cushion first and then add it to the chair. After that, fill another dish with fresh water and use a clean rag to wash it off. Dry it with a fresh rag.

How To Maintain Vinyl Chairs?

Guess what! It’s just that and you’re good to go. However, it would be a zero-sum game if you don’t embrace the habit of maintaining your vinyl chairs in that top-notch level. Now, after the clean-up, you also need to maintain your vinyl chairs by ensuring that you:

Cover them when not in use. In as much as this may sound old-school, covering your vinyl chairs with a clean sheet will undoubtedly save you your hard-earned dimes in the long run. This works by protecting them against dirt and harmful debris, thus ensuring they serve you for longer.

For outdoor vinyl chairs, covering them also ensures they don’t suffer damage from the effects of the scorching sun.

Wipe away any visible stains as soon as they occur. They say, ‘prevention is better than cure.’ Act swiftly by wiping up stains before they set.

This can be simply done by using a towel to wipe it instantly. Doing so saves you the hustle of using bleach and other chemicals thus saving them untold torture and ultimately preserving them over a longer period.

Purpose to clean your vinyl chairs regularly. ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness,’ practicing it on your vinyl chairs every month will go a long way into ensuring no build-up of stains.

Well, you can even mark your calendar a date when your vinyl chairs are due for a cleaning. Anyway, that’s how I do it to help me keep track of their cleaning. Sharing is caring.

Final Verdict

Vinyl appears on most chairs, ranging from office chairs to outdoor furniture. Regardless of your intended purpose of the vinyl chair, varied methods exist for removing dirt from these pieces of products.

In as much as we would wish to clean our vinyl chairs to achieve a shine that rivals the summer sun, it’s good to remember that scrubbing them extremely hard may compromise their integrity.

None of us wants to invite guests over to seat on filthy chairs. Therefore, do whatever it takes to keep your vinyl chairs clean. Our guide above will prove handy in ensuring your visitors always sit pretty on pristine vinyl chairs. Their regular clean-up will ensure they continue to perform with both function and fashion.