Step By Step Guide On How A Wooden Chair Is Made


A wooden chair is made from a single piece of wood. Though the component changes from one to another, the basic remains the same.

It is true whether a woodworker makes a single chair or thousands of chairs.

A chair is a piece of furniture raised surface naturally used to take a seat for a single person. It is supported by four legs and has a back.

There are some different chairs having only three legs. Normally chairs are made of various materials, ranges from wood to metal to synthetic material especially plastic.

They are of various colors and may be upholstered or padded and fabrics either may be one seat or the total chair.

Chairs are useful to use in rooms of homes, farmhouses, schools, various other workplaces, and offices.

A chair without arm or backrest is just like a stool or if raised on a bar stool. On the other hand, a chair having arms is called armchair and along with upholstery, reclining actions, a fold-out footrest, a recliner.

making a wooden chair

A fixed chair normally we see in airplane or train, bus or theater, airline seat. If riding, it is a bicycle saddle or saddle for an infant car seat or a car seat.

If there are wheels, it is called wheelchairs, and when it is hung from the top, it is called a swing.

Padded, an upholstered chair for more than one person is a sofa, couch, settee or love seat, or it is not a bench or upholstered.

A different footrest for a chair normally covered, is knowing as a hassock or pouf or an ottoman.

How Is A Wooden Chair Made?

How A Wooden Chair Is Made

1. Designing A Chair

Before thinking to make a chair, the designer must think about it in such a way that it must be comfortable to sit in.

The home woodworker makes a hand draw a design and makes prototype an of the scrap lumber to be sure that the chair is stable and safe.

Famous furniture makers hire engineers to make the design of the chair by computer-assisted drawing programs and then make and test the finished chair.

Every flaw is tweaked with the CAD program as long as the chair is thought to be safe and comfortable.

2. Plan And Prepare The Components

There are three things common in all chairs. A chair back, a way to raise from the floor and a seat. Thought the get up may different, all chairs include these three things or parts.

Chairs having no back may seem a stool. The other components are stabilizer bars, footrests, and armrests. If the individual parts are made well, the following thing is to build methods used.

3. Putting It All Together

It is up to the style of the chair, every component is manufactured well individually. The legs and the backs are added and the seat is formed.


The other additional parts like armrests are added with the chair. For some other chairs, these parts rare milled individually and adjust together for the standard chair.

Cushioned or upholstered chairs have hold springs or stuffing prior to the external covering to the seat is added.

4. After Assembly

If the finished chair is well assembled, the makers use a finish on the wood. The finish may be paints, stains, or simply oils to carry the get up of the wood.

Some chairs have polyurethane to save the wood from scratches or spills. Similarly, any fabric may be treated with chemicals to ensure same protection on the chair.

5. The Finished Product

Chairs appear in different sizes and colors. You will get from toddler chair to the oversized recliners, they all add the fundamental of chair building.

For strict manufacturing method, any wooden chair is safe and would remain for a long time. If you take proper care of a chair, it would be a treasured antique for your future generation.

Wooden Chairs

Wooden stools and chairs are made from any type of wood accessible. If you desire to get fine furniture, the hardwoods would be the best alternative.

However, most agreeable chairs are fabricated from littlest woods. Hardwood seats are very popular among the people.

It takes special bits of steel though expensive segments are used greatly to make hardwood seats. If you like to make a fabricated mission chair, you should better use hardwood.

1. Poplar

Poplar is greatly used to make chairs for having great adaptability. In fact, you may get popular in twisted wood chairs.

The segments of the chairs are same as bowed legs and backs which are stuck up from daintily cut lacquers. Also, these are framed and packed into bends.

An expert worker may make a design from these bowed parts. Later on abnormal plans are molded with bowed wood.

Since poplar has some flex in it, people like this chair very much. It is a matter of regret that the flex element may superimpose the seat timely if manhandled.

2. Mahogany

Mahogany is a very popular wood to make chairs. The semi-delicate compositions and warm hues make it easy to work with. It mixes well.

Sensibly steady and straight grain is designed which may usually overlay. It makes a mahogany chair verging on split verification.

People use mahogany wood more than other woods. So there are more mahogany seats.

3. Maple

Maple is other very popular wood to make this chair. It has a tight grain design which is disorganized same as oak.

It is also the hardest wood accessible which is once greatly used for making furniture.

Maple has a light-hued and warm gleam which make a very wonderful chair. Therefore, this wood is greatly used for carbide-tip saws, boring apparatus and honed.

At the time of making a seat from maple, you must show tolerance and consideration much.

4. Pine

The pipe is a very popular wood. Indeed, people are using various types of furniture with this wood for a long time.

There are different varieties of pineapples, namely White, Sugar, Ponderosa, and Yellow.

Every one of these wood is incredibly fine to make gorgeous furniture. However, pine is something by which it is difficult to work with.

Common Chair Materials

Chairs are made of metal, wood, other strong materials such as acrylic or stone. In general, suppose the seat and the back of the chair are made of plastic. On the other hand, the frame and legs come from metal.

People use hardwood to make the top of the chair to sit well. However, some seats are well covered with padding or upholstery.

The design drills with gaps for decoration and permeable materials. There is a gap or low back which gives well ventilation. You can expand the height of the occupant’s head. It optionally holds a headrest.

Chairs are made from creative materials likely recycled materials. These materials are wooden play, cutlery play bricks, plumbing tubes, corrugated cardboard, pencils, rope, and PVC pipe.

Chairs are made of unusual materials in rare cases particularly as a form of experiment or art.

Raimonds Cirulis who is a Latvian interior designer has designed a volcanic hanging chair. This chair is made of volcanic rock.

Another Dutch-born German designer, Peter Brenner made a chair from lollipop sugar – sixty pounds of confectioners’ sugar.

How To Build A Wooden Chair Yourself

This wooden dining chair will give you a smooth style. The measurement is possible to change by adjusting different sizes.

You can adjust easily the back style of your desire. All skills are simple and easy to acquire.

At first, you need to store or gather some materials. The necessary things are a sheet of 1.5″ plywood, 2x2s, 1x4s, a drill with a 1/4″ bit, 1/4″ dowels, 2.5″decking screws, wood glue, a jigsaw, screws and a circular saw etc.

You can borrow the saw from a major hardware store or from the local companies.

1. Slash The Sides

The measurements you need are:

  • Two 16.5″ pieces of 2×2
  • One 14″ piece of 1×4, then tear that lengthwise into 2 long pieces.
  • Two 14″ pieces of 1×4
  • Two 37″ pieces of 2×2

2. Assemble The Sides

  • Cut identically spaced 1/4″ holes into both ends of the 1×4 boards.
  • Bore1/4 inch holes halfway to the 37-inch posts, 15 1/3 inch from the nadir after that 14 1/6 inch from the depth.
  • Make 1/4 inch holes half-way to the 1.65 posts, 1 1/6 inch from the top and finally 2 1/3 inch from the top.
  • Use glue and then place in dowels to the holes. You may fit all pieces together to make 2 sides of the chair. The side parts may be flush with the zenith of the short posts.
  • Drill 1×4 4 inches up from the depth of both sides of the pieces and add it with the screw into the place.

3. Prepare For The Connections

  • Cut 3 pieces measuring: 14″ 1×4, 12″ and 1×4
  • From the plywood, cut 17×17 inch square piece for making the seat. After that, cut 1.5″x1.5″ notches from 2 of the corners of the board to ensure the place for back posts.
  • Make a 1/4 inch dowel holes to the edge of 1x4s on the long side.
    Line up these pieces with the seat pieces that have notches. Mark the place of the dowel holes from 1×4 inch onto the seat piece between 2 notches. Make 1/4 inch dowel holes there also.
  • Make 1/4 inch dowel holes into the center. Each of your three pieces is created from 1×4.
  • To add decking screws, make pilot holes 1 3/4 inch from the above of the short posts and 14 ¾ inches from the depth of all posts.

Make the back side of the chair. Glue and enter dowels to both ends of the three pieces to make from the 1×4.

Next, enter then to the 1×4 and to the seat back. Set glue well before moving ahead.

Enter the seat or back combination. Use glue and then place the seat in place with the 2 side piece under it.

The back part adjusts well to the notches. Enter the decking screws inside the plywood and down the middle of the front posts.

4. Lock Everything In Place

  • Use glue and slide the 2 final aprons. Screw them through the pilot holes that you make earlier.
  • Enter 2 more decking screws; move inside the seat and to the back apron. Place the screws between 3 vertical bars.
  • You may make a stronger connect along with corner brackets inside of the chair if you like so.

Prepare or sand the surface of the chair. Sand the whole surface of the chair to make it completely prepare for painting or staining.

You can spend this time to round out the edges if you have no desire to clean line look.

You can paint your chair with your desired paint. When you complete painting, keep it under the sun to dry completely. Now it is ready. You can enjoy your chair just now.

Different Styles Of Wooden Chairs

1. Mission Style Chairs

Mission style chairs are most distinctive chair back styles. It is so distinctive that most people can spot a Mission style chair. The back of the chair has straight edges vertical slats which have a very strong linear presence.

They make a chair which manages to link the gap between traditional and modern styling. This chair has 2 legs in the old camp and 2 legs in the new camp.

This is a very versatile wood chair style. It works well like an occasional chair in living room décor but can blend with lots of dining room table styles.

2. Windsor Chairs

Windsor chairs are named as Mission style chairs. Indeed, it has a recognizable curved back touching vertical spindles. They are thick in the middle and narrower at every end.

These chairs are an early English style of wooden chair. Most chairs have spindle legs whereas Mission style chairs have more angular styling slip in modern design.

Windsor chairs make the trip into present days. Indeed, these chairs are better for any country to décor style. Also, Windsor Chairs fit well in some casual dining rooms for having a graceful opening.

3. Ladderback Chairs

Ladderback chairs are conventional wood chairs. These are smoothly spaced horizontal wooden slats that are set up to the backside. So it takes the name ladderback.

These chairs became very popular since the Middle Ages. Still today there is a great appeal of this chair. People use it for the decoration of the room.

The design of these chairs is very nice, so people use it in their homes greatly. They look wonderful for the dining areas of the home.

Finally, they are a wonderful setting for formal dining spaces. The best idea is to decorate a contemporary room with a ladderback chair. It has sleeker materials and lines than those applied in the rougher epoch chairs.

4. Kitchen Chairs

They are known as kitchen chair which doesn’t imply that they remain in the kitchen. It decorates your dining room very nicely. Therefore, wooden kitchen chair is nothing but people call it school chair.

It is a very simple wooden chair with shorten backs compare with an average wood chair. The slats may be horizontal or vertical.

The back of the chair may be straight or little triangular. Thus, this chair is very popular for a particular country. So these aren’t very attractive chairs for a formal or ultra-modern space.

5. Modern Wood Chairs

One can’t summarize all the features of the modern wood chair like other styles described before. There are lots of features of the modern wood chair.

So it‘s very tough to describe the feature of this chair. However, the chair has 3 main things which are commonly described hereby:

  • All are made from bent or curved wood
  • They have a wonderful feel on a heavy emphasis upon wood grain
  • They have the flexible and streamlined appearance

If you set this chair with another décor of your room it looks well. It is an eye-catching addition to your dining room and living room.

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