How Often Should You Use A Massage Chair?


A massage is the best way to treat soreness and pain in the body naturally. Though the pain is connected to persistent injury, joint or tendon soreness, chronic muscle pain, getting a massage every day or regularly is the top treatment.

Thanks, the technology has overcome a long way. The merits of massage chair make this therapy normally accessible. You are not waiting for the massage centers and waiting in the line to get an appointment.

This kind of chair will give you the chance to enjoy the benefits of a professional massage chair in your home. If you use the massage chair daily, you will see the benefits of your energy, body and total contentment.

In the beginning, people like to spend the whole days sitting in the massage chair. They are getting the benefits of it. They are not practical or beneficial since there is a not mentionable benefit of massage chair for a long time.

The chair has got much popularity within a short period for some reasons, and they are now becoming even more popular than hot tubs. People who sit on it regularly saw the beauty of the massage chair that is really on demand massage, no drives to the spa or no schedule with the therapists.

If you get a massage chair, it will ensure you the freedom to schedule a therapeutic massage when you desire to get.

Chair Massage

Using a massage chair

A massage chair is a chair on which you can focus on your shoulder, back, neck and arms.

The time limit of sitting on this chair is only ten to fifteen minutes. Chair massage is possible to do over clothes. It requires no massage oil.

You will seat on a special chair for the massage with keeping your face resting on a cradle. You are just looking down on the ground with special supports for your arms.

Your neck and back will remain in a relaxed position while therapist relieves muscle tension.

It uses a Swedish massage that moves like compression, kneading, and tapotement. No oil essential here.

Chair massage gives high stress in places like trade shows and airports. This is a nice way to work out muscle prior it turns into a full-blown spasm.

Chair massage is very important for special events and corporate party. Some liberal employers carry therapists into giving this device for their employees.

Companies take the responsibilities to bring it into the office. They pay for it. Companies give time to their employees to pay for the chair massage.

Are Massage Chairs Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes. Some manufacturers of the massage chair suggest that pregnant women shouldn’t use this chair.

There is a concern that excited pressure point of the back may cause premature labor. So far, there is no such evidence that supports this claim.

Inside the womb, the baby is wrapped in many levels of muscle and fluid. These keep your baby well cushioned.

If you sit on this chair, it is not much different from taking the seat on a regular massage.

There is no proof that the electromagnetic fields of these chairs are dangerous for your body and infant.

Sometimes you can use a vibrating chair for the low back pain of your body.

But remember that the pain of the lower back may on a slight symptom of premature labor.

If you notice ache in your lower back that is just coming and going, you have to consult with a healthcare provider.

Benefits Of Using A Massage Chair Daily

Regular massage helps you to remove stress. It affects your mind and body effectively, quickly and negatively.

If you buy or carry a massage chair for your home, you will get ample chance to use it every day.

There are more massage therapies. You have to use it such a way so that you may get maximum effect.

These chairs give overall relaxation experience for the users. It is developed to treat special ailments. Many of these chairs have manual massage modes where you can prefer your desired massage chairs.

The place you like to be affected, nice music gives you relax. It will be making you tension free, doing wonder for your lower body and stretching abilities as well.

Above all, using a massage chair in your daily life is a very wonderful thing for your health. You may save time, money and energy.

But you have to desire to visit a masseur. Sitting in a massage chair keeps you healthy and relieved you from stress.

Massage Chair Side Effects

A. Pain

The force applied here (to remove pain and tension by Shiatsu and deep tissue massage setting) can cause little residual pain.

When you use Shiatsu improperly, it can slightly irritate your muscles and nerves.

Normally you may experience little pain and it will last only for a few hours after the massage. In some cases, it may remain for few days and decrease its own.

B. Circulation

If you suffer from deep vein thrombosis or blood clotting, you have to consult with a doctor. He or she will suggest you if you are fit for using the chair or not.

You have to know your fitness first. If you don’t test your fitness these two types of issues may be aggravated by massage.

C. Allergies

If you suffer from allergy or other materials, you may experience the allergic reaction.

So you must consult with a physician if you like to use a massage chair. As you experience pre-existing allergy for the materials of your chair, you can use a cloth to cover your whole body.

It doesn’t permit your body to contact the chair. Proper covering of your body with clothes prevent you from the allergic reaction.

D. Infection

The massage therapy aids you to give off toxins or enzymes that store in your muscles.

Therefore, you should drink lots of water during the day coming massage. The task of water is to help flush toxins from body quicker.

If your protected system is impaired for any reason, you need to consult with a doctor before beginning the massage treatment.

Otherwise, massage can release toxins at the time of doing it that becomes the cause of infection and other possible complications.

D. Skin Fragility Or Bruising

As you bruise usually, it is better for you to use softens or low pressure. If you use hard pressure, you may cause bruising.

E. Low Blood Sugar

If you carry diabetic in your body, massage can lower the sugar inside your body.

You must consult with a doctor before using any massage chair. You can start your massage treatment program.

F. Fatigue

A survey of the National University of Health Sciences gets that about 1% of their tests got fatigue up to 24 hours or less.

So How Often Should You Use A Massage Chair?

People who sit on this type of chair several times per week, and speak with the people every day to do the same, the answer is unequivocal: very much as possible. The merit of the massage chair is that it is on demand massage.

You have no need to do a schedule with the therapists. You will get the massage chair schedule if you are at your home.

So How Often Should You Use A Massage Chair?

Now you like to know the general guidelines for the way to use massage chair. The guidelines depend on your lots of experience gathering from lots of years both from manufacturers and from users.

If you are suffering from physical pain like sore lower back pain, nagging neck pain, aching shoulders, you need to take interval between three to four sessions a week.

Think about your body and how it feels or what is the response to the treatment, then adjusted accordingly. You get the right balance of your feeling physically depends on the deep muscle tissue free from a great chair.

For anxiety, stress relief, and relaxation, you can do anytime if you like when the level of stress rise to the limit. If you understand they are giving impact on your sleep pattern and behavior.

Normally therapeutic sessions of the massage chair may be sought from one to three sessions per week and very useful in the evening time after your work or before going to bed.

At the time of speaking of Elite Massage Chair customers, one thing is Clea steadily R. You need to use the chair regularly. Our chair does not sit in the corner of the house and acting as a recliner.

Besides, it collects dust. The Elite massage chair is made to use regularly or every day. It must be an integral part of the users’ lives. You can use it for a wide range of emotional and physical needs.

Human Massage Vs. Massage Chair

Before moving ahead to make a great comparison, we have to consider one thing: we are great friends of Human massage. They are the elements of human touch which show distinct facets of the holistic healing experience especially in the hand of a great massage therapist.

Now the question is massage chair vs. human massage sure comes up. This is worth exploring. Both cutting-edge massage chairs and human administered massage give exceptional benefits of the massage therapy. However, they are the special aspect of massage chair which is fairly persuasive for those who do not like to get a frequent massage.

Pros And Cons Of A Massage Chair

  • At present all the models come with lots of programs which may help you to aim at the particular program area.
  • This is very useful and simple to use in your home. Even if you want to use a massage chair, you do not need to move to the hospital.
  • It may be used for luxury chairs which give proper posture and comfort for your body so that you may enjoy its comfort even if it is switched off.
  • Massage chairs do not give the human touch. So the nervous system is not very active like the same way as the physical touch.
  • They apply electromagnetic radiation which may be added to cancer. If the fact is real, massage chair may cause more harm rather than doing well.
  • The chair fails to detect the level of pressure need for particular muscle pain.

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