Are Massage Chairs Bad For Pregnancy?


What Is Pregnancy Massage?

Pregnancy massage is a catch-all term for any hands-on massage during or after pregnancy (prenatal or postnatal massage).

The duration of pregnancy massage lasts only for an hour. Some users use a pregnancy massage table.

A type of table made to accommodate a woman’s pregnant belly. Another option is used which named as bolsters to keep a woman comfortably on her part.

It aids the women in particular for the later stage of pregnancy. So, lying on your measurement is the most contented position.

Massage Chairs In Pregnancy – The Bad

What Is Pregnancy Massage?

1. The Heating Modules

Most people normally do not think that the massage chair is great for the pregnant women as many support heating module.

The cause behind these is the overall high body temperature which causes a condition known as Hyperthermia.

This is the view of Mayo Clinic that the condition may be triggered by the hot bathtub that may raise your body temperature up to 38.9 C.

Studies found that the babies who have undergone high temperature in the first trimester have the high risk of spinal cord or brain abnormalities.

Massage chair gives heat only for the calves and back- so it is not possible to raise the temperature of the whole body. But they must use the chair with more caution.

2. Preterm Labor

It is clear that certain pressure points of the human body may affect the reproductive system. Some think that the pressure point around the legs, feet, and ankles may send a woman to premature labor.

Many massage therapists admit that they have got training to ignore or identify the pressure points in a pregnant woman’s feet as they have a direct effect on uterus tissue.

Preterm Labor

On the other hand, there are numbers of medical professionals in the medical field that are not agreed.

To express any of the versions accurate is not possible. The reason is that still today there is no proper research to get the actual findings in this regard.

If there is no reality in such matter, it may be better to be cautious as long as a result proved wrong.

Massage chairs come with foot roller to ensure reflexology massage while ankles and other parts of the legs are massaged by the airbags, that might trigger those trigger points.

The safest way to use a massage chair for pregnant women is to keep legs on the other chair or on supporting materials rather than keeping legs on foot massager.

Massage Chairs In Pregnancy – The Good

1. Back Pain Relief

Back pain is a common phenomenon for a pregnant woman. About eighty percent of pregnant women around the world experience some sorts of back pain at the time of pregnancy.

Back Pain Relief

The pain may feel from lower to mild pain sensation around the lower back area to chronic back pain.

Massage chair only can give them relief from the pain of having heat massage capabilities. Again, be careful at the time of using heat option to escape Hyperthermia.

2. Reduce Anxiety And Boosts Mood

Students also found that the massage chair is a great thing for them to help with the common issues like negative mood or anxiety.

The examination has done over 32 healthy women with 45-minute massage session to see if it helps to reduce anxiety as well as negative mood.

They have got a significant result for these two issues from just one massage session.

3. Improve Immunity

Well, immunity is a considerable thing for the people as it ensures a healthy life. It becomes more important if there is another life inside of you. Getting a massage chair may improve immunity, you might have ever heard. But it is approved by the study.

Improves Immunity

The examination was conducted in colorectal cancer patients. They had gone through chemotherapy.

A type of treatment that destroys the white blood cells and makes the immune system more vulnerable to infection.

The researchers said that the massage chair develops the immune system by improving the numbers of lymphocytes.

Is Using A Vibrating Massage Chair Safe During Pregnancy?

The researchers of the University in Pennsylvania Office of Health Education told ‘‘the massage chair improves the upper body circulation’’. So it provides relief from different pains and aches.

The demand of massage chair has come from this concept. There are some special chairs which are very useful for pregnant women. Does the vibration from the electric chair develop fatal for the fetus inside the womb?

The fetus inside the womb is covered securely in the amniotic sac. It contains amniotic fluid. This sac and fluid cushion the fetus. So it provides lots of protection to it.

Sitting on a vibrating chair of massage has no effect on the fetus. The vibration of the chair is similar to the vibration caused by walking. It doesn’t leave any harm for the mother of the baby.

The concern that is going to be a mother is the electromagnetic radiations emitted. The chair runs on electricity.

Therefore, the electromagnetic radiations emitted from here are very fragile. At the same time, it is strong enough to cause any harm to the growing fetus.

Chair massage is very safe for all stages of pregnancy. It is very useful for the second and third trimesters. The first trimester is very risky and adds the possibility of miscarriage.

A pregnant woman can sit on a vibrating chair twice a day from 15 to 20 minutes.

Spending more time on a vibrating chair becomes the cause of muscle pain. Though one uses the massage chair in moderation, there will be no harm to the mother-to-be.

After all, vibrating chair is safe enough for all pregnant women. However, women having big bellies must not give more pressure on their belly at the time of sitting on it.

When a woman has very large to fit on the chair, she shouldn’t try to squeeze it. It gives more pressure on the abdomen. This is not safe enough. Women who have complications against placenta, praevia etc. during pregnancy must avoid it.

If you are pregnant, we advise you not to use this massage chair. The reason is that these notifications are preliminary put on the label. Manufacturers forbid the pregnant women to use this chair.

Some may face complications after sitting on this chair. The reality is that they faced complications, not for the chair but they blame the chair for their bad luck.

So What Finally?

Is a massage chair safety option for the pregnant women? Yes, it is. Just like some other options, you can use the massage chair though you are pregnant.

At the time of using the massage chair, you must be more cautious.

Before you like to use a massage chair, it is better for you to consult with a doctor. After all, a massage chair is not bad for the pregnant women.

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