Poly And Bark Burton Arm Chair Review


Do you like to decorate your living room with innovative and extraordinary furniture? You can surely consider the lines of the Louis Ghost Style Armchair. As you have nice style and taste, you can get it through the Poly and Bark Burton arm chair.

This chair is made of durable and strong polycarbonate materials. So the chair saves space in your room. It is stackable for your expediency. This is clear from the top to the base.

Poly and Bark Burton Arm Plastic Dining and Patio Ghost Chair


The chair comes before you fully assembled for having a clear color. It has safety non-marring feet.

You may pair perfectly with any décor. The most advantage of the chair is that you can clean it very easily. Moreover, taking care of it is very simple. All the chairs are UV protective.


  • Constructed of long-lasting polycarbonate material
  • UV protective and stackable up to five high
  • Single mold injection for robustness and toughness
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Come with fully assembled
  • Set of two Louis Ghost chair transparent armchair


  • Safety non-marring feet
  • Constructed of long-lasting polycarbonate materials
  • UV protective
  • To ensure sturdiness it has single mold injection.
  • Completely assembled


  • None

Why You Choose Poly and Bark Burton Arm Chair

1. Cool, Modern Aesthetic

There are different colors of this armchairs. All are a modern touch to your outdoor and indoor living spaces. All these armchairs are very simple and easy to clean.

2. Versatility

The chair comes in different colors. You may choose your desired color according to your need.

The chair is made of polycarbonate materials. The molded chair is stackable for your handiness. It also saves the space of your room.

3. Exceptional Construction

You generally like to get wonderful style and nice taste. One will get all these things in this wonderful Louis Ghost Style Armchair.

What Others Say About Poly And Bark Burton Arm Chair

The chair is well made, sturdy and reasonably priced. It is a classic reproduction. The chair gives comfort to the users for a long time.

I would like to use this casual seating in my bedroom. It takes minimal space to look but renders great service.

I don’t suggest other to use this chair in a dining room unless people dining is in their 20’s.

The comfort level is what you aspire from a plastic chair. I would like to give 4 stars for this comfort. Remember that the chair isn’t made for comfort.

Needless to say, the chair is great, made with great care. If you don’t get much comfort for sitting a long time, you shouldn’t buy this chair.

Frequently Asked Questions On Poly And Bark Burton Arm Chair

1. How Much Time Does It Take To Deliver?

I have ordered on a Friday and I have got the item on in the following Monday.

2. How Much Weight Is The Capacity Of This Chair?

There is no clear implication of weight bearing ability of this chair. It is fine for all average size people. I have seen people whose weight is 180 pounds. He or she can sit on it very comfortably. It is made of solid materials so there is no issue of the arms chair. This chair is more comfortable what you have thought.

3. What Are The Arm And The Seat Height For These?

Hi, the height of the seat is almost 18 & 1/2 inches. Moreover, it has a little ¼ inch pitch from the front middle to the back. The arm height of the chair is 26 inch. This is perfect for a 5’11” man. All these chairs are very comfortable. So I love and like this chair very much.

Final Verdict

The chair is very sturdy and long durable. All chairs are nicely packed. When I carried it to the upstairs, I was much excitement as these chairs are very lightweight.

Now the chair is dressed up with few darker 20×20 handmade, wildly colorful Mexican throw pillows in winter.

You can change the lighter white linen pillows for using it in the summer season.