7 Best Lift Chair – A Very Useful Guide


A lift chair is a recliner which is machine powered. One may switch from sitting in the recline position. It holds up a position as the chair leans up and forward to press the sitter to the standing position. This is the lift chair derives the name from the lift to the sitter up. The best lift chair is great for the person who gets it more difficult to stand up from the chair like that arthritis to the hips or the knees.

What Is A Lift Chair?

A lift chair is a type of medical equipment which is same as the standard reclining chair. One can operate a lift chair by pressing the buttons or a remote instead of manually engaging a switch or lever.

It can be used to the upright position or reclined with the press of a button.  The chair is triggered to tilt the back and the base of the chair forward. It assists the users to return to a standing position.

You will get various names to express the Lift Chairs. Sometimes you will get them marked as “Pop-Up Chairs, “Power Lift Recliners”, “Infinite Position Recliners” and “3-Position Recliners”. All the names refer to the same kind of device.

There are lots of features with the lift chair. You can get it in various styles and sizes. These chairs are found petite to tall heights, small to big widths, vinyl, cloth, leather upholstery.

It comes with many options such as heat, massage, and positions available. You can choose a lift chair that is perfect for your need.

Three Types Of Lift Chairs

There are three types of lift chairs: two-position lift chair, three-point lift chair as well as position lift chairs.

1. Two-Position Lift Chair

Two position lift chair would go to the position, fifteen-degree recline position and sitting position. From all the reviews, less than five are two-position lift chairs. They have little mobility. They are also very rare. The price is same as the three position lift chair. This may be the best to skip two-position lift chairs.

2. Three-Position Lift Chair

Three position lift chair moves to the sitting position, 45-degree recline position, 15-degree recline position and up position. The footrest or ottoman is not able to operate independently from its back. The reason is that the chair is programmed with only three positions. The price of 3 positions is lower than the infinite position lift chair. The three position takes little space to the near of the wall than Infinite lift chair.

3. Position Lift Chair

You can take the chair from sitting position to full recline in the place where chair lays flat. The back along with the footrest can operate independently. Some models meet Trendelenburg position as well as zero gravity position. The Trendelenburg position is to the feet above the head. Zero gravity position is where the feet and head are levels.

You will get hips below the feet and hip. The inventor of zero gravity is NASA for reducing stress at the time of taking off. It aids people who have a joint problem in the earth. Infinite position lift chairs are superb for people who would like to watch TV lying or would like to use lift chair as beds. This is the most versatile of the three types.

Top 7 Best Lift Chair Reviews

1. Bella Fabric Recliner With Stand-Assist Power Lift System

Bella Fabric Recliner With Stand-Assist Power Lift System


The chair is padded well. It has chair backs and wide seat with plush cushions. It comes with Bella fabric covering.

For this, it ensures a smooth finish and soft feeling. If you are in this chair, you will feel comfortable for hours together.

In its legs there is pad so ensures easy lifting. The chair is helpful if you paired it with back tiered cushion.

On the sides of the chair, there are small components. You can store things like bottles or other things while you are on the chair.

It has wider size and great for any individuals. The dimension of the chair is 34”W x 39”D x 39” H and the depth of the seat is 21 inch. You will feel comfortable if you are in this chair.


  • Totally padded chair, having chair backs and wide- simple reclining function is the fundamental function which can be without
  • Dimension: 34″W x 39″D x 39″H; Seat depth: 21″ Seat Height: 18″
  • The Cocoa Brown Bella fabric warms the room and gives plush comfort; small pocket remains by the side to store bottles or remotes
  • Simple to assemble
  • Function for reclining is easy
  • Fit for those who face trouble to stand up
  • Very affordable
  • Not made for short people
  • Has limited capacity

2. The Perfect Sleep Chair – Lift Chair

The Perfect Sleep Chair - Lift Chair


The chair has two heat settings, one is for the seat, and the other is on the back. There is three zero massage with lots of settings.

Depend on the setting; you may experience lots of relaxation modes if you are on the chair.

Recline will aid you to choose the best position for you. You may just stop the chair from a convenient posture at the time of changing position.

It may vary from fully upright position to zero gravity position. Besides you can set it in various positions.

If you face a problem with the recliner, the lift function will put on automatically without pressing any button.

The chair appears before you with the self-diagnostic process; it is sure that the chair will work well for your purpose.


  • In one thing you will get a medical recliner, sleeper chair, and lift chair
  • Lay flat, sit up anywhere between. You can set it to the zero gravity position
  • Plush and overstuffed with pocket seat coils to ensure maximum comfort
  • White glove delivery- set up and offer exactly in the place you like
  • Remote control, back, and the heated set has multiple settings
  • Has lots of settings for massage
  • Delivered well
  • Appears with infinite recline positions
  • Has long time warranty for recline or lift mechanism
  • It is not fit for tall people
  • Very costly

3. CATNAPPER Galixy Power Lift Full Lay With Heater And Massage

CATNAPPER Galixy Power Lift Full Lay With Heater And Massage


The company is trying to make the first class recline chair in the market. They have lots of customers who are getting benefits from this product. The chair is not an exception.

The company is working its best to make the best products for the customers. They are looking forward to changing the lifestyle of the people. The chair is made of solid hardwoods. For this, the chair is sturdy and robust. This ensures the longevity of the lift chair.

The capacity of the chair is 350 pounds. It is more than enough for the average human.

The chair comes with a message and heat. So you may relax well on the chair and may watch your dear program.

The main objective of the company is to give a relaxing chair which helps you to spend your leisure time to spend with the family on holidays. The idea is reflected in the construction of making the lift chair.


  • Member of 3rd generation
  • Over 75 years, millions of customers have got satisfaction
  • Why do you like Jackson Furniture for your house? We give emphasis to the living room- we are specialists in fashionable
  • Solid hardwood is used for all stress. We like to ensure for longer lasting and sturdier furniture
  • Simple to assemble
  • Great for the elderly people
  • Robust in construction
  • Recline position is simply adjusted
  • Armrests are very low
  • Very costly

4. Homelegance 8545-1LT Power Lift Recliner Chair

Homelegance 8545-1LT Power Lift Recliner Chair


It is the structure of the famous Homelegance furniture chair. The chair is more convenient than the previous models.

The chair is made of bonded leather and has very wonderful cushion system. There are lots of design of the same chair such as lumbar cushioning, footrest and the armrest.

You may get the recline system only in the seat and footrest. But the back of the chair remains rigid. To lift and control, the chair comes with a remote controlling system.


  • Rigid steel power lift as well as recline mechanism with up to 300LBS weight limit
  • Channel and padded arm tufted back design to ensure support and comfort for body shape
  • Needs easy chair back assembly measures 31″ x 36.5″ x 42″H
  • Get other types of lift chair of the Homelegance
  • Make a platform for the mobility is the Kellen Collection
  • The power lift system move you from fully reclining position to a standing position
  • The dark brown covering is emphasized by conventional styling, makes it a great choice and comparable with the various home decors
  • There are no cons

5. Coaster Home Furnishings Casual Power Lift Recliner

Coaster Home Furnishings Casual Power Lift Recliner


This is the last item on the list. It is comfortable recliner with having lift system that is made with soft fabric resembling velvet.

Coaster Home is another brand which keeps a long date reference on manufacturing to indoor furniture.

A chair is a fantastic option having various features just like our some best items.

The chair has some limited reclining system and great consensus between style and ergonomics.

Only one color is normally available.


  • Wrapped with a brown sugar texture velvet fabric
  • Comfortable and totally casual
  • Made to confirm support and superior comfort
  • Top portion is simple to clean
  • All functions are work kindly and electrical
  • Recline up to hundred thirty degree
  • I bought the chair in January 2016, give warranty of one year. Unfortunately, the lift function is not working well

6. ProLounger Lya Cream Renu Leather Power Recline And Lift Wall Hugger Chair

ProLounger Lya Cream Renu Leather Power Recline and Lift Wall Hugger Chair


If you desire to get a lift wall-hugger chair or a high-quality power recline, you may think electric lounger manufactured by Portfolio. One can easily and comfortably operate this chair. Buyers never experience electrical shocks.

This cream colored wall hugger has 300-pound capacity power recline as well as lift chair. It requires 4 inches far from the wall. This distance is perfect for little spaces.

It comes with a storage pocket which is convenient enough to keep remote control. The leather wall hugger recliner is a wonderful choice for a disabled person or an elderly person.

Honestly speaking, purchasers are very happy with the ProLounger Leather Reclining lift chair. They admire its coziness, usefulness, and simplicity of setting up the system.

Another pleased customer is very happy with the features of the chair. He likes most the attractive style, comfort of the chair. Moreover, he has praised the mechanism of the chair which is quite like a whisper.

One purchaser complains that the chair has difficulties with electronics. She says that her mother has faced electrical shocks by using this chair.


  • This is a very wonderful chair and simple to keep against a wall
  • The chair has attractive styled. It is very comfortable. Its mechanism is quite like a whisper
  • Simple to set up
  • Capacity 300 pounds
  • Comfortable enough
  • Wall hugger chair
  • Some face electrical shocks

7. Mega Motion Lift Chair LC-200 3 Position Rising Electric Power Chaise Lounger

Mega Motion Lift Chair LC-200 3 Position Rising Electric Power Chaise Lounger


The 3 position rising electrical power chair is the blessing of Mega Motion. It is a nice alternative for those people who desire a cozy and simple electric recliner.

Users like it for giving good assistance to sit down and get up. But they said that it is very nice for a shorter person.

There is a heavy duty scissor which comes with one year limited warranty of home service. Moreover one gets two years warranty for parts. Lastly one gets a life-long warranty for lift mechanism.

Other features are seat and back cushions that are closed for the benefit of replacement. It has an integrated emergency battery backup. In addition, it comes in 3 different colors.

The colors are navy blue, fawn tan, and brown. If you desire to get a 3 positions supremacy chaise lounge with long time duration, it will be only one for you.

Users have very positive opinion regarding the reclining and raise chaise. All praise its usefulness and functionality. Still, there are some users who are not pleased with the mass of the reclining chair.

They expressed that it is designed for the short people. Some people protest about the recline position of the chair.

They say that seat cannot lift off the floor except the flipside reclining. Another person said that the lounger doesn’t put back far more to sleep on it.


  • 3 positions, recliner chair, and all electric lift
  • Standard ground curbside delivery
  • Connected battery with emergency backup
  • One year in-home service warranty
  • 329 pounds, maximum lift capacity
  • Found in three different colors
  • Problem free setting up
  • Super comfortable
  • Capacity 329 pounds

Normal controller

  • The complaint against reclining position
  • Not suitable for large frame person or taller one

Things To Consider First Before Buy The Lift Chair

Getting up and down from the sofa or chair is not very simple as it is made for your loved one.

To buy a power lift chair is the right move since they are more expensive than the service.

There are lots of options on online and stores. If you buy mobile accessories, it is a great thing.

As a home health care and licensed physical therapist, I like people having physical disabilities and ensure insight to escape mistakes if you buy it.

Below are five points to consider when selecting your lift chair.

1. Types Of Chair

This is the fabulous important thing to consider at the time of choosing a chair. You can see two position or 3 position and infinite positions. In the infinite model, you will get two motors to the back to rest footrest move independently.

People who love to sit upright has footrest up, may need such type of chair. Both three positions and two positions need the backrest to recline to have footrest slide out as they have a single motor. Three position is different from 2 positions as they permit full recline. Two positions can recline only 45 degrees.

2. Body Size

You would like to fit the chair with the size of your body. If the chair is larger, there are deeper cushions. Choose a big chair which has very big legs. The legs must not touch the floor while sitting up straight. Select one that is very small, and the lower back of your body would not respond well in such situation.

3. Sweating

Do you sweat more? For such situation leather is not a good option. Do you get inconsistency problem? In such situation, cloth does not make sense. Most cases, leather may take more money, but do not discount the benefit.

4. Space

Do you have a fairly condensed area of your living room to keep the chair? Do you prefer to lean against the wall? Models are found which may put against the wall and then slide open forward without banging to the wall behind. Perfect model both backward and slide out, is a problem for the tight areas.

5. Advanced Features

The advanced features higher end models ensure many features like lift speed variations, seats, cup holders and vibrating seats. Though they may seem unnecessary, people having pains and aches may find them worth and soothe with the much price tag.

How Lift Chairs Work

A lift chair aids the users to rise to the standing place. Two positions wouldn’t refer it has only two positions.

And 3 positions don’t mean that it has 3 positions. You can stop the chair recline by delivering the control button.

You may get the difference between Infinite-Position Lift, 3 –position and 2 – position in recline system and ottoman or footrest positioning.

1. 2-Position Lift Chair

2-Position Lift Chair does recline few inches. At the time of reclining, the seats of the chair slide backward as to expand the stretched out position.

There are gaps between the ottoman and the seats of the 2 position lift chairs. It is the place where a lazy boy recliner at the time of watching TV. It has one motor which to run ottoman and recline.

A toggle switch over hand ornament maintains everything. The Pride LC-835 Wallhugger Lift Chair and the Golden Capri Lift Chair are famous typical 2 position lift chairs.

2. 3-Position Lift Chair

3-Position Lift Chairs lunge is same as the Lazy Boy recliner. It really reclines more than the Lazy boys. When the back lounges the ottoman ups. You can stop this chair in any position.

Most of the 3 positions lift chairs has no break between seat and ottoman. These are full chaise loungers. There is a motor which runs the reverse reclines and ottoman in standard 3 position lift chairs.

One can use dual motors for more lifting power with the Heavy-Duty 3-Position Lift Chairs. The Golden Heavy-Duty PR-502 Big Boy comes with 3-motors and may raise about 700 pounds.

3. Infinite Position Lift Chair

Infinite-Position lifts chairs, for example, the Golden MaxiComfort and the Pride VivaLift Metro can able to recline the back equivalent with the ground.

It allows the ottoman to lift the feet above the core or move toward a zero-gravity place. The seat takes place so that it experiences a comfortable S position.

These chairs are full chaise loungers having cushioned from the seat to crosswise the ottoman. All are padded, not gaps. Now, look at every chair for functionality and individual specifications.

4. Trendelenburg Positioning Lift Chair

The Trendelenburg remains at an incline with the head remains under the heart as well as the head lesser than the legs. This position enhances the blood circulation.

You may get Trendelenburg positioning into the Pride Oasis LC-580 and the Golden MaxiComfort PR505.

Other Mobility Devices

Sure, a lift chair will improve your lifestyle every day. Some other devices cannot do it. Many manufacturers are trying their best to produce and design tools which can remove mobility problem.

You will get some products that help to find a position. Moving around is not very easy. Here you will get the lists of some products. I hope any one of them will change your life and make life easier.

1. Bed Rails

Bed rails are very useful for preventing nighttime falls. Sometimes elderly people fall out of the bed. This is common for the people who suffer from dementia. For such people, bed rail is a must. It works as a helper handle which makes getting in and out very easier.

2. Overbed Tables

It is designed well to take a meal by sitting on the bed comfortably. You can also write or do some work on your laptop. At the time of working with writing or laptop. It is very useful for the people who have no way than remaining bed after recovery from surgery or other medical conditions which require bed rests.

3. Walkers

You will get walkers among the elder people. It will give you some of your independence back or help to maintain balance. This is normally steel or aluminum frame. Some come with wheels other may not have it. But it will give you full freedom to move around.

4. Rollators

Rollers are soft on The specialty is that it comes with bigger wheels. It also has a seat on which you can take rest. These are very expensive and thought better than walkers. However, your investment is fine for this. These are more stables than walkers. The only demerit is that it is very expensive. Many people like it more as they can go outdoors more. A walker has some limitations.

5. Knee Scooters

Knee scooters are a super addition for those who suffer from fracture or injury of their lower legs. So this is called scooter as it is similar to that one. You may keep your injured leg on it and use the healthy leg to press forward. This is very convenient and fast. You may use this when your injury is to under the knee. It is the only drawback of this chair. You have to bend your knee at a 90-degree

6. Bath Lifts

It is a special addition to this chair. Everyone fails to enjoy a nice birth without it. So this is highly appreciated by many people. You will get them in many types. All these help to get in and out of the tub. It is very wonderful for people who have balance

7. Canes

There are many types of canes on the market. All would not serve the same purpose. Some canes are suggested for particular jobs. All canes do the jobs by properly maintaining your balance. This is a very necessary thigh for your life. That is the fact.

8. Crutches

Suppose you have broken your legs. You have to keep in a cast. Moreover, you have to walk for few weeks by remaining on a crutch. This is very efficient and straightforward. At least you can buy it.

9. Wheelchairs

Think about a wheelchair very deeply. You will find that it is more extreme than the other products mentioned above. All the devices require some effort. But only the wheelchair is exceptional. You may choose it for your need but it doesn’t imply that this is the end of the world. Nowadays people can do many things by sitting in a wheelchair. Thanks to the top graded wheelchairs.

There are lots of products on the market. You can choose the best one from these lists. What are you suffering from is not matter at all? You always try to get a solution to make your life further bearable. What you need to do is just look for it.

Frequently Asked Questions On Lift Chair

l. How Much Is The Cheapest Price Of The Lift Chair?

We have seen the low price of the 2 position lift chair. You may get it with spending only 200 dollars. It can raise the sitter up from the sitting levels. We have no idea about the warranty, durability, safety, quality and other things. You can get a 3 position lift chair with 489 dollars and an infinite position lift chair with 722 dollars.

2. How Much I Need To Pay For Shipping?

For shipping, you should not pay any more. If a retailer or manufacturer demands money for shipping, go elsewhere. When you want to get something special like home delivery or assembly, you may have to pay more or some extra.

3. Where Do I Get The Lift Chairs?

One can buy lift chairs online and in brick and mortar stores. There are lots of online retailers. You will get nearby stores or shops in our directory.

4. Can I Purchase A Used Lift Chair?

No. You have to wait for some moments to get a nice and well fit used lift chair. The price of the used lift chair is only 200 dollars less than the average price of the lift chairs. Click here and you will get a used lift chair guide to know more.

Final Words

Visit the retailers on manufacturers to be sure that you are choosing a great chair for your use.

The first item is the most complicated models of the market. Young or older people feel back pain.

The last item is great but not giving focus on designs. So think how much we like to invest in every kind of lift chair give a wonderful pack of features.