6 Best Highchair For Baby Led Weaning – Buyer’s Guide


Introducing fresh food is a big challenge and the high chairs for your babies to have a great part to play confirming a comfy weaning ride. It is their feeding throne for at least six months or for a longer time.

As you are exploring baby led weaning, you like to get a high chair which lessens the time spent on cleaning up.

To aid you to be ready, Annabel shares her tips for what is searching for or when liking the right high chair for the eager weaner.

What Is Baby Led Weaning?

Baby-led weaning is a new system to introduce various foods to your baby. It may be done by a formula or breastfeeding. This system aids your child to feed himself. This refers that foregoing purees and jumping directly into finger foods.

Some families do this without knowing it very well. The system is very natural and easy for us. Moreover, J sees his brother and desires doing everything like his brother.

As a result, BLW gives more sense. As the lack of the teeth of the babies, foods are usually softened or cut or provided in fry-type shapes.

Why Baby Led Weaning?

There are lots of profits of Baby-led weaning which is unbelievable. Many kiddo and toddlers move through their particular eating phase.

I praise BLW for a reason why our toddlers are adventurous with food choices.

Lots of researchers have gone through to present that baby-led weaning has a positive effect on the habit of child’s eating, flavor, and palates.

We like to know how our babies build up their skills. They should do it through the best way they can. Baby led weaning is twice whammy.

The purpose of it is to tune motor expansion. It is less deed for me. There are many benefits of using baby led weaning. These benefits are healthy eating, chewing skills, oral development, pincher grasp and hand-eye coordination.

A restricted dietician has shared his views with me. He said that the baby led weaning helps more a baby’s learning self-regulation in early age.

It gives more ways for babies to explore their foods in regards to colors, texture, flavor and so on.

Parent’s Tips – Baby Led Weaning Floor Cover

If the cover works for us and normally I will begin to blog first. It seems to me that I would put together some baby led weaning tips for someone who is going down to this path with his or her child.

I am sure that the baby led weaning is not for everyone and your baby is fed up some way it does not matter at all how they find that food.

What To Look For In A Highchair

There are many factors. Importance should be given to them for babies who desired to feed themselves.

1. Solid Design

A “solid” design – Few creases, crevices, and cracks for foods to get its way into. It is the trickiest quality to get. Many highchairs attempt to get clever with individual sections on the tray which sometimes seems food may seep into. These are very painful to clean.

2. Easy-To-Wash Pieces

You may bung the tray exactly within the dishwasher. The seat cover may be easily wipeable and the harness must be washable. If you do or don’t go for fabric covering- you can curse them.

3. Size

If you get the baby is lost into the expensive space of the highchair seat, there are more possibilities the baby is unable to fully upright while eating.

Upright posture is essential to ensure safe eating. Therefore baby must be snug in their seat with keeping a harness to preserve them in place up to being confident sitters.

4. Growth

Weaning is a many levels or stages journey. Before investing money for this, you have to think more and more. Some children use highchair when they’re two to three years old.

Aside from cot and pushchair, a highchair is the biggest ticket items you want to buy your wee one. Therefore you desire to make it last as you have the desire to use it.

5. Easy To Pull Up To The Table

As BLW is a way to share family foods and promote babies to join in the mealtimes. You desire to get a highchair which may take it up to the table. Ideally, you don’t like to banish baby to the corner as the family desires to have dinner all together.

It implies that baby in all social aspects likes to share foods with the family members. The chairs which have no trays can use the tabletop straightly. Surely, you may like it most.

You may get a device that will add a baby to dining room chair. You can prefer a highchair having a small footprint so that you may maneuver it easier to link the table with you.

Surely, there are many other factors you have to consider more if you like to buy a highchair.

You must consider size, style, portability, ability to fold or collapse, footrest and so on. But the above-mentioned things are very essential for baby-led weaning highchair.

Top 6 Best Highchair For Baby Led Weaning

1. Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 Ridgedale High Chair

Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair – Ridgedale - High Chair, Toddler Chair, and Booster


An innovative 3 in 1 high chair made which keeps the child fit as they are going to be grown with versatile Ridge Dale Trio 3 in 1 high chair. You may get every chair you have to from baby to toddler.

There are three features like booster seat; full-size high chair and toddler chair… All are in one. The dishwasher safe and removable tray has four locking positions to grow the baby and add child easily.

Both high chair and booster seat has five points harness. The toddler chair has three points harness to ensure the safety of the baby.

The capacity of the chair is up to 50 pounds and has a machine washable seat for taking care. The Trio 3 in 1 chair can accommodate two children at the same time.

Features of Trio 3-in-1 Ridgedale High Chair

  • The chair has baby seats in 1. booster seat, full-size highchair, and toddler chair
  • Has four locking position, and the tray is dishwasher-safe to ensure the room for growing child.
  • The chair can accommodate two children at the same time
  • Has three recline position to keep the baby safe and five points harness for safety
  • Reclining for little babies as your baby likes to have light sleep or fall asleep at the time of eating.
  • Covers are very easy to remove and simple to clean.
  • Made for the growing babies so far
  • The 2nd tray is a very good idea. You are able to remove mess before them but they are also seated with the tray
  • The covers is made of cheap materials and, fall off continuously

2. Graco TableFit High Chair


The small baby is the part of ours. Why do not start with mealtimes, or just now? Graco’s TableFit Highchair will fulfill the desire.

This chair will take your child to the right position. It is adjustable with many tables, like a kitchen table or dining table or for the kitchen countertops.

The soft sloping front and special tray mean that the child will remain on the table edge, for having a bulk frame of the tray without any disturbance.

The table is fit for your child from the earliest meals. You may keep the baby in the right position from the early bottle feedings.

So thanks to three positioned bottled chair, as he grows gradually, he can adjust himself to the position.

Moreover, the chair keeps the child safe and comfortable, and support them well. You like to buy the chair and must consider the safety first.

You will get the chair is fit as it has three and five points safety harness. Keep your little one safe and secure.

Features of Graco TableFit High Chair

  • Simple to fold so convenient to store
  • Has three and five points safety harness
  • Adjustable footrest for well positioned
  • Compact snack, removable trays make the snack time useful
  • The tray is dishwasher safe and removable and convenient
  • Snack tray is a plus point
  • Setting up the highchair is very easy. Only two screws and the rest is snapping the parts to its place.
  • Adaptable foot rest (great to keep your child in a comfortable situation to sit for longer time)
  • Machine washable and Wipeable fabric
  • Three recline positions (Although we didn’t use this feature)
  • Wonderful folding system to store well
  • There are several color options from which you may select your own

3. Evenflo Convertible High Chair

Evenflo Convertible High Chair


The Evenflo Convertible High Chair is durable and convenient that fulfills the demand of the users. It has three unique seating positions.

It ensures baby’s feeding and playing. Your child will get relax and fun for a long period by using this chair. The chair is high vibrant.

Some report that the straps are small so the child cannot swim in the chair. I face one problem that the baby led weaning as well she creates mess feeding herself.

For this I need to receive the straps, cushing it off and wash in the sink. The age of my daughter is only eight months, and she can sit well by herself.

The other thing is that the tray is somewhat far from the seat and that is no problem, and I do not mind it.

Features of Evenflo Convertible High Chair

  • Stacked to make a full-size height chair, the chair gives height for feeding between child and caregiver
  • If removed from the tabletop, the chair may be placed on the floor directly, give more space to keep feet for the child on the ground, creates a good environment for the child who is growing more and more.
  • The baby is growing more, he needs to feed independently. The chair offers more space for the baby to eat and play independently.
  • Super for the grandkids
  • Price is reasonable or budget friendly although seat cover slips off sometimes
  • No con is mentioned

4. Cosco Fold High Chair

Cosco Fold High Chair


You can enjoy good food with Cosco simple Fold High Chair. Simple to stow and choose it.

The high chair is made to take along for the ride. The full size three positioned high chair gives more space for the child to give more comfort.

Cleaning is very simple. You can wipe out the messy meals easily. At the time of making the journey or going out, you can use it to eat, and it would seem to be fun.

Features of Cosco Fold High Chair

  • Wonderful folding for taking on the go
  • Three points safety harness, capacity fifty pounds
  • Seats are simple to wipe and simple to clean
  • You can fold it within second
  • Stands and folds flat to sit on, very simple to hide
  • Has 3 points safety harness to strap my ninja down for eating
  • Setting up is very simple. Just take a screw driver to add the foot rest and for the bottom support.
  • Folding flat to store normally
  • Fabric is wipeable
  • Lightweight and simple to carry at the time of travelling
  • Trays come with cup holders
  • Fabric is wipeable but not removable. Some threads and corners become nasty with food, drinks and so on. It becomes caked up as you do not go after with bleach and a rub brush

5. Spacesaver High Chair

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair, Luminosity


The Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair is great to keep in the dining space or for the kitchen as it has adjustable attachment strap and compact design. It is easy to stash away or take off when do not use it move from the chair to the chair.

The three position recline makes it comfortable. The child feels comfortable with having reclined seat. It has two height adjustment, and you can choose the best adjustable height for the child to feed.

All parts are dishwasher safe and simple to clean. You can remove the tray just with one hand, and you can use the other hand to do other work.

The chair has nano-tex fabric, so it is stain resistant. The Fisher-Price SapceSaver High chair is selling separately for decorating your home or reflects the taste of the babies. So grab a place to keep the chair.

Features of Spacesaver High Chair

  • Fit for all types of home design
  • For more security, it has five and three points safety harness
  • Moves from high chair to the toddler booster seat
  • All features are like the features of a full chair
  • Has FastFinder Link to hang bibs, toys, and towels
  • Comes with 5 points safety harness to ensure more security
  • Great for children up to 50 pounds make it booster you may require
  • Three recline positions and two height
  • Dishwasher safe tray along with cup holders, simple to adjust
  • Simple to secure child
  • Machine washable seat covers
  • There are many color options
  • There is gap between seat and cover meaning that food may fall

6. Cosco Fold Deluxe High Chair

Cosco Fold Deluxe High Chair


You can enjoy great comfort in having a Cosco Simple Fold Deluxe High Chair. Your little child will be delighted to sit on it.

The design is simple and easy to clean it. Wipeout seat pads are simple to wash and very easy to messy meal wipe out.

All parts are dishwasher safe and have adjustable features. Simple to fold quickly and no need to remove the tray.

All parts are dishwasher safe. The Simple Fold high chair is a great chair to take or sit your child very easily.

Features of Cosco Fold Deluxe High Chair

  • Hold up to fifty pounds. Has three points safety harness for the security of your baby as growing toddlers
  • Cup holders and three positions adjustable tray
  • All parts are dishwasher safe
  • Compact design, folding is very simple, simple to store and take a long time to go
  • Seat pads are wipeable, and trays are easy to clean
  • Cute design and wonderful color
  • Individual removable top tray, simple to clean
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Simple to keep together
  • The back part of the seat is not adjustable and comes with little recline

Potential Benefits Of Baby-Led Weaning

1. Make The Experience Funnier

The chair is messier and less stressful. The chair is a baby led in the sense that you give permission to take the lead, knowing the pace, parents like to avoid stressed out over which they are eating or not eating.

2. Healthy Food Choices

Babies should give a chance to experience more textures and tastes from the early age. It leads them to get more food going into the older age. It avoids the possibility of eating picky eaters.

3. Fight Obesity

Some child should eat food according to the appetite. They should not develop bad eating or overeating practice. Parents need to feed their babies and encourage them to complete eating food, give a chance to eat more bit though they are not hungry. BLW child should develop the taking of carbohydrate and the lower prevalence of the obesity.

Potential Benefits Of Baby-Led Weaning

4. Develop Chewing Skill And Jaw

As babies like to chew from the early age, it develops the ability to chew more that may be delayed by spoon feeding because puree needs to be swallowed.

5. Enrich Coordination Of Hand And Eyes

Using in hand for feeding and give food to the mouth may develop hand-eye coordination. The various texture and shapes of foods and gripping of silverware are more useful in this regard.

6. The Way Is Very Simple

Using puree for all the times may be draining or may be time-consuming. BLW is easy and more basic.

Baby Led Weaning Tips

Baby Led Weaning Tips

We have a profound love for the Baby Led Weaning. It functions for us, and it gives me the inspiration for blogging for the first time. I thought I have to keep some baby led weaning tips for someone who considers to go it down the routine with the child. I know the weaning is not for every child as it does not matter at all how they get that type of foods.

1. Food Is Fun Until They Are One!

The thing is very important to remember. Try to get all the nutrients from the milk for the diet of the child until they reach one year. The milk has more nutritional content, and it does not matter at all if the baby does not take more food before the 1st birthday. Try to explore the new foods and get the different types of foods for your baby.

2. Buy Messy Floor Mats

Buy Messy Floor Mats

The most important things we need to consider of the BLW is a few messy floor mats from Poundland. We put one under the highchair and put it cleanly if any food falls on it goes to the mat, and we may give it back to the LM. It is very easy to clean up when you finish the meal.

3. Get An Ikea Antilop Highchair

Get An Ikea Antilop Highchair

The Ikea Antilop highchair is the best thing you have ever bought. The legs would not take more space to keep the chair. The storage of the chair is very simple. The high chair is very easy to clean up, and you may put it on the bottom of your dishwasher. The tray of the chair is great, and it will fulfill your dream. I have no words to praise the chair more.

4. Embrace The Mess

At some points the weaning is messy. BLW is messy enough to begin- to take preparation for the mess and then embrace it. Moreover, you have more chance to love the weaning of the chair for lots of time.

5. Offer A Variety Of Foods

The BLW would not need a lot of food. Only some piece of food is enough to fill it. Attempt to give your baby 2 or 3 pieces of meal every time and give your baby various texture and flavors to learn and experience from.

6. Eat With Your Baby

Babies are habituated to learn many things from their parents; this is very natural. Try to eat the food that your baby will see and try to eat it by imitation in front of you even chewing or using cutlery.

7. Stick To Finger Foods For A While

You do not need to cook food for your six months babies. Food is nothing but exploration. At first, your child would not be able to hold the large pieces of food, even the small things which make the typical meal. Give parts of the meals where it is right- pasta shapes, pieces of toast, steamed vegetables. If your child is failed to eat the meal, offer them finger foods like veg sticks or fruit, rice cakes or breadsticks. You are putting food in such a manner that the child may think he is going to have a meal or does not mind if it has lunch foods at breakfast.

8. If They Gag On Food – Wait 10 Seconds

The best advice is that one should have a profound gag reflex at the beginning as they like to give opposite food to their mouth. If the baby gags, wait for ten minutes prior helping because stopping in early can dealing with the food by themselves. Sometimes, the child needs to sit in hand and wait for few seconds for which they are eager of dealing with the foods. The gag reflex subsides very quickly, and they may not gag after all.

9. Expect Waste

BLW may be messy, food may get chucked over the floor, and it is wastage. Do not purchase food for your baby at first. Give them that you have and buy food which you know the baby will eat at the time of playing over the course of few days.

10. Try Loaded Spoons

Try to give your baby with a variety of loaded spoons. You can put yogurts, wetter meals, fruit purees to fill the spoon and hand it to your baby. At first, they will give the spoon everywhere and gradually he can improve coordination. After that, he will be able to feed himself with the spoons.


I suggest you use the Rittenhouse Highchair Seating System and the Graco TableFit Baby High Chair for most of the part. The reason is that you desire to get everything.

These highchairs come with lots of features which you like to use for the Baby Led Weaning methods for feeding your child.

Besides, there are lots of downsides of the product. At first, you have to take proper care of it, you may not need replacement covers.

Safety is given at first priority. So it comes with a locking system. Locking system comes with the wheels if you don’t use it for mealtime or when strolling out.

Do you like to keep a special product in your mind? What things promote you to buy this product? You can share it with me.