9 Best Travel High Chair Reviews – Buyer’s Guide


When my first child came to the world a couple of months ago, I realized how much stuff the baby required.

We keep much of our baby gear, but I find that it makes the life somewhat easier. Recently, I keep the baby chair on my list.

The little one has gone to 6 months. He needs to sit with the remaining of us. The chair is fine at our home just like our trusty IKEA Antilop high chair. The sad thing is that it is not transportable.

I started to find the perfect type of high travel chair. The Travel high chairs are just like a few travel costs. There are many chairs in the market.

They are portable and simple to use. The reality is opposite. They are cumbersome, heavy and need a Ph.D. to dismantle or erect them. I have done much research and narrowed it to 6 travel high chairs.

Here is the information you do like to get about choosing the best travel  high chair.

Do You Need A High Chair?

If you are not interested in a high chair, you may use a stroller, lap or another piece of body gear along with a seat.

We suggest you more to have a high chair. This chair is more convenient and easier to keep clean. It will also provide a super upright position for your kids depending on its age.

Do you need a highchair?

What type of high chair will be great for you depends on many factors? It depends on how often you like to clean it.

Moreover, it also depends on how much space remains in your dining or kitchen area or where will you like to take most of the meals. There are big, standalone high chairs which come with own trays.

You can set them anywhere in your room around the table you sit. It is a good idea to go for a basic plastic model which is very easy to clean.

You may hope more whistles and bells. You also hope wheels, wipeable cushions, a reclining seat and footrests that are fit for different heights.

If place or space is the factor, you can buy a full-size high chair. The benefit of this chair is that you can store and fold it when you don’t use. This is a portable high chair and you can set it in your dining room or kitchen or the edge of the table.

It is a nice addition for those people who like to eat out. Some chairs will grow same as your child by altering to a booster seat for toddlers whereas a kid-sized chair.

When Do You Need A High Chair?

As you will be a bottle or nursing feeding, keep the baby nestle to your arms or a bouncy seat or on the swing, you should not have a high chair up to your child grow more to eat solid food- normally six months. You may get fine use of it until the child is 2 or 3 years old.

Top 9 Best Travel High Chair

Below are the top 9 best travel high chairs on the market in 2020:

1. Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair – Replacement Cover


The chair is made in Italy; the Caddy Hook On weighs only seven pounds, and folding is simple to store or travel.

Fitting on the table top is very simple at least 3/4 of a thick with up to six table skirting.

With the help of nylon seat, cleaning is very easy. The rubberized hippo grips would mark p fingers or tables. It has three points safety harness.

The demerit of the product is the things that are used to make the seat. I think Chicco designs a chair for more dollars which have a padded or wipeable cover.

I normally suggest you get or buy the more expensive product. If your baby spills something on the chair, you should wash it.

Otherwise, foods get trapped in the fabric and may not be wiped. I think to remove the cover is a difficult task so that I would not like to do it each couple of days.


  • Weight is only seven pounds
  • Folding flat for travel and easy storage
  • Simply negotiates table skirting up to five points five inches
  • Rubberized grips may not mark pinch fingers or tables
  • Wipe clean nylon seat
  • Washable
  • Low profile
  • Attach with the table wonderfully
  • The 1-year-old kid sits on it well, keeping a big gap between the table and him or her

2. Travel High Chair Toddler Safety Harness


Simple and easy to clean. Just strap the baby or toddler on the chair. To confirm the safety of the baby just adjust straps.

Remove the light spills and wash in the washing machine for tougher stains. The fabric is breathable and light.

Cleaning is also simple and easy. It is an extra benefit of using this harness. At the time of using this harness, there is no possibility of using a harness.

This is a great travel harness as you are making a tour with your kids who have more space bulky travel chairs.

Would you like to walk through a crowded airport? You have to use a safety harness to adjust the baby.

If you like flying or do not pay more attention to a seat strap for your toddlers, you may buy it. The chair is great all rounder and would like to travel with the kids.


  • This is breathable and light
  • The things make a chair to a Portable High Chair. You need not buy the most expensive high chair which has much space
  • Yochi Yochi is just a good space saver high chair. The chair is portable and small- keep a place like a grandma’ lab or inside the car if you go to a restaurant
  • Super simple to clean. It is washer friendly
  • Quality durable and manufactured- you may use it, again and again, from one kid to the next coming kids
  • Unproblematic to use
  • The chair is very wonderful to keep my six months old on restaurant high chairs
  • Nothing extraordinary

3. Summer Infant Pop N’ Seat Portable Booster

Summer Infant Pop N' Seat Portable Booster


The Summer Infant Pop N’ Portable Booster confirms on the go style of lives and makes the feeding time simple with a BPA-free tray, removable, fold set up and innovative and carrying the bag on the shoulder.

It has light design and compact fold. The Booster is great for dining and the patio with your little kids.

If your baby needs a place to eat, pop it open. Bon appetite.


  • Dishwasher safe and detachable tray
  • Construction is well for indoor and outdoor use
  • Folding is possible within seconds, lightweight, save from playtime or feeding
  • Has three points safety harness and has chair safety straps for use on the adult chair
  • Convenient to carry in the park for the day, to use for friends house, park, and beach
  • Rear storage pocket
  • Included chair safety straps
  • Compact fold having carry bag
  • Three points safety harness
  • Has no color alternatives

4. Ciao! Baby Portable Travel Highchair

Ciao! Baby Portable Travel Highchair


The chair is great than the weak spot. The place is just at the opening of legs dips to the baby.

This makes anything slide off and put on to the seat. The thing needs a tea bag spot where the bag is, on the tray.

I like to keep small one using scrap wood and sanded it, so it does not splinter.

The thing is great for the bag too. I suggest this one to a small metal with a hinge, is added to the chair.


  • Three years warranty
  • No tool is needed
  • Weight eight pounds
  • Has a carry bag
  • Portable high chair
  • Up to three years
  • Sturdy, folding simple
  • Lightweight, crinkle up well and superior for travel
  • Great for a large baby having big legs
  • The trays droop. This is not fit to keep a bowl or something same as this

5. Infant Safety Seat

Infant Safety Seat


The seat of the chair is very portable. It dries quickly and washes well. The fabrics of the seats are comfortable and soft.

If you adjust it correctly, it looks nice and ensures a customized fit. Once it is adjusted, it is safe well.

As you like to travel with your little one, the chair is great no doubt. If folded, it is lightweight and compact.

I love it as it is the best. It fulfills my desire. There are lots of brands on online, but this one is the trusted brand no doubt.


  • Hundred percent polyester
  • Imported
  • Five points safety harness to ensure safety
  • Washable and durable machine. Has matching carry bag to store easily
  • Added back allow to fit easily on various chairs
  • The chair is wonderful to look at and sleek, not clunky or babyish
  • Babies like to have a seat there, and it keeps him to a good height to eat off the table
  • Nice fabrics, well made and more secured if attached well
  • To detach or attach the table, you must twist two poles on the side to loosen or tighten

6. Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Inglesina Fast Table Chair


Ideal for babies aged six months and weight is 37 pounds. Fast is the legendary table chair from Inglesina.

People like the fast as it is simple, coupling, twist tight. It is fit for all types of tables without leaving any scratch.

The chair comes with travel-friendly carry bag. The chair is great to fit with dining tray and table chair.

The carry bags add to the bottom of the table chair. It is very impossible to lose it. The small rear storage pocket is great to keep accessories you can keep to free your hands.


Inglesina Fast Table Chair

  • The fold-flat closing process to escape no hassle and simple transportation
  • Travel-friendly carrying bag sit in the rear pocket
  • Twist tight couplings adaptable to most types of the table up to three point five inches thick
  • Travel-friendly and convenient carrying bag, rear pocket under the seat

7. The Washable and Squashable Travel High Chair

The Washable and Squashable Travel High Chair


Totseat is made in such a way that it fits with all sizes and shapes of a dining chair. You can adjust it with your short, tall, open backed, round, rounded and odd size.

Press the button to shorten it for making smaller one. Extend it to get a bigger one. You may tighten it for the narrower chairs. You need to use the extra strap when the back of the chair is opened.

Totseat is much secured and ensures safety for your whole body. It goes up over the chest of your young kids- not very far from the waist.

The baby can wriggle out as the straps come up beneath his armpits to fasten behind the head of the baby.

Totseat is super on the go travel. You can take it where you like as it comes with pocket sized. The weight is less than a pound.

Moreover, it comes with a carrying case. So you may put away it normally without more bulk or weight.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Machine washable fabric
  • Three points adjustable security harness
  • Fit for children from eight to 30 months
  • Fastens securely by the quick clip
  • Two uncommon options to protect the chair
  • Cummerbund added for chairs along with open backs
  • Normally adjustable and washable
  • Adjusts most chairs
  • Pack within a little pouch
  • It requires some practice

8. JOOVY Voodoo High Chair

JOOVY Voodoo High Chair


The Foodoo High Chair comes with everything for the newest foodie for your life. This chair has five-point harnesses.

Therefore you can use this chair for your child from birth to 4 years of age in the deluxe padded leatherette seat.

The height of the dinner table isn’t mattered at all. Your child’s mealtime is enjoyable.

One can easily clean the surface of the table after the meal. This problem-free high chair makes your life easier and enjoyable.


  • Capacity up to 50 pounds, 1 hand standing fold
  • The seat pads are well leatherette so simple to clean it
  • 5 recline position, 8 height adjustable positions, 2 footrest positions
  • 2 position adjustable tray along with dishwasher safe insert, one hand
  • Move easily from one room from other with top quality rubber wheels
  • The JOOVY folds up very easily. The height of the chair is easily adjustable. We wouldn’t like to adjust the height for our use, but at the time of storing it doesn’t help more
  • The JOOVY recline is a wonderful feature. You can do it easily though it rubs badly on tray
  • One can set up it with one hand. You shouldn’t think more about it as long as you need it. It has a very nice feature
  • The fake leather is very simple to clean. It is soft. The leather may be hard to clean so that there is food stitching on it
  • The tray remains bit higher. We don’t like it for this reason. The tray remains in high compared with the child’s position when it comes up to the sternum or chest
  • My child is only 18 months old. The footrests seem to inches away from his foot. It is adjusted as near as it can. Moreover, it is adjustable

9. Chico Pocket Snack Booster Seat

Chico Pocket Snack Booster Seat


The movable seat is a nice addition to carry the children near to the table in your home and on the way. You can carry it to visit family, on vacation and restaurant.

It has very compact fold and convenient carry straps. Moreover, it comes with the pocket snap system which surface is very simple to clean.

The other important features are 3 height modifications, 3 tray positions, and 3 points harness. Two straps put it in its place. The rubberized feel prevents it from sleeping.

Folding legs are the nice addition to adjust your budding child up and down. It has removable snap on the tray with three positions. This chair can accommodate you’re older as well as a younger child.

Most of the standard chairs have bottom secure Pocket Snack and adjustable straps on the back.


  • Removable tray with 3 positions.
  • 3 point harness: magnitude: 15″L x 19.25″H x 13.5″W
  • Rigid metal legs which are set up with 3 height position
  • Compact to fold, swift and simple to set up
  • Anti-slip, non-marking feet. Usage: Children who are not more than 50 pounds or can sit without any help. Use child manacles and add booster seat securely all the time to adult chairs
  • Simple to unfold and fold
  • Folds small
  • Trays are dishwasher safe
  • Straps are big enough to adjust most chairs
  • Straps have Velcro loops to maintain an additional length
  • Travel handle- is not essential to bring the straps
  • Folds very little
  • Kids bum goes normally in warning sticker and disintegrates with water
  • For the first time, the tray may seem bit rough, but after sometimes it would be easier

Types Of Travel High Chair

Types Of Travel High Chair

There are 3 types of travel high chairs found in the market. The names of these high chairs are hook-on chairs, wraps, and the conventional booster seat. You can get lots of advantages in different situations that I will discuss later on.

1. Wraps

Some parents like the wrap design very much. They get more benefit from it at the time of traveling. You can add these versatile designs for use as a travel baby high chair. It sometimes allows you to bring your baby or you can add to the crib as a sleeper.

Wraps are appropriate for the older babies at the time of using a baby portable travel high chair. Traveling parents can love or hate them.


  • Very easy to use
  • Completely lightweight
  • Versatile may double as a triple or carrier as a sleeper and a carrier


  • Most suitable for the older children
  • This is not perfect for all chair heights

2. Hook-On Chairs

A hook on the chair is a nice thing for the kids at the time of making a tour above six months. The weight of the baby would be up to 37 pounds. If weight goes beyond these limits, they will be the top travel pack. Since you have a kid within this range, it would be perfect for you. My kids are very heavy and they reach this weight limits at their younger age.

Add hook on chairs with the table by a rubber handle. It tightens and clings to the table. Moreover, it creates a safe seat for the legs of your child to dangle out of.

Hook on chairs is collapsible to use it at the time of traveling. All are very lightweight and comes with a carry bag for the benefit of traveling.


  • Frivolous at around four lbs
  • Secure and protected
  • Collapsible


  • Is not perfect for all tables
  • Has limited age barrier

3. Booster Seats

Booster Seats

The booster seat is a new addition, so one should be introduced to it. I have got many parents who have seen or used it in their previous time.

Usually, a booster seat is a normal seat that is possible to add with other babysit on the table.

Some booster seats feature with extendable legs to sit individually. Therefore you will get lots of benefits at the time of traveling.

Booster seats are very simple to use. You need to buy a seat which has to back. You can use it for your 12 months kid till your kid reach up to 50 pounds.


  • Easy to use
  • Strong and last for a long time


  • Possible to use for 12 months
  • Normally heavier than collapsible or wrap hook on chairs
  • Now we like to use a BubbleGum booster car seat to fulfill our desire. For the first year, we have used the first years on-the-go booster seat for many trips to Asia.

Criteria For Evaluation

At the time of testing, we have examined each portable high chair side by side for the following issues like safety and quality, ease of use, ease of cleaning and portability. Check out these factors to choose the best travel high chair:

1. Ease Of Use

In every use, we emphasize three factors, furniture compatibility, set up and simple of strapping for baby as well as baby’s positioning and at the time of eating overall comfort.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair has got eight, and the Fisher Price Healthy Care Deluxe has scored ten.

Both of them are simple to set up and easy to set up, thickness fits well with the diverse array of the table’s shapes, styles, and same importance. The babies are secured and comfort at the time of dining.

The other extreme scoring four to ten, the Munchkin Travel Booster Seat, the Chicco Caddy Hook On, the Prince Lionheart BoosterPOD, has got the bottom score to the barrel and simple to use.

2. Ease Of Set Up

Ease Of Set Up

The chair is mainly made for dining out; the parents need to be satisfied with the technical aspects of the setting and take down a chair time is the matter most.

The chair is both the Inglesina Fast Table Chair as well as the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe is a breeze.

We see that the Chicco Caddy Hook On is the great deal breaker and we fumble with the different parts and feeling frustrated to keep the baby on it.

But the setting of the Munchkin Travel Booster Seat is hard to adjust and truly tight with the chair.

3. Compatibility

We have tested many diverse Hook On and found Inglesina Fast Table Chair, and this is the best one.

It can accommodate straight, and curved edge surfaces along with horizontal skirts. The chair is great for versatility.

On the contrary, Teds Lobster and Phil lead to the disappointment of dining to the go as it is fit for the tables with strong edges without having a skirt.

The positive side of the booster seat is that they may strap for all individual dining chair.

They are fitted with the height of the dining table height and not be used in restaurant booths. The reason is the seats are not secured.

We get the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat is a dear booster. It has adjustable seat height and detachable tray.

The chair can hold people of different ages for dining situation, gives babies own eating surface and to pull a toddler to eat with everyone.

4. Safety And Quality

We measure the stability of the chair with chair added to the tables, chair or countertop. We are now thinking more about the child’s safety.

It has got the highest score for its solid structure as well as support, a well-functioning attachment mechanism, heavy duty, supportive backs, the deep seat having sturdy, easily adjustable harness and well positioned. We are also giving much attention to materials, finish and fit of every chair.

Safety And Quality

The fabrics of the seat are lightweight polyester, and we get resistant to wear, tear and pilling and comfortable for the babies.

It has universal tight attachment mechanism, well placed, sturdy metal frame, three points safety harness, Inglesina excelled rating nine to ten and high seat back.

The inherent water wicking ability of Polyester is well fitted and perfect to use for high chair since it dries rapidly after cleaning or spilled upon.

The Munchkin Travel Booster Seat scored one out of ten for quality and safety. The materials of the chair are low quality and safety straps.

When we have done research, we give more attention to the complaints. The odd side of the chair is that it has three points safety harness.

The chair is hard to adjust round the waist and holds a fixed crotch strap that has the harness lying on the lap instead of the lower abdomen that gives more protection.

Final Verdict

Finally, choose the best travel high chair that is well fit in your dining space and saves more spaces.

But you have to consider two great things before deciding to buy a chair. The first one is you may wash quickly or dishwasher detachable trays and able to take out the baby from the chair more easily.

The second thing is that height must be adjustable with the height of the table to carry the baby tableside. Very soon, you think that a new one will take place at the dinner table.