Awesome Guide On How To Buy The Best Infinity Massage Chair


Infinite Therapeutics gives the best Infinity massage chair with advanced techniques and features which are also common in some other same chair with the same price.

Receive more merits of new features they give, iOs and the Android apps made to maintain the stream and chair music from the phone.

The chair is space saving, and you can put it in a small place. You can put this chair on your dear playlist.

Relax With Benefits Of Infinity Massage Chair

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Top 4 Infinity Massage Chair Reviews

1. Infinity IT-7800 Massage Chair

Infinity IT-7800 Massage Chair


The IT-7800 is best affordable for all types of Infinity chairs. The chair has great function. So you will get most benefits out of this chair.

The therapeutic massage chair has a great appeal to the people as it has various massage techniques such as tapping, kneading, and shiatsu massage facilities.

The target of this multiple methods is to lessen the massaging of the body part, by aiming particular areas, delegating the accurate technique to get an amazing result.

There is some new technology found in the chair which augments the therapy power, having doubled sections footrest for 12 heavy duty leathered airbags. Thus, the airbags ensure comfort for calves, ankles, feet, and soles.

In IT 7800, there is adjustable footrest bad incline that desires to personalize the massage.

It is a good home appliance and a good office massage chair for the people who like to remove tension quickly without spending exorbitant spa value.


  • Double section footrest with 12 air bags
  • Adjustable recliner and leg rest
  • Easy operation

2. Infinity – Massage Chair IT

Infinity - Massage Chair


IT-8500 Zero-Gravity Massage Chair Infinite Therapeutics. It has authorized dealers guarantee.

The chair gives a firm shoulder retraction with having lower extremity gripping and stretch feature.

The main back roller massager moves down and up, so it works very well. The shiatsu swivel seat swings its hips from side to side.

The multi-functional system gives the leading state for the spinal correction. Accu-Roll Shoulder Massage Sensor encompasses the whole shoulder region for comprehensive upper body massage.


  • Has three-year manufacturer warranty
  • Free curbside delivery

3. Infinity IT-9800 Massage Chair

Infinity IT-9800 Massage Chair


The good-looking leather inversion therapy chair is dear to the people of having more features, amazing aesthetics and functions.

The chair is made with the rejuvenation of the mind. Thus, it is great for the people who like to remove back aches for doing a long time day work.

The chair is used for spinal decompression to renew the aching body give and to roll, Shiatsu, tapping, Swedish, swing, vibration massage, kneading to ensure spa experience for the comfort of your home.

In this chair, you will get zero gravity of infrared heat therapy, eight therapeutic recline technology, reflexology and calf massage, optical scanning technology to offer you tailored experience.


  • Inversion therapy
  • Optical scanning technology

4. Infinity IYASHI Massage Chair

Infinity IYASHI Massage Chair


The IYASHI has conquered the heart of the American people for having revolutionary massage mechanism, innovative massage therapies, advanced operation technologies, extensive track systems.

The dreaming chair will aching muscles up to 35% better than any other chairs in the market. The Bluetooth capacities are maintained by an Android phone.

The chair confirms soothing massages for each muscle – from the top of your neck to your feet. Besides it also minimizes the impact on the environment by applying the little force.

The chair offers amazing technologies with a great price to meet the demand of your office and homes needs. Do not spend the time to think more. Buy the chair today.


  • Kneading
  • Synchronic
  • Tapping
  • Shiatsu
  • Knocking

Quick Using Guide

If the chair is plug in and then the power button is to the rear lower panel is in the on position, you may able to use your massage chair. Begin by pressing the power button to the upper left of your distant control.

You can select one button from the six auto programs by the remote control.

1) Recover

2) Extend

3) Refresh

4) Upper Auto

5) Relax

6) Lower Auto.

The program will lead you to a fully automated massage according to your desired needs. From the menu, you can adjust your desired time. The options of the auto timer are 10, 20 and 30 minutes.

Custom Massage – After pressing the power button then press the Menu button directly under the power button. Choose manual from the menu then mode and finally one of the six rollers massages

1) Kneading

2) Knocking

3) Tapping

4) Sync (tapping and knocking)

5) Shiatsu

6) Rhythm (Sync to music coming in through Bluetooth).

When enjoying a custom massage, you may customize more by preferring the manual option found in the menu for “Width” and “Part” and “Speed.”’

To enjoy a foot massage, engage the foot roller from the rollers menu option. One can maintain speed with the three speeds options.

Choose heat from the menu to engage the Lumbar Heat. Spend some time to enjoy the heat benefits.

Greasing A Massage Chair

I know it well that the title of this article doesn’t sound more. But the message here is completely wonderful for me. I would like to get an answer to the massage chair.

It is a type of chair which must need maintenance to get the new chair running smoothly. You will be surprised to know that it is not very much.

I have told in this article that you needn’t inner maintenance of the chair. Particularly for lube jobs since you like to do with the private.

However sometimes comes when you get some parts of the chair squeak, you need a bit greasing to solve this problem.

This is a not a regular happening. But it happens. So we have given importance to it. Every chair is different no doubt. They’ve also various greasing points but there are some similarities.

I would like to give you some instructions. These instruction are taken from the Infinite Therapeutics. We have got a Local IT-8500 that begins to squeak. This is very wonderful guidelines for most of the chairs.

I desire to use lithium grease for my chair that I have bought from Home Depot or Lowes or pivot points of the chair. The pivot points may vary from time to time. All people have the similar thing.

One may buy the lithium grease in a form of cream or spray. But you know it well that both have merits and demerits. The spray may enter into the pivot points. Sometimes overspray can get into upholstering or compromise with it. Cream fails to enter into some spaces like the spray. But too much everything may fall on upholstery and may compromise it as well.

My son, Rob has wonderful skill. He repairs all the parts of the chair. He says that it is very simple to grease the pivot points. When you see squeaking coming from the massage chair, you must call the manufacturer first.

Follow the instruction they give you. If you have an intention of greasing, they will provide you pivot point instructions and locations.

What To Know More About Infinity Massage Chair

Infinity Therapeutics company brings the infinity massage chairs in the market. They are creating some chairs giving health benefits of inversion therapy that applies gravity, various reclining positions. Also, the airbags give relief for the different parts of the body.

what to know more about Infinity massage chair

Most of the Infinity chair has a discount offer. So you can save money with this standard massage chair.

The latest invention is Infinity Escape. This is a type of chair that takes traditional foot massage and develops it even more. Try to know more about the chair below.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Has three years limited guarantee for all the parts of the chair. The guarantee is also eligible for other parts also.

In the first year, the guarantee covers all parts and labor with home service without any cost. During the second years, it is only for the parts and for labor you have to pay from your pocket.

In the last year, you will only get the warranty for the frame only. So see the warranty carefully if you like to buy a chair for your use. You will get a good profit at your expense. Do not forget it. See the warranty very closely.

Final Verdict

Most of the researchers of the western philosophers come to the points that massage chair is best for both mind and body.

Final Verdict

Today the massage chair is not for those who only want to enjoy relaxation. The chair maintains the whole health, gives desired massage therapy.

A massage chair removes toxins, enhances the immune system, prevent illness. The emotional and psychological feeling is also very great.