5 Best Hook On Highchair – The Ultimate Buying Guide


Babies who are older than six months, a hook on high chair is a great chair for them as they have weight limit just up to 37 pounds. It may vary as you hook it. It is attached to rubber handles, tighten the handles.

The hook ensures babies comfortable and safe seat. Parents may tour with such type of chairs. The chairs fold compactly and lightweight.

You may use the chairs in various circumstances from grandmother’s house to a picnic table.

Best Hook On Highchair – Comparison Chart

Benefits Of Using A Hook On Highchair

Use hook with the chairs- they can hook onto kitchen or Table Island. They may keep a toddler or a baby and possible to remove easily.

Hook On Highchair

Some of their benefits include:

  • The chair saves the spaces more. Many moms who live in the town have crunched space. For them, the chair saves enough spaces. I have a big kitchen, and I would like to keep this away. I am unable to stand bulky and big items. Therefore a hook on is the best choice for me.
  • Permit your child to feel more to the part of a dinner time. The seats put the toddlers and the babies to the middle of the chair at the time of dinner table and ensure healthy eating. They feel more included as they are cozied up with the table.
  • One can use the chair anywhere. I take it with me everywhere I go. I found my son is very happy to bring the chair from my laws to the restaurant. The chair is compared with the restaurant traditional high chair.

Top 5 Best Hook On Highchair

1. Chicco 360 Hook On Chair

Chicco 360 Hook-On Chair, Scarlet


Chico is structured in Italy. I have an innovative seat which locks in six positions for interactive and happy mealtimes. At the time of feeding, the baby remains face to face. For this, the baby entertains others, and all are happy.

Facing him, forward to the table in every mealtime snap-on the tray. Serving tray ensures clean and neat surface for a meal at away and homes.

The dishwasher safe tray and seat pads are washable and removable. Rubber grip clamps with table rapidly and securely negotiating table skirt up to 5.5 inches thick.

Moreover, the yellow highlighted buttons would not keep you finding the way to adjust the chair.

The chair has deluxe carry bag and compact folding option. The Chicco 360 is wonder chair for a restaurant for the grandparents and the attending picnic.

Features of Chicco 360 Hook On Chair

  • Having Snap on a serving tray
  • Lock or ratchet technology to ensure attachment to the table tops.
  • Locks in six position and rotates 360 to facilitate feeding from different angles
  • Rubberized grips would not pinch fingers or mark tables
  • Detachable tray
  • Easy setup
  • Swivel seat
  • Deluxe carry bag as well as compact fold makes storage and travel very simple
  • Rubber table clamps for secure and quick attachment discusses table avoidance up to 5.5 thick
  • Fabric seats are hard to wash as well as hide crumbs and catches

2. Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-On Highchair


The buggy pod is petite, neat and ready for eating. It is lighter, smaller and simple addition to the table home and away.

The POD is adjustable with any tables and bench tops. It is great for indoor and outdoor use. The chair is designed with the strong aluminum frame, clamps are safe as well, and robust has non-slip grip pads.

The chair has a padded back to confirm postural support to keep the baby secured for a longer time. The Pod is portable to keep in handbags, compact storage, and buggy gear trays.

The maximum weight of the chair is 2.2 pounds, and the endurance capacity of the seat is 33 pounds.

The other feature is recyclable carry bag for the family. It comes in 3 colors such as lime, black, and Flint.

Features of Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-On Highchair

  • An aluminum frame having padded back added, robust aluminum and a shoulder harness clamps without grips pad, capacity up to 33 pounds.
  • Comes with a recyclable carry bag and three colors
  • Weight is 2.2 pound and compact folding for keeping in diaper bags, buggy gears trays and purses.
  • Possible to clamp on bench tops and most tables, 0.8 up to two inches and great to use on indoor and outdoor.
  • Durable, comfortable and hygienic
  • The high chair is made from ultra robust though aluminum is lightweight
  • Come with a Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-on High Chair as well as a Click Clack Balls Teether
  • There is no con

3. Summer Infant SecureSeat Chair & Hook

Summer SecureSeat Chair & Hook-On Booster


The Summer Infant SecureSeat Chair & Hook-On Booster gives a dual solution to eating at home or on the go.

The new seat adds as a clip-on booster for chair or table.

The folding system is very easy; the booster is very helpful at the time of traveling. It has removable seat cushion is machine washable.

Features of Summer Infant SecureSeat Chair & Hook

  • Three points restraint system: neutral, modern color pallet
  • Dishwasher and removable safe tray. Has more compact folding design to ensure portability and storage
  • Clip on booster seat, three in one or booster seat at table and booster seat with tray
  • Chair straps put up booster to the chair
  • You are eventually breaking the chair down; it is very compact
  • Same as versatility and neutral colors.
  • Braces are very long compared with a standard counter so we do not use it well

4. Phil&Teds Lobster Highchair

phil&teds Lobster Clip-On Highchair


The highchair has four points safety harness with padded shoulder straps holding the wriggliest of safety and security for the high chair.

Super lobster claws and rubber grips keep the babies secured with the clamp mechanism- not simple for the kids but fit for the adults.

The frame of the chair is wonderful and falls to the position, fit for attaching your table. To pack it, flip the clamps inward as well as lobster may fold back on itself, simple to keep in the carry bag.

There is dishwasher safe food tray slide between the clamps to save the surface of the table from the food spills.

Features of phil&teds Lobster Highchair

  • Aluminum and polyester
  • Aluminum clamps along with no-slip grip pads are adjusted with tables from 0.8 inches up to 3.75 thick for outdoor and indoor use
  • The frame along with padded back support and shoulder harness system Weighing in under four pounds
  • Has safety design globally to accommodate a child three months to three years weight up to 37 pounds
  • Comes with dishwasher safe tray, travel bags which fits simply into the diaper purses and bags and stroller gear baskets
  • Normally add with all tables
  • Baby fails to climb out and very comfortable
  • Folds flat
  • Very heavy kind
  • Fail to detach fabric to rinse in a washing machine

5. Regalo Easy Diner Portable High Chair

Regalo Easy Diner Portable High Chair


Regalo Easy Diner Portable High Chair has five points safety harness to ensure safety.

It is a good place for fidgety eaters without any hassle of car seats and high chairs. It has a high back seat to give additional support.

The pad is very comfortable and simple to wash and remove. You can quickly fold and unfold it. It has a double system to attach to the table.

There is a carry case with the chair to store or carry it. The collapsible seat is a good addition to apartments, homes and crowded restaurants if you go outside home.

The hook of the chair is made of sturdy materials, and it is twenty inches high sixteen inches wide and thirteen inches deep.

Regalo can support babies up to 37 pounds. Regalo is the industry leader in safety gates, bed rails, booster seats, portable toddlers beds, chairs. The quality of Regalo is high, durable product with having exceptional value.

Features of Regalo Easy Diner Portable High Chair

  • With fully padded seat it has five points safety harness
  • Double locking system ensures seat for the table
  • Collapse to the carrying and set up rapidly to transport
  • Versatile and flexible high chair for the road and home
  • Removable seat cushions for all steel constructions
  • Very wonderful chair with having easy carrying system and comfortable users.
  • Simple to carry, the baby is also the part of fun and dining.
  • There is no con

Different Types Of Hook On Highchairs

Different Types Of Hook On Highchairs

It is natural that you can’t use a conventional high chair. This is the place where highchairs come in. Do you know it that various items appear under this category?

Now think what options are needed for a hook on highchairs and what are the main features or components are:

  • A hook on high chair is a type of seat. It is hanged with a frame and clamped in some way with a sturdy table.
  • A hook on the high chair has no legs with it and comes with or without a dining tray that adjusts well on the top of the dining table. It is a nice option for portability. You may carry it with you when you make a tour. Also, stowing is possible when you don’t use it. You need no extra chair. Moreover, it has a space saver over conventional models. Try to get a model that detaches and attaches quickly and easily. The other things sturdy clips, safety belts, washable fabric, high backs for more support, harness for security, clasps which may not mark furniture.
  • A booster seat high chair is nothing but a seat. It adds to the dining chair very securely by the straps. It lifts up the child to the table height so that he can sit at the dining table except for a tray. You can use it separately from the dining table by adding a dining tray. Some booster seats are more portable and mobile while others are more stationary. Before buying a booster seat you have to consider seat. The seats must have safety belts, securely fasten to chairs and very easy to clean.

Things To Look For When Purchasing Your Hook On Highchair

If you buy a hook of a high chair, you will get many extras with it. Some of them are very much essential than the others. You have to measure the weight of the chair before you take final decision to buy a chair.

Here you will get some of the features and from them, you can choose your desired one.

1. Carrying Bags

If you are thinking more about a chair, you need to think more about the carrying bag of it. This works as a nice storage when you don’t use it. The storage bag is a very useful thing for a chair.

2. Machine-Washable Seat Cushions

Kids are untidy. So keep these things out of their way. When you see many food spills on the cushion of the chair, throw them into the washing machine. Other accidents are very helpful.

3. Ease Of Cleaning

Children like to make a crack on the cushion of the chair. Therefore buy something which is very simple to clean. Get a model which that has good seat, frame, straps, harness and other areas. All must be very simple to clean. When you get food is hard to clean or some areas same as crumb catchers. Then you may want another model.

4. Storage Pockets

High chair comes with a storage bag on the side or to the back of the chair. This bag is very handy for bibs, pacifiers, handy wipes and other small essentials.

5. Tray

Some hooks of the high chairs and booster seats come with dinner trays. If you find one with a tray, you have to choose a tray which is dishwasher safe. Chairs having dinner trays are versatile and removed as these may be removed without any tray if your child grows older.

6. Style

Most of the chairs has various colors and designs. You can choose your desired color to decorate your room with home décor.

7. Dual Purpose

If you wish to get a little more life with a hook on a high chair, some seats also accomplish other purposes. For example, you can use it as a booster seat as a child is getting older.

8. Safety

Some chairs come with only a lap belt. But there are many chairs which have 3, 4, or 5 points safety harness for maximum safety.

9. Comfort

Padding makes dissimilarity for us. It creates distinction for your child. Higher back and padded seats are a super addition to the comfort of the child. Moreover, you have to consider the leg room more carefully. The reason is that some chairs come with smaller leg holes than others.

10. Weight Limit

You have to consider the weight limit of the hook chair and booster seats that may accommodate many. Booster chairs can accommodate heavier children; you need to keep this in your mind. For this reason, the chair has safety guidelines.

11. Adjustability

Adjustability is another important feature of the high chair. The booster seat with adjustable pegs so nice that your child is not very high or very low. Your child can sit eye level with keeping everything at the eye level.

12. The Thickness Of Table

You must consider the thickness of the main table on which you desire to apply the hook. It will help more to remove some of the candidates.

13. Type Of Table

You need to know the type of table where you like to use a hook for the high chair. Some chairs are not fit for such types of tables.

Final Verdict

Easy Attaching

Lastly, the Inglesina Fast Table Chair gives us chance to an Easy Portable High chair that we like to use both in kitchen countertop and homes.

You may use it on par with the restaurant. You can use it for a six months baby which is a great bonus and by the time we get the weight of the baby is 37 pounds.

They can sit on regular chair anyway. Budget is the matter as the price is half. You are not able to beat the Fisher Price Healthy Care Deluxe.

It is simple to clean and carry. You can use it without directly up to the table. We know both tray and legs can adjust growing toddlers.

Be sure the seat is well secured prior to keep babies inside and use the harness feature. Mangia bene and happy dining.