Oversized Bean Bag Chair In Steel Grey Reviews


Panda Sleep oversized bean bag chair covers are long lasting, rigid yarn made of military clothing. You may use the bean bag for a long time in coming future. The triple-layer Hypercomfy cover is stain resistant, tough. One can easily wash it in the machine by automatic cycle.

Panda Sleep Oversized Bean Bag Chair


Safety and Healthy: the manufacture uses virgin foam that is approved by world leading agencies. This foam never emits harmful fumes. It is finally clear that the bags are completely secured for your family, you and your friends.

Features Of Oversized Bean Bag Chair

  • Fill: urethane shredded foam
  • Long lasting and soothe suede cover
  • For body comfort soft contours
  • Beanbag style chair


  • Simple to put together
  • Super quality
  • Styling bean bag and durable


  • None


Oversized Bean Bag Chair

Our proprietary memory foam blend gives long lasting, soft console and furriness etc. The feel and touch of the premium fabric satisfy you quickly.

You have no intention to rise again. The manufacturer never uses inexpensive polystyrene beans that feel pain. It doesn’t become flat within a few weeks.

Health & Safety

Manufacturer use virgin foam which is approved by the world leading agencies. Additionally, the foam doesn’t release any injurious fumes. They guarantee that the product is 100% free from cancer-causing flame retardants.

Sometimes their competitors use such type of products. Be satisfied the bean gab is completely secured for you, your friends and your family. Why they use such products all the time?

Size & Care

This is fit for one teenagers or juvenile adult who have 80 pounds weight of the body. Size is 24″ H x 30″ W x 30″ D. Suggested size of the floor is 42″ x 42″. Sometimes re-fluff for finest comfort. One can wash air dry or automatic cycle to wash the cover.

Why You Choose Oversized Bean Bag Chair In Steel Grey

Panda Sleep Bean Bag covers are made from the military. It ensures that you may enjoy the bean bag for the forthcoming years. Out triple-layer Hypercomfy is stain resistant.

What Others Say About Oversized Bean Bag Chair In Steel Grey

The product is very hard for me to accumulate it. I ordered two for me. Though this is one am I ever incorrect.

The chair is very nice for the people of all ages. This is very a good chair and very simple to set up. Be careful at the time of opening it. You should not tear the chair itself.

Setting up is very easy. It may sometimes take to get the real bean back chair. It needs lots of pulling and tugging along with lots of arm labor.

I suggest keeping the filling in an individual bag. One can keep it somewhere where users like me away from the filling within the chair physically. This makes thing easier for everyone at the end. Moreover, it is less time taking for who have seen it and may have the right away.

The chair comes in vibrant colors. You may see I have purchased a green one as well as a pink polka dot one. The price of these helmets is not very high. Buying a helmet is good speculation of the parents for the child.

Frequently Asked Questions On Oversized Bean Bag Chair In Steel Grey

1. Are These Free From Latex?

I am very sorry. I don’t know about it. You may contact the maker of the chair.

2. Can One Add Filler With It To Make It Firm?

No. No. I think you should not need it. I except this helps you more.

3. What Is The Procedure To Remove The Cover As It Stays Straight Over The Foam?

Sorry to say that my puppy began betting it. Therefore I had to throw it away. After that I no longer purchase it.

4. What Is The Maximum Weight That The Bean Bag Can Endure?

I think there should be no weight restriction. If it is made heavily, it will keep more weight.

Final Verdict

Bean Bag is very favorable for our children. It is very large and quality is the best. Its microfiber filling makes the item very comfortable. Maintaining is very simple. After few light tosses, the bag goes to its original shape.

All the instruction are very simple and problem free to follow. My toddler likes lounging the bean bag very much. Sometimes we use it as a footrest. We are pleased with the purchased.