Step By Step Techniques On How A Plastic Chair Is Made


Plastic chair is the turning point in the history of furniture design. They are the sign of functional construction and independence of expressing something.

It gives beauty and practicality. In the 60s, the history of plastic chair began, with the first furniture series.

In the beginning, there are many advantages of chairs: ergonomics, economy, flexibility.

The chairs are made of metal structure and plastic, adding many pieces of interlocking pitchers and nails, etc… the innovative chair is the uncommon piece of Plexiglas or colored plastic, saves solutions and originals forms, free from any limit.

The record of plastic chair started with Selene, a kind of model made by Vico Magistrate in 1967.

It is made of translucent plastic with various colors and designed to stack and uses both on the outside and inside.

The 1st cantilevered chair is made from the single mold and offered to sinuous lines which same as the female body.

The 861 is also made from a single mold and cut in well size legs which are stacked up to the maximum of 3 pieces. It is just like a bench which has more seating capacity.

Plastic Chair History

Plastic chair is a new addition to the history of furniture design. It has added a new dimension for the users. These chairs are the archetype of freedom of expression and functional construction.

The history started during the beginning of the 60s with the first furniture series. There are many advantages like ergonomics, economy, and flexibility. Normally, wood is a common material option for these chairs.

Sometimes metal structures are set up by interlocking pitchers and nails. The new chairs are an uncommon piece of plastic or plexiglass. They have space-saving solutions which are free from any limit.

The extrusion process industry gives the freedom of artistic expression. It has the ability to lead our project for a long time. The chair becomes a true model of design.

The history of official chair started in 1967 by a designer Vico Magistretti. The name of this chair was Selene. It was made in translucent plastic with different colors and designed with easily stacked.

One can use it both inside and outside. Very important are the Panton Chair by designer Verner Panton and popular 861 by Joe Colombo. The first cantilevered chair was designed from a single mold and shown on the sinuous lines.

These were same as a woman body. The 861 was designed from a single mold and featured by exact cuts on the legs.

Plastic chairs are very useful for all purposes. One can use it in garden or indoor, private or public places, side by side or stackable, transparent or colored. There are lots of features with these chairs. So, one can adapt to the demand of the space.

The utility of recyclable materials has made a new model of the chair which is abreast and innovative. It comes with all environmental requirements of the society.

The Material Used In A Plastic Chair

Generally, most of the plastic chairs are made of polypropylene. These are mounted in various sizes, shapes, and colors. All are lightweight in the sense.

There are both benefits and drawbacks of the components of these chairs. The materials of ABS chairs are expensive than the polypropylene chairs. Furthermore, the overall strength of ABS materials is more than polypropylene.

Polypropylene has a tensile strength of about 4000 psi and ABS has a strength of polypropylene is 5500 psi. ABS is lighter and hard comparatively. So we can say ABS has stronger materials out of the 2.

This chair made of polypropylene. It lasts longer than ABS. Polypropylene has natural ability to be moldable in some nice crafted chairs.

These chairs are looking exceptional than other chairs. Nevertheless, ABS is used in recliners and rocking chairs.

In another way, polypropylene is a nice office chair fit for indoor and outdoor usage. There are some basic differences between these two chairs. ABS is sturdy and hard than polypropylene.

The polypropylene chairs are very lightweight as these are made of softer materials. Still, you have the desire to buy this chair, reconsider some factors such as price. Then come to the final decision.

How A Plastic Chair Is Made

1. Rotational Molding

The first process is rotational molding. Plastic models are made in various ways, and all of them involved metal molds which are curved to make the desired shape.

Rotational Molding

Among the models, the rotational model is the best models where big metal mold is entered with plastic polymer power.

This makes the heating or melting easily.  The mold is turned three-dimensionally to divide the polymers to every part of the mold.

After a long time of spinning, the mold becomes cool off, and rotation comes to the last of the stage. Finally, the mold is exposed, and the new hollow chair is being altered.

2. Injection Molding

Injection molding is another kind of plastic furniture making. This kind of mold does not have spin. Instead, the polymers are heated to a preconditioned temperature and rate.

They are kept in cooled or mold. A type of precision is used for this type of molding process as plastic is poured slightly, it can dry soon.

If you pour it quickly, the result may not be in a uniform configuration of the plastic. When you do it properly, the plastic will mold in a particular piece.

3. Gas Assisted Injection Molding

Gas Assisted Injection Molding

Injection molding may be done with the help of gas which is blown inside the mold, pressing the molten plastic out of some parts of the mold.

This makes channels more lightweight and maintains the strength. All the other parts of the injection mold remain the same, the result is the similar parts which are hollow, and some parts are solid.

To make the plastic chair, different types of plastics are blended at the time of processing the plastic. This makes the chair much stronger than the regular brand of plastic in the market.

Advantages Of Using Plastic Furniture

  • Comparatively, plastic furniture is less expensive than metal or wood. Stylish and comfortable furniture is made from plastic by spending low cost. If you have a very limited budget, you can choose plastic.
  • Normally plastic furniture is unbreakable. Though you handled roughly or drop it, it doesn’t break.
  • All are lightweight. One can move it around the room easily without feeling any problem or without the help of others.
  • Plastic furniture has little or no maintenance cost. It doesn’t require regular maintenance. Moreover plastic is unbreakable. On the contrary, conventional furniture is made of wood.
  • One gets different colors of plastic furniture. So he can change the get up of the room or the mood of the house. Plastic is possible to mold in any form or design or shape. So it is possible to make the desired design with great thirst. Today you can find a variety of styles and designs, depending on your needs.
  • Wooden furniture needs wood to make it. So collecting wood from the forest leads deforestation or serious ecological problems. Usage of plastic reduces the use of wood in a great way. Therefore cutting a tree is not essential. So usage of plastic protects our environment.
  • All plastic furniture is waterproof. Though you keep it under in rain, it doesn’t get rusted or cracked.
  • Since this furniture doesn’t have any sharp corners, it is harmless. All are very lightweight. This is very safe for the children are around.

Disadvantages Of Plastic Furniture

  • Plastic furniture breaks easily and lasts for a short period. But proper care can ensure its longevity. Though somebody takes proper care of it, it can be prone to damage. So you are spending double for the similar furniture. There is no guarantee how much pressure and weight can it endure. It isn’t sturdy enough. Therefore plastic is unsafe in some cases.
  • If you consider plastic with wood, you get plastic lacks elegance and boldness. Even today wooden furniture is very appealing and standard. Some people don’t like plastic furniture at all.
  • Plastic furniture isn’t eco-friendly. Though plastic reduces the usage of wood, it isn’t biodegradable. People say that you should not cut down trees to make furniture. But still, there are lots of health hazards related to plastic.

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