6 Best Ultralight Backpacking Chair Reviews


In this review of the best ultralight backpacking chair, we give more importance on backpacking, camping chairs and keep them side by side to test in a group, at the park, on the mountain.

We have broken down all the previous records. The chair would be under 3 pounds. It is great for transporting if we like to export it to the backcountry of the High Serra or may pinch for a short hike.

We have also invented heavy chair for the summer season. There is no such a chair that must be best for everything.

We have available results in our minds. Now see how these chair’s seat matches the rear and fired.

Types Of Chairs

1. Taco Style

We added here many chairs of 2 dissimilar categories. These chairs dubbed tent style and taco style. The four taco styles are popularly known as the classic Crazy Creek original chair.

Many companies come forward to know how they finish. The design of the chair is very simple. A folding L shape piece is very light. The shape doesn’t demand any setup.

This is perfect for a concert where the seat of the earth isn’t permitted. This chair needs some muscle appointment to utilize and aren’t stable like a chair with legs.

2. Tent Style

They are named tent style as they are designed from a fabric seat, tents like a pole and a folding. It has a fabric seat which helps you to hang balanced between the poles.

We have added this category though we have other 4 products. They normally sit around 10 inches up the earth and more contented than the taco style chair.

Still, they are significant and more expensive. Sometimes they are very heavier. We become more excited when you see it everywhere on the crag, the beach, and car camping cookouts.

If you are still inquisitive why you would carry a chair backpacking, perhaps this chair is not for you.

Most Important Features

1. Fabric Material

We give assurance that the fabrics are made of high-quality materials. The materials you like to use should have the following criteria: fade proof, anti-dust or oil, waterproof, retardant, anti-static, anti-UV, washable, cold resistant, shrink resistant, light fastness, highly durable and tear resistant.

Some of the commonly recommended fabrics are 450D ripstop polyester, 210D ripstop nylon fabrics, and 600D polyester fabric.

2. Frame Material & Design

Frame Material & Design

The next considering things are design and the frame materials. In the market, you can get different frame materials like anodized aluminum and 7 thousand series aluminum.

Most backpacking chairs are made of aluminum frames. For this, they do not rust, or they may be lightweight, require minimal maintenance and durable. They may not peel or chip simply, and they possess color stability from UV rays.

3. Lightweight, Compact & Stability

As the chair is backpacking chair, it must be lightweight. The compact nature and lightweight design are great for you to carry from one place to another, hiking and trekking.

You have to buy a stable chair to maintain balance. You must be sure that the chair would be suited to your needs and ensure steadiness.

When you like to use the chair on a bench or the rocky terrain, stability is a must. Besides, you have to choose a chair having more weight capacity.

4. Easy Setup

You must give importance to the features of the chair. Some seats are very simple to set up, though some require more time.

Select a model that is very simple to assemble or disassemble. The pads and the frame determine how hard and easy assembling or collapsing a chair may be.

Top 6 Best Backpacking Chair Reviews

1. Ultra Light Folding Portable Outdoor Hiking Beach Chair

Ultra Light Folding Portable Outdoor Hiking Beach Chair


In the name, all thing implies clearly. We are using the chair all the day long. The weight of the chair is 2.7 pounds.

It is extra lightweight and may endure weight up to 350 pounds. The most important thing about the chair is that it is very comfortable.

The Ultra Lounger has a high rearrests which permits your body to sit entirely. After taking the hiking gear for a long distance, the extend design molds to contours your body, attempt shoulders, and back.

Besides the lightweight backpacking off the chair holds a pillow which is sewn to the top of the rear rest to give more soft padding for your head and neck.

Note: To have a nack the chair is most comfortable. The chair is quite long and ultra-light.

We are just carrying an extra section of equipment to the top of your backpack. The legs are aloof from the structure of the chair. It aids to store well and easy cleaning. It takes some more time to set up.


  • The chair is ultra lightweight and weight is 2.7 pounds. The chair is very simple to bring from one place to another. It seems to you that you are carrying an extra furniture
  • The chair has a built-in pillow, a high back which is absent in this chair and has an ultralight category. It has loose rocking motion. It gives long-term outdoor relaxation and contours the body
  • The chair is made from an aircraft graded aluminum, though the weight is only 2.7 lbs. The capacity of the chair is up to 350 pounds
  • It has to carry case and compact folding system. This chair may be dangled to a backpack, thrown to the back window or slid under a stroller or carried with your pinky
  • It takes less than a minute to assemble the Ultra Lounger from Odyssey Trek with the interconnected frame pool
  • It is inexpensive and very light. One can set up normally on uneven ground. Wonderful build in the pillow. Made well
  • Very short for less than 5.9, requires the hard ground to set up. Moreover, the Velcro wrap strap is also very short

2. KingCamp Moon Leisure Lightweight Portable Folding Chair

KingCamp Moon Leisure Lightweight Portable Folding Chair


The King came Moon Leisure Lightweight chair is truly a comfortable chair in the list. Within the big cushioned seat, your whole body will be preserved.

The chair is padded with serious duty polyester fabric. It takes no effort to fold it up.

It is not the lightest backpacking chair in the list as the weight is only nine pounds. But the chair is awesome comfortable.

When you fold the chair, it is 35″x8″x8″. So packing is a little bit tricky. It is suggested for other fun to open-air activity and basic hikes.

It has a well-pouch to the back of the chair though has no cup holders. You can easily keep the chair in your place where you keep magazines, books, phones, etc.

If you have a desire to use a chair for subsequently camping trip, this one is best for your use.

Note: keep the legs dried up and unspoiled them well if you are in the home. The reason is that material has a learning to trust for the unexpected elements from nature for a long time.


  • It is very simple to fold and has handles on the back of the seat
  • To ensure extra support, it is well padded
  • Frame construction is very well, and weight is only 260 pounds
  • Has a big pocket to keep miscellaneous accessories and magazines, great for indoor as well as outdoor uses
  • Having storage bags and shoulder strap, simple to carry
  • Very simple to use
  • Wonderful color
  • Very comfortable. This is a conversation piece since people stop at the pool always
  • Nothing uncommon

3. GCI Outdoor Quik-E-Seat

GCI Outdoor Quik-E-Seat


The camping chair is not much more moveable than this chair. There is also a cup holder with it. The chair offers you all your necessary adventures.

The capacity of the chair is 250 pounds. The polyester of the chair is highly durable and comfortable.

The legs of the chair are made from powder-coated steel, ensures tough, hard finish and keep away from nasty rust.

The chair has only one downside that is it has no carrier bag.

It has a bear strap to carry it. It is slightly awkward, particularly you are on a bulk load.

You can carry this little gentleman hiking anywhere. Packing up is easier and simple to set up. The folding legs are pop to place, makes it very easy.

The chair is suggested for long-term use for sitting but a speedy rest till you are prepared to move again.


  • Weight six pounds
  • Field tested and high-quality travel chair
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Collapsible and portable
  • Power coated steel with six hundred denier polyester
  • Folding and transporting is very easy
  • The Quick E Seat comes with beverage holder and an extra wide 18-inch backrest
  • Effortless to maintenance
  • Weight four pounds and capacity up to 250 pounds
  • Has no con

4. Big Agnes – Helinox – Chair One

Big Agnes - Helinox - Chair One


Giving Big Agnes in style. The chair is found various colors, weight up to 1.9 pounds.

The chair is a friend to you if you like to go anywhere.

Packing is smaller instead of Sunday Times; you may bring H Linux chair anywhere.

The chair is very strong to support up to 320 pounds and made of anodized DAC aluminum poles.

The chair is stylish and comfortable. You may take the chair anywhere like an outdoor concert venue, campfire and even on a backpacking trip.


  • You may carry it anywhere with the carrying case
  • The chair has 600d polyester and anodized DAC aluminum poles. It can support up to 320 pounds
  • When setting is finished it is 20″ wide X 20″ deep X 25 ” high
  • It is very simple to carry from one place to another. It is stylish and comfortable. You may take it campfire, concert venue or backpacking trip
  • Packing down to 14″ x 4″ x 5″/ 35 x 10 x 12 cm, smaller than the Sunday Times
  • Every chair can fold up to a relatively little pouch.
  • All are lightweight
  • Possible to set up quickly
  • All are very strong to handle up to 350 pounds
  • Have no cup-holders
  • They are small, and for this, they may not seat lower, to the earth

5. Alite Designs Monarch Chair

Alite Designs Monarch Chair


Ready option, even undercutting the REI Flex Lite by a few bucks.

When the chair released in 2009, the Elite Monarch quickly hit the market. The only 21-ounce chair may be folded into a one-liter bottle.

The caveat was two-legged frame means that you have to balance upright position.

The chair becomes favorite to the lightweight seekers, a trip to the park as it is great to darn fun to rock back and forth of its legs.

The rocking style of the chair is very dear for some users.

Though the chair has not able to keep its position top in the market, it is still great chair for the users.

The chair is affordable for backpacking ready option; it has to undercut the REI Flex Lite by few bucks.


  • Weight: 21 oz
  • Nylon
  • Breathable, durable fabric cradles your body
  • Well design
  • Wonderfully strong, capacity up to 250 pounds
  • Chairs are made by famous company and chairs are great
  • The chairs are wonderful for backpacking tours
  • Nothing grave

6. ALPS Mountaineering Rendezvous Chair

ALPS Mountaineering Rendezvous Chair


Like other chairs, you can bring the Alps Mountaineering Rendezvous excel in the place where you desired to like such as an outdoor concert for, low to the land like the beach.

The chair gives you more comfort at the time of using it. It sits at a lull to expand your legs. The materials are high quality.

It is very low as well as not much comfortable overall and standing model. We miss it for not have a cup holder.

It is 600 denier fabric and has powder covered steel enclose is borderline for overall built, costing a bit more.

We have no complaint about the tough construction. You can buy the chair for long-term use. The chair is no doubt a great one.


  • Weight capacity 300 pounds
  • The bestselling chair is comfortable and has stability
  • Powder coated steel frame with a compact foldable design
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs
  • Dimension 14x22x24″
  • Shoulder carry bag for easy transport as well as storage
  • TechMesh fabric
  • Solid folding design
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Comfortable low-profile design
  • Has no color alternative

How To Choose The Best Backpacking Chair

1. Comfort

Suppose you pass all days with a heavy pack on your back.  You will surely feel comfort by sitting on this chair after work. A rock must be comfortable. But compared with a total sized camping chair, the backpacking chair is pretty primitive.

The latest designs are not wonderfully comfortable. Upgraded designs and materials can make the chair pretty super option.

2. Versatility

A backpacking chair is used for other purposes though you spend around hundred dollars. You can use this chair for other functions.

Some chairs in this review are fit for taking to the beach or park or tailgating. Only one backpacking chair would be best fitted named Mountainsmith since it demands hiking poles to be usable.

3. Weight And Size

It is clear that a backpack chair is lighter is better. The ultimate thing is a heavy camping chair hanged off your pack. The present design fits well on our palm of the hand at the same time weighing under a pound.

A smaller chair gives you more versatility as you may carry it to the sporting events inside a small backpack or purse.

4. Stability

Another important feature that sometimes users don’t consider that is the backpacking of the chair. If you desire to relax and kick back, don’t think about the tipping over.

Then you may choose a chair such as the Big Agnes Heliox which would be the best option.

The Travel chair is awfully light and little but you fail to sit back and relax. A chair having 4 legs and with a wider stance ensure pretty solid stability though the terrain is uneven.

5. Setup

Setting up is very important. After a long day of hiking, one thing that is important is having a chair with the wonderful setup.

You need it to feel relax in the dark. The very simple design is the ALPS Mountaineering Weekender, only flip open and you are set.

When you sit on the ground, you may face one problem. That is the place may be wet. All of the enlisted users need a minimum of set up normally unfolds the legs and add the fabric seat.

Which Features To Take Into Consideration

The good-looking chair is very simple to set up. They are good to use and unroll them. The side adjusters are simple to use.

You may set the chair to have a little nap within a second. The Elite chair may take only a few seconds to set up and take the same amount of time to stow and collapse.

Which Features To Take Into Consideration 

We would not take much time to dissuade us from selecting this chair. For example, you may use the chair for your relax after a long hike and your body will feel relaxed.

You may take rapid water break as well as snack on this trail. This is not a problem to draw out a Crazy Creek.

But disassembling may take enough time that you do not like to do with it. So setting up the Therm-a-Rest is a great task so far.

You need to inflate a sleeping pad, do some wrestling to get in place, make some micro adjustments on the part of straps.

When you would not like to inflate the accurate pressure, you need to pull it out and begin over.

It is not a big deal if you take place on it for long campfire session or for an outdoor music show, though the chair may not inspire continuous use.

Is A Backpacking Chair Necessary?

You can think that you don’t really need a special chair to lug along. Alternately, you can keep your sleeping bag against a tree and feel comfort. You don’t feel comfortable if the ground is wet. There is nothing to lean against.

Therefore a backpack chair is made exclusively for sitting. It is more convenient and comfortable.

Final Verdict

When you like to buy a camping chair for your backpacking tours, you have some factors to consider.

The chair is comfortable and weight in high ranking. You have to consider some other things off the chair like versatility, setting up etc.

You have to consider the activities you like to use the products. We think that the review will help you to buy the best chair for your regular use.

Please see the advice closely before you like to buy a chair. Keep all those things in your mind before taking a decision.