HON Low Back Task Chair HVL210 Review


The design of the HON low back task chair HVL210 is very simple. But within this simple design, there is well-considered cushion and support system.

A contoured sandwich mesh is tactfully included into the chair to ensure strong shape. The chair has breathability also.

On the seat of the chair, there is well padding or good cushion. You will see 2 layers of padding. This is a great attraction for many people.

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The setting of waterfall edge helps users most for circulation. There are some people who like it much. On the other hand, there are some guys who are also less impressed by it.

The support of these thicker cushioned seats of the chair ensures that it is well made.

As a result, the chair lasts for a long time in the office. This type of design is called a shared space.

It means that the chair will give peace and comfort in the mind of the users. It goes on with having five-point starbases.

Features Of HON Low Back Task Chair

  • The chair has contoured sandwich mesh seat back cushion that comes with 2 layers of padding. For this reason, your body is supported enough, happy and cool. You can concentrate your work.
  • Without spending more you can expand the furniture in your room with having more working comfort.
  • You must take care of this comfortable chair while you work pneumatic height adjustment, adjustable and easy recline.
  • Swivel around to collaborate with the teammate, pull up the computer desk or wheel over to the snack place for an instant break with this 5-star resin base and long lasting wheels.


  • This chair is resilient and sturdy
  • The design of the chair is very nice and fits well in the offices
  • Has more back support


  • There require some adjustment for tilt and seat
  • Have mix reviews regarding comfort

Why You Choose HON Low Back Task Chair

1. Professional Office Space

This is a nice addition to your office and home. There are lots of features with the chair. Customizable controls, high-quality materials, and reasonably priced features are a great solution for any application.

2. Personal Office Space

This chair has a waterfall front edge and double layered cushion to give tailored support for the user. Therefore, it can minimize your comfort for having contoured seat.

3. Clean Visual Design

The clean visual design of the chair is very nice. Its ergonomic adjustments are enough to develop productivity. You can do your office work and computer work by sitting on it.

4. Warranty

This chair is suggested to use for the users up to 250 pounds. You will get five years limited warranty on the product.

If you see any defect of the basyx by HON product or component, the manufacturer is ready to replace or repair it.

You will get five years warranty for workmanship or defective in materials from the original date of buying. Only the original buyer will get this warranty.

Basic Trouble Shooting Of HON Low Back Task Chair

Be sure the cylinder is mounted on the tilt mechanism very well. If it is not mounted well, you can re-assemble or remove it.

Be sure the mechanism is mounted on the seat pan in a good direction. If it is not mounted well also, you can reassemble and remove it.

Basic Trouble Shooting Of HON Low Back Task Chair

The biggest issue with this HON HVL210 Low Back Task Chair is the lack of adjustments.

Office workers desire to get a desk chair which has flexibility and adjustments on board to get the exact position.

Moreover, they desire much comfort. The problem is that this chair does not fulfill only these limited requirements.

The specification speaks about adjustable and easy recline and the standard of the pneumatic height adjustment.

However, there are many buyers who are not impressed by the rigid feel of the back or the lack of options.

There is no armrest adjusted with the chair. It may be a pro or sometimes may be a con. It is totally up to the preference of the users.

Is this basyx by HON HVL210 Office Chair still recommendable with this problem in mind?

There are few limitations. It means that this mesh chair is dear to an only certain group of people.

People who like to get something high comfort and adaptable may let down by required of movement of this chair.

Suppose you would like to get a chair that is very wonderful to look at. At the same time, you hope more comfort by sitting on it.

Then you can buy this chair. It means that the shared office chair in communal areas that it may have been.

Manufacturers are trying their best to change the design of the chair down the line.

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Frequently Asked Questions On HON Low Back Task Chair

1. Is The Chair Fireproof?

I have no idea about this matter.

2. How Much Deep Is The Seat? I Would Like To Have A Deep Chair From 16 To 17 Inches

The seat is 17 inches front to back and 20 inches from side to side. I have been using this chair for a short time. It is very comfortable.

3. Does It Have Any Weight Limit?

I have no idea about the official limits of weight. My weight is 350 pounds. I have been using it daily for seven months. So far I face no problem.

Final Verdict

When you see the images of the HON Low Back Chair, you will get it is very simple. You can set it in your office very easily.

There are no extra attractive features with the chair. Besides, it is not ergonomics.

The sturdy base, the simple shape, and the black cushions are wonderful features for the users. Therefore, they like this chair very much and look for such type of feature in future.

The HON Low Back Chair comes with lots of features.

Its ergonomic design is very excellent. So you can sit on it for a long with without felling any pain on your back.

One thing I would like to mention about the HON HVL210 Low Back Task. This chair gives you a great support.

This chair has a wonderful cushion though has a minimalist design. You will feel more comfort when you sit on it.

The HON HVL210 Low Back Task Chair has 2 layers of padding. Additionally, it comes with a waterfall edge design.

It is sure that your leg may not be fatigued at the end of the day as blood circulation has improved lots.

The most significant is that the HON HVL210 Low Back Task Chair has very strong shape.

Nevertheless, you will enjoy breathability confirming that you wouldn’t feel any problem in your hot office.